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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hermexes

How to get Mordekaiser Pro

Hermexes Last updated on May 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey Guys I want to tell you some impressions of the at least 500 games i played with Mordekaiser , I started playing him as you seem to do : I read a guide !
But after some games i evaluated my own way to play him and here it is :

(You can expect a guide that tells you how to manage playing Mordekaiser like a boss but you
cant expect to be a pro after reading it some basic knowlage of League of Legends Gameplay
should be known so if you dont know what zoneing , cs or lasthits are you should stop reading here !)

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Okey something about the runes !
Some time ago Riot nerfed the HP runes so we wont use them anymore but there are some other Quins we can use
Hpreg or Movementspeed
Flat Magpen
CDR/LVL Magic Resist/LVL or AP/LVL
The yellow runes are something i tried very very long i user Dodge or HPreg/LVL or HP/LVL or just even flat AP but in my oppinion HPreg/LVL are the best to stay on lane for a realy realy long time you start laning with 32 lifereg thats just awesome to stay on lane for like ever !

I usually play Morde with movementspeed quins and HPreg yellows but its up to you if you change the quins into lifereg to or not , I just love movementspeed to get into a better position for my "E" !

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Some people would hit me for these masteries but i evaluated that this is the realy best way to play a Morde TANK in other cases you could play Mordetank with 0|9|21.
AP morde should be played with a 9|0|21 mastery

The 9|21|0
3 Points in AP are very likely to have 1 Point to Crit ... okey there is no better talent in this line 4 Points in CDR are realy cool for getting the shield up ! 1 Point to Magpen also is nice for shielding even agains Shen at top or any other high resistance chars with this 9 Points it should be easy for you to keep your shield up and force the enemy out of XP (Zoning for those who just didnt want to stop reading )
3 Points to Magres are just needed , like those 3 into Armor ! 4 in Dodge 1 in this awesome excaping proc <3 and just 2 in block . We will spend the next 4 Points to HP : Nice 4 Earlygame and a little hpreg bonus with Force of Nature . 3 in Abilitypower and Atackspeed both is cool for lasthitting and dmg improove and dont forget to spend your last point in 4% dmg reduce

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I love to play Morde as an Tank with some AP it depends on how the game goes and how you can lvl and farm . If youre realy fed (like 2 kills in the first 7 min) ... jep that is realy fed for a mordekaiser !You can start building some AP earlyer i would save 860 Gold to get the +40 Ap staff then you will just pwn =) Ok lets see how laning works :

- You start with 15HPreg and a Healt Potion
- If you can farm well and you get feed buy lvl 1 boots and an Hextech revolver at your first baseteleport (1550 Gold)
- If you arent fed just go on and build Sorccerers boots and get another 15HPreg
- If you should ever get low wihile laning vs an MagDMG opponent just go to base and buy your lvl 1 boots and a Negatron Cloak

Okey lets stop here you just saw the three decisions you could have made up to now there are much more you have to do after ! I am just going to present you some of my favourite items now you have to decide what you want to buy again with every game .

First i want to tell you something about Rylais :
This is a item that makes Morde realy OP if you can get it midgame it will slow the enemys you want to gank and will make you fed even more ! So this item is a must have every game !

Hextech Revolver:
Hextech is a cool item too 40 AP and since last Patch 20% spellvamp , it gives you more survivability and strenghtens your shield even more !
The nicest thing on this item is the choice you can build it ad a teamsupporting aura or as a freaking slow lifstealpampowdmgitem =P

Sunfire Cape
As i allready said strengthen your shieldis one of the most important things you should do with Morde , this item gives you more tankability with your dmgoutput and Sunfire Cape you are a thread in the enemys eyes so if they do not kill you they will all get owned !

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I will start with the best ability of Mordekaiser :

The PASSIVE ... what the passive ?
Je no other champion has such a nice passive as Morde has 20/25/30% of your Abilitydmg is turned into a Shield that absorbes dmg isnt that just awesome .

Your Q Spell is something you will use to annoy the enemy and for farming it deals dmg to multiple targets and if you hit the right ones it will even hit your laning opponent ( Try to hit him with "Q"as often as you can !).

This spell gives you some resistance and deals dmg its the most important spell to get your passive shield up it saved my *** so many times i cant even count them anymore but the best thing about it is : You can give it to minions or teammates so use it to get you shield up and deal some dmg to the enemy in laning phase .

Oh jear it got nerfed that often and its the cooles spell ive ever seen even with these nerfes ! It gives you 1/2/3/4/5 shield per enemy hit and the percentage of dmg dealth as shield by your passive , so if you have it on lvl 5 it should allways generate your full shield if you are positioned right =) hit as many creeps or champs as you can with this spell

Some people told me to use this ability while entering the fight ... that is realy stupid !
This ability has JUST 2 uses make you surrvive or kill an opponent do never ever use it like ha here i am lets waste this Ultimate and run around like a drunken bunny ! If you use it the right time it will make you win the teamfight or help you kill dragon or destroy a tower (Pet Control = ALT + Mouse ) The pets atacks give you even more shielding so try to send out your pet to hit something while you run away or do something else .

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Now iam just going to sum up my playstyle and this build you will learn the rest while trying out this build and pwning with Morde:
This build gives you realy much survivability while laningphase and makes you get freaking farmed , you can stay on lane and farm as long as you want to just because of lifereg and Mordes Passive . But there are some hints i want to give you :

1.Dont waste your Ulti in teamfights (You can waste it in laningphase to regenerate HP)
2.Allways get into the best position for your E and Q to hit most Minions and Champions
3.As i said dont be shy to use your shield on minions to deal some dmg to your laning opponent
4.Ask your Jungler if you are allowed to take some Creeps if he allready started ganking
5.Farm as much as you can !
6.Dont be shy to ask something =P

Greetings Dennis from Germany