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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ludvigy

How to gain elo(how to become a better player)

Ludvigy Last updated on April 6, 2013
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Im a long time league player who only plays adc and currently is in platinum IV my summoner name is Lylyly and i play on euw. And this is my mobafire guide on how in my opinion you can become a better player and gain elo. I do this guide for my own purpose to sum up what i have done to improve during this season and also to help others who are at low elo.

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Never rage NEVER. Raging on your team provingly decreases your chances of winning by quite alot and nowadays many people call gg when one on the team starts flaming/raging. This doesnt meen that you should rage on the enemy team cause that will get you reported. Some people have a very hard time trying not to rage which is understandable but raging will never help and its very good to just stop doing it. I dont know much about how to stop yourself from raghing being as i close to never rage and when i do its after the game is over.

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Be positive

Try to motivate your team and call gjwhen they do something good and if your bot lane loses when your mid tell them that your gonna try to roam down their to help them out. You cant just tell them that their bad as it will make it even worse. And if you fail in your own lane tell your jungler to try to help you out and if he cant you should just try to farm.

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Pick your best champions

Honestlöy like if you have to choose between your main Sejuani to jungle with or the BROKEN AND EXTREMLY NERF NEEDING CHARACTER XIN ZHAO to jungle with i think that you should choose Sehuani being as your most likely better at her considering that she is your main character.

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Be decent at all roles

Most people cant get away with only knowing how to play one role( i do) most people need to be able to play all roles which might seem as a hard task but its quite important.

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Tyr to duo que with someone thats good

Dont go and duo que with your bronze 4 friend(BRAJ LIF3) just cause its fun and he wants you to instead you can try to find a decent player with good skills and good knowledge on all roles(CYnrkonice). What im trying to say is if you wnt to gain elo you cant be playing with your bad friends even though it might be funnier that way it wont help you get elo.

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If you have a harsh lose

Go and do something else for a while you need to calm down and get your **** together before your next game. We all have those games that we fell we should ahve won but end up losing anyways when that happens you need to take a break.

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Learn to never give up

There are games where everything might seem lost and your team jsut wanna surrender but stick to it dont give up and maybe if your lucky youll end up as 600 cs ashe maxed out and get a pentakill at 60 minutes( happened me once).

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Its your fault!

You cant blame others if your not perfect and we all know that the only perfect lol player is Chaox, Yellowpete and of course kingen med k Rekkles. Unless you play perfectly you must blame yourself not your allys.


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