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League of Legends Build Guide Author MagicalSorcerer

How to get out of Bronze Division

MagicalSorcerer Last updated on August 18, 2014
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So you've come here to learn how to get out of the dreaded Bronze league. There are no secrets or cheats to somehow get out of Bronze. I myself was once a in Bronze league. Then after around 3 months, and 180 ranked games played, I finally managed to do enough to carry myself out of Bronze and into Silver. It was a hard process from the beginning to the end.

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If possible always try to duo queue in ranked

In around 15-20% of B5 to B2 ranked games there are trolls that try to give "free elo" to the other team or rage because they don't to get to play in their picked lane. Some of them will even insta-lock their picked lane either way. By duo queueing you lessen that chance to about 15-20% of having troll teamates. And most likely your partner will actually know what they are doing.

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Pick and Bans Bronze Edition

Most summoners in Bronze will call a role right away. If they don't get that role then they will almost indefinitely get mad and or rage. So to bypass that just let them have it and if that's you then you can't rage about it unless your first pick or something, orherwise it'll make the situation even worse. So to start out with bans(for the banner) you're gonna wanna ban out high priority champs in this current meta like Blitzcrank, Morgana, Braum, Fizz, Jax, Yasuo and other strong picks. Remember to ban for the whole team not just for the lane you picked. Also don't just ban random champs that aren't the chanp you want for your lane that just heightens the chance of you getting counterpicked which could lose you your lane and or the game. Say you're first pick and someone wants a certain champ yo get picked first so they can trade with you. You should only trade if it's a champ that seems or actually is high priority and if they have the or a champ you want.

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In Lane

A lot of Bronze summoners typically have highly aggressive games resulting in lots of kills and easier ways to swing a game. In the first 5-10 minutes of the game it should mostly be focused on farming and poking. You should never miss a cs just to get some poke on the enemy champion unless you're the support. Early in the game you should also try not to fight inside a large minion wave, that will give the enemy the advantage on you because the enemy minions will aggro on to you dealing lots of damage while your minions are farther away just hitting the enemy minions so it will not be a 1v1, or a 2v2, but a 1v2, or 2v3. If you are the support on your team you should always buy a sightstone for your team because "wards win games". Also if your the support along with being the jungler you should buy a sweeping lens to sweep out wards in bushes in lane and to sweep a lane your going to gank. If you start losing a lane don't ever engage the enemy unless you have a friendly jungler coming to help gank your lane, or you know you can kill your lane match up, as it could result in you feeding another kill to the enemy, making him even harder to lane against getting to the point where he might be able to tower dive you. Always remember to ward even if you're winning lane, as the enemy jungler will see this as an opportunity to come and gank you, and make you either give a kill or force a flash out of you. If you notice that one of the enemy champions in your lane (or someone elses) call an M.I.A ping or type <champion name> missing as they are probably roaming to try to gank another lane. If someone from the enemy comes to gank your lane always backoff unless you have a very big advantage, because you never know how much an extra champion can do in a fight :D. Around 20 minutes or when either team has one outer turret taken out, it is considered to be "out of lane phase" meaning you shouldn't have to call M.I.A or completely stay in lane anymore.

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Ragers and A.F.Kers

Ragers: Sometimes if someone is losing a lane, they tend to rage about how their jungler is not ganking for them and that's why their losing or how their laner just kills them under turret. These usually excuses. You shouldn't try telling them that it's not their jungler's fault or rage back at them because it will just cause a fight to occur and for you to also rage. It is best to just mute them if they are getting annoying or try to give them tips like: try to cs under turret only and try not to pick fights. If they keep feeding ask your one of your next-door-laners and your jungler to three man gank for that lane or your lane to get them, or you going.
AFKers: If someone on your team goes A.F.K there's no reason to report them unless you lose the game because of them, because they probably have a reason ;). If someone does go A.F.K you just can't rely on them to help you in teamfights and get kills. It's especially okay if they are the jungler because then it does not at all affect any lane.

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Mid to Late game, and Teamfights

Mid Game: In the mid game it all matters about which team has the advantage on the other, and how they use that advantage. If your team thinks they have the advantage try to get an objective such as dragon or an outer to inner turret. If your team has a very big lead such as having all of their outer turrets while they have none or your team is up on kills and objectives overall you could try to get the Baron Nashor. The Baron Nashor is the hardest to kill "monster camp" on the Summoners Rift. If you hover over it it says "This is a very powerful hostile monster, approach with caution! Killing this monster will yield great monetary and magical rewards to the team, but it should not be confronted alone" saying you shouldn't try to solo it and that you get huge buffs for killing it. Buffs include:+40 AD,+40 AP, increased mana regeneration and increased health regeneration to everyone on your team that is alive for four minutes. Before your team tries to get the baron buff you should sweep any wards near the baron pit and ward around the baron pit so that there is little chance of the enemy team contesting the baron. When you get the baron try to do as much as you can with it such as going for more objectives or trying to force a team fight as you will have the advantage. Late Game: In the late game it does not matter which team has the bigger advantage anymore, it's all about who can win team fights and get good picks on the enemy team. It does not matter who has the advantage anymore because everyone will be the same level probably with an equal amount of items. Team fights: In a team fight it is always best to be with your team unless you're split pushing and have teleport ready to come in and help. During the team fight it is best to focus on attacking and trying to kill the people that do the most damage on their team, such as the AD and AP carries and their jungler or top laner depending on who is easier to kill and which one does more damage. If you come in late and half or more of your team is dead and more than 4/5 of the enemy team is still alive just go back to base and try to defend if they try to get any towers or inhibitors. If you win a team fight tell your team to try to get some sort of objective like dragon, baron, towers, inhibitors, or the nexus itself.

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Losing Streaks

If you start to go on a big losing streak, such as a three game ranked losing streak, you should probably take a small break from playing, because losing more games in a row should lower your self-confidence and make you lose even more games. Taking a good break such as maybe stop playing for a day or even just taking a walk for 30 minutes can always help you do better next time you play. If you're still losing game you should stop playing ranked for a little bit. Try playing normal games or ARAMS to make yourself feel more relaxed while playing and have more fun. Or if you don't want to tryhard as much you could try to play normal draft games to stay "in the zone" for your next ranked game(s).

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These are all of my tips and tricks to help people get out of Bronze Division. Even if you think it's because of your team that your always losing it could also be you. Because the matchmaking matches you up with summoners of equal or similar skill level. Even if you get demoted or lose a promotion series don't feel bad because you'll probably do better next time, or the next time.


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