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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaxExpo Snuffz

How to get out of Bronze (Elo Hell) MaxExpo Snuffz

MaxExpo Snuffz Last updated on October 23, 2015
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Are you stuck in Bronze V-I ? Cant get out ? Always getting trolled ? Insta Locks ? Intentionally feeding ? Flaming ? Its annoying isnt it!! Dont Worry Snuffz is Here to help you :D!!!

Hey guys I am MaxExpo Snuffz! I have been playing league since before Season 1. I am not the best player in league FAR FROM IT! However I am currently in Gold and have worked my way up from Bronze V. This is for anyone who wants to get themselves out of Bronze to Gold, I have been playing league for a very long time and have played 2422 ranked games Since season 1. I also have over 2000 normal games plus around 800 ranked games on other accounts.

I have been asked to make this guide and it has been a lot of effort I hope you enjoy it!

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Elo Hell (Bronze Tier) and My story!

Elo Hell is actually an old term from when Elo was around. However Elo hell still exists in the Bronze Tier. I have been there, I know what its like! You can pull yourself out! Trust me I have done it :D!

So season 1 and 2 I struggled like crazy to get out of bronze. In fact season 2 was my most game heavy season ever by over 400 games!!! Season 3 I managed to scrap Silver and then finally in season 4 I managed to get gold within 80 games, that is from my placement which was Bronze 3 (I had some very bad games) to Gold 2! Now this is where I get my proof of my strategy working. So by season 4 I had played a staggering 2342 games with no luck of getting gold :(! Then I stopped researched and watched videos of other players, worked out how can I get to gold. I cannot rely on other players as I was being trolled by others in roughly 1 out of 3 games, there would rather be an intentional afker, disconnected player, flamer, intentional feeder, insta lock troll champ etc etc etc!!! So within 80 games out of 2422 I managed to get from Bronze to Gold :O!

Heres how I did it!

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Current League System is your Friend !!!

Ok so we dont have Elo anymore! (well not as we know it, its hidden). We have a tiered system now that works on Divisions and sub divisions.


Bronze 2 --> Bronze 1 --> Silver 5 --> Silver 4 Etc.

If you can play a lot of games this works in your favor as it removes luck, not completely but makers it less of a factor. Due to the subdivisions you are more likely to be paired with people your own skill level. And Finally if you get a good KDA/Win to Loss % you can skip subdivisions making progress faster !

I know what your thinking........ But Snuffz how do I get a good KDA/Win to Loss % ?
Dont worry it will be discussed below!

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Step One!

Ok so the first thought I had was how can I influence the game the most ? The answer is champion selection ;D! SO I picked champions which I was currently good with and able to play to a good standard. These champions where Garen, Nasus, Renekton, Caitlyn, Vel Koz and Vi. Now I chose these champions for a reason, firstly I wanted to be able to be a big presence in game whilst also being able to make plays and change the out come of a game. In my experience being a solid tanky bruiser (Garen, Vi, Rene and Nasus) is the best for changing a games fortune.



- Stack Stack Stack Stack and Stack some more
- Can be built super tanky and rely on stacks for dmg
- I have one shotted Carries on so many occasions, sometimes thats all it takes to change a team fight
- He can nuke towers like no bodies business!! So you can solo push if your team is not doing well and wont work as a group.


- Can be built super tanky and rely on his q and spin to deal significant dmg
- Again like nasus you can pick out Carries and nuke them hard, often changing a team fight
- Garens q helps to nuke down towers fast as well as his spin giving him awesome wave clear to push lanes fast. Allowing you to push lanes solo if your team wont work together

However as you might rightly be thinking, what if I get countered ? what if I cant play top/jungler ? What if my player gets banned ?

Ok so i thought of this as well, if you are unfortunate enough to get your chosen champs banned, picked by someone else or just cant get the lane you want then you have to have a back up plan. So my next champs are Dmg dealing carries, now this is just my opinion from my experience in Bronze but I feel as though carries are the next best way of influencing a games outcome. (Dont forget I am only talking about Bronze and Silver nothing higher, I understand other roles and champs can carry games this is just my experience and what I have proven myself) ( Remember ---> So within 80 games out of 2422 I managed to get from Bronze to Gold :O!). So the Carries I chose are Cait and Vel Koz. I chose them because Vel koz is rarely picked currently but he has amazing AOE dmg output perfect for team fights (which seem to happen constantly in low tiers when there is no need for them) and caitlyn because I had a lot of games with her previously and she was my main ADC.

