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League of Legends Build Guide Author jefflaflavor

How to get better at League of Legends. Extended Guide

jefflaflavor Last updated on December 28, 2013
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First things first. I am not challenger, I am not diamond. I am High Silver 1 and queuing with gold ranked players at the time of writing this guide. I am simply sharing my methods of improvement and how i started from Bronze 4 and have slowly worked my way to where i am now.

If you are here you are obviously wondering how to get better at League of Legends. And to be very honest. It takes time and dedication to really improve at this game. In this "guide" i'm going to show several ways to improve on your play in all roles. Now... These steps will seem simple but they can go very in depth depending on how deep you are willing to go and how much better you really want to get.

On a side note. League of legends is not the game for everyone. This guide is to help the average player meet their potential. Some people have higher potential than others. Some will see great improvement after completing these actions. Some will see minimal improvement to none at all. It all depends on who you are and how you view the game. Do you view it as just a game? Or do you view it as a competitive challenge that is constantly poking at you to play more and more. Depending on who you are. You could possibly be LCS material.

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Ranked Play

Ranked play is a very large part if not the biggest reason that people play League of Legends... Now before i get into anything. Solo queue is not easy. It is very difficult. You are paired with 4 other random people of somewhat similar skill against 5 other random people of similarish skill. Nobody has any chemistry with each other. Therefore, It is very important to keep a level head and not worry about last games loss. Every game is a new game with new people and there is no need to start yelling at this guy for picking Leona mid. If hes picking it. Assume he knows what he is doing and go with it. Go into every game with a neutral attitude and you will make friends and play a lot better if everyone gets along.

Now if you don't like reading i'm going to but a list here for you.
1. Solo Queue is hard
2. Every game is a new game.
3.Don't rage.

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How to deal with rage or someone who is raging.

First things first. Learn the difference between frustration and rage. There is a very fine line between the two and can be difficult to figure out which it is over text chat. The best way to deal with someone who is raging is to do one of these 2 things. Ignore him and wait for him to say something useful. Or just mute him so you don't have to deal with it.

DO NOT!!!!!
1. Rage back.
2. Reason with him.
3. Afk.

I say don't reason with him because you end up spending a lot of time typing and you forget that you are in the middle of a game. Try to keep messages to one sentence less than 10ish words to maximize productivity.
Rage cannot be simply stopped. But it can be dealt with. Everyone rages at some point in time.

Now... This is the most important part of league. DO NOT YELL AT YOUR TEAM!!!!! You do not control these people. You cannot make them play better by yelling at them in all caps. Simply say this sentence, "Good try (champion name), Lets go help (other lane) now." Without fail this has worked for me.

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Save replays of every game you play.

This is for the more experienced. I highly recommend using LoLReplay for this.

This is by far my favorite thing to do. Take a break at the end of the day. Instead of playing 2-3 more games. Go back and watch a few of your games from earlier in the day. Evaluate everything you do and ask yourself why you did certain things. And dont be afraid to tell yourself, "I should've done this" or, "I should've bought this item". These will help you with your knowledge of the game and will help you make better decisions in the future. Go to every fight you are involved in and figure out something you could've done better. Such as, Positioning, Targeting the right champion, When to back out of a fight and when to chase.

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Understanding Situations.

You don't always have the same farm the same KDA etc. So why would you build the same items EVERY game with a certain champion. Im going to use a mistake i've seen before as an example. In the mid lane. Katarina 1 and Katarina 2.... Kat1 gets 1-2 kills either in lane or during a gank. Kat2 decides to build her normal items. But now both Katarinas have a Gunblade. BUT Kat1 has Multiple levels and a blasting wand on Kat2.

The mistake that Kat2 made was that instead of building a defensive item and being able to not get nuked down. She built her normal items and got absolutely **** on and out damaged because Kat1 was snowballing and doing much much more damage and Kat2 just could not survive to even have a hope of coming back.

That is a ****ty example but to some people it will make perfect sense. Be able to know the game and change your builds accordingly. Whether it be item builds. Or maybe Maxing a different skill first.

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This is just a sample.

More will be added as i decide to write more. But for now this is enough for you to start improving on your game. Good Luck.


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