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League of Legends Build Guide Author coffecupskills

How to devour top lane as Kha'Zix, The Voidreaver

coffecupskills Last updated on March 23, 2015
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Hello! I pretty recently picked up my new main - Kha'Zix.
He just instakills people if he gets fed.
The chances of failing Kha top with this guide?
Equivalent to the chances of a 0/143/0 soraka to win a trade against a 9000/0/0 score LeBlanc.
Anyways, let's go on.
Kha'Zix is overpowered even after his nerfs.
R+E+W+Q ---OR--- W+E+R+Q+AA Any of these will kill anything you touch. Why? Because Kha'Zix.
In the current meta, Kha'Zix isn't played THAT much, which means he isn't banned in most of the ranked games. Now please, take notes, this is my first ever guide, and it is going to be a short one.

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Flash + Teleport, or Flash + Ignite (my favorite) depending if you are going defensive or extremely aggresive.

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Typical 21-9-0 works great on this bug.

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Skill Sequence

I always start Q+W+E, and evolve Q+E+W; I never evolve R.

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Ravenous is probably the best item possible on Kha'Zix.
After that, I build Ionian boots: Alacrity.
(never build infinity edge on Kha'Zix)
After that, A bloodthirster it is, tightly followed by a LW. The next 2 items are usually never built on Kha'Zix, but i feel that is makes him too powerful to be skipped.
Statikk+Phantom Dancers!
It gives him a nice attack speed boost, and he already has a lot of ad from ravenous, thirster and last whisper. (And no, you will not build Guardian Angel.)


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