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League of Legends Build Guide Author UrAvgLeaguer

How to express your love for League at school

UrAvgLeaguer Last updated on January 8, 2015
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Arriving at School

It all starts with what you wear, you have to go over and beyond. Personally I'd go with an Ezreal suit to impress the ladies, but you could go for something more appropriate like a Teemo suit. The only problem is wearing something like this cost hundreds of dollars to buy, so you have to go shopping around your local Walmart for some gear to dress up like your favorite League champion. It all starts with what you say to the employee, "Do you guys sell Deathcaps by any chance"?, and the employee will say of course follow to the backroom. Do not forget those words as this is the LEAGUE OF LEGENDS & WALMART SECRET CODEWORDS Secretly, the employee shows you his stash of League gear, please ignore the employee's Katarina lingerlie because you simply do not walk into school like that. Also why the **** would an employee have something so profane, maybe he has a fetish for this stuff or maybe girls come here too :0. You then have to pay him the amount of RP required. Yes I said RP, not Credit Card or CASH. These employees I guess play League as well. Its insane how much money they make, they probably invest into high school League Teams with the insane buttload of RP that they get. I had paid 1600 RP for my Ezreal suit with all the flashly LEDs and the goggles. The only problem with the goggles is you can't wear them because they are meant for asians so they are really wide. Anyways, so you wear your clothes, and walk into school like a badass. People look at you like you are a god, atleast I think so. I remember when I did it back in 99'. Kids were making fun of me but that was that age. I speak from experience remember that. I have to get back to my League game, my team is calling me on skype. Please join the movement, LEAGUE IT OUT! See ya next week in the next chapter, "How to create your very own league team with your friends at school". Next week will be so special you WILL want to drop out of school because of the amount of income you make.


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