So first step is choose your Champions carefully, pick which champs you are good with but also which can influence the game the most! Make sure you fully research in depth how to play each champion and play normal games to get the hang of how to play them and build them.

You can also check out my YouTube channel for advice on guides and builds for champions I use! :D !

Here is a games in which my team was massively losing check KDA's and the gold difference is dramatic!!!! I was able to win the game by just stacking constantly.

- Nasus -

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Step Two!

Bans and Team Composition


Ok so here you need to think about which champs you will be playing and also what champs your team are playing.

So for example:

I play Garen I need to make sure that champs such as Pantheon are banned to give me the best start as Pantheon counters me.

Here is a good website to use when checking for bans if you are unsure

Team Composition:

Ok so the next thing to think about is team composition. Whilst pick champs you need to think how will my champ work in this team but also given the large amount of trolling that takes place you need to be a champion which can influence the game significantly (as discussed above).


Orianna (AP Carry) - Uses her ulti (Shock Wave) does large amount of dmg plus stuns and throws the other team caught in it.

Garen (Top Lane) - Has his "E" (spin) whilst all the other team cant move and are been thrown about this ability can deal tons of dmg.

Amumu (jungler) - Amus ulti locks down anyone within a certain area. This combined with Garens spin and Orianna's Ulti mean that the other team are locked down and a ton of dmg can be placed on them.

However dont worry if you dont have a composition, its never guaranteed!! And sometimes you get people who will troll pick and you might have 2x ADC or no jungler or something like that. Again look at the Nasus game I had

From the start of that game until the end we had a nocturne who ran down the middle and died every single time for 30+ deaths and we still won!!

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Step Three!


Ok so lets imagine you start a game and you get into the lobby you have one guy flaming hard and another saying he is going to feed. Bad times! I know, Ive been there trust me :(!! However you can still win this, you have your strong game changing champ, you know the build, you know how to play them and you are remaining positive and avoiding any flamers or trollers (flaming only makes you lose faster). The game will come down to farm if everything else fails and your team is shocking you need to farm farm farm!!

So stay in your lane play as safe as possible, wait for lane phase to finish and just continue to farm as much and for as long as you can. Now there will be a time in the game where you will need to team fight, positive point in my case as I always try and pick top lane champs (Garen, Nasus, Rene and Vi) which means the current meta is flash and teleport.
Therefore this allows you to farm in lane for as long as possible and then us TP to get to the team fight as and when needed.

Farming = Gold = Items = Power!

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Increase Your Chances of Winning!

Ok so some basic rules to follow to help you win. Please note these are all from my own experience of playing this game!

1. Always remain positive - I know its hard when people are trolling but hang in you could win! Hell if I won when I had a 30+ death feeding noct anyone can!!

2. Encourage your team - The amount of times my team has surrendered :(!! Just keep playing a game can change dramatically in one team fight. DONT GIVE UP!!

3. Dont use the same build over and over and over again! - Ive seen it time and time again in the lower tiers, people building items which are not applicable to the game at hand. One example was a Pantheon Jungler who build 2x MR items when the other team had all AD champions :S ! He said I got this build of mobafire from a Diamond player I think he knows what he is talking about :S ARGGGGGHHHHH.

4. Focus the correct targets - If you are in a team fight and you have a 30/2/19 ADC Focus him hard take him out and dont let him do any dmg to anyone. Even if he runs away you are taking the other teams main dmg out of the fight giving your team a better chance.

5. Try and Duo Que - This works really well if you have a good friend who will not troll or surrender. I would say in Bronze and Silver I had a good 8 to 12% of games surrendered when we could of won. This is because people think you have no chance at 20 minutes :S! WRONG!!! You may have a late game team such as Vayne and Nasus and trust me at 35 to 45 minutes if the Nasus and Vayne have been farming they are going to be massive game changers !!!!

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Good Luck!

I hope this will help you like it did me ! I was shocked when I saw how well it worked!! You will lose games and this is a slog not a sprint. It took me 80 games in total to get from bronze to gold. Keep going and dont let those trollers get you down remain positive and you will succeed !!!

MaxExpo Snuffz!

Check out my other guides and YouTube channel



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