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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrolledYeah

How to get of bronze 3 by supporting

TrolledYeah Last updated on July 12, 2014
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So the first reason why youre still in bronze 3 is because youre trying to support. All you gotta do is pick fiddlesticks or nunu and go botlane. Thats the hard part. Next as soon as you hit 6 it doesnt matter where you are you just ult. you never know when a 5 man karthus ult will come and kill you. So by channeling your ult you will scare the enemy carpet merchants by slightly jumping into them while playing ring around the rosie with your dunder spell crowrape. Second step. or third i dont even ****in know. ANYWAY dont take cs but take all kills. Kills are how supports make the money, none of those ***** **** items like spelltheifs edge or ancient coin nah **** those items those are for junglers. all you gotta do is make sure your masteries at the proper 0-0-0 and your game will be so easy you wont even need items. As your your runes? i prefer scaling mana reds with bonus xp yellows and blues with spellvamp quints. Trust in the pepperonii and you will win with this guide. Now the true trick to getting out of bronze is to smoke meth hail satan and worship the prophet keanu reeves. Remember. When in doubt; Twerk it out.
Step 3: Now That you have lost the game all you gotta do is resort to hacking league of legends, simply go into your League of Legends folder and copy pasterino 420 pictures of ****butt into your config folder. Trust me this will result in all your bad players to be instantly 1 hit KO like a ness homerun bat in SSBM. If they are hacking dirty walruses then simply go to the internet and type ''How to not hae 37 horse ****s in my mouth while playing league of legends.'' and the first 37.5 results will be the correct ones, open all of them in seperate tabs and now that your hamster has had a heart attack from running all these orders its time to queue for Ranked Aram. Because at this rate youre so far gone you could be at a wiz khalifa concert and be looking for signal on your blender so Challenged Aram Tier is all that is left for you. Make sure you select Penta queue so you can feed for free without ever dying because thats the cardboard 7 way and that is your strive in life
Step 4: L2Pgg***bagJustBuyRPandgetspiritgardudyrsoyoucanthinkyouretrick2gandlosegames.
Step 5: actually **** step 5
Step 7: 6 is gay too
Step 3: pour liquid wax into your monitor for better resolution
Step 5: Download Maplestory and play Kaiser til level 250, quit, sell your account and with that money buy more rp because udyr skins are ****in expensive like 45$ or like 69 Eurotrash moneyz
Step 8: Get fundip
Step 9: take off your pants so you can spell your dank shart and it will spread to the other players in your game through your logitech tech support mic Causing them to all play urgot in which you just play malzahar and zoopdoop and then theyre dead.
Step 10: buy mobifire premium
Step 4: type your paypal information into allchat so they can all send you money for rp and totally not steal all your money because thats what bad people do and the league community is only full of nice honest respectfull individuals like PL who have never threatned to drop hack or have drophacked games before in their lives.
Step 13.666: win game.
Congrajew****inlations youre now slightly less bronze


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