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Yasuo General Guide by Vhandal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vhandal

How to get out of bronze! S4

Vhandal Last updated on October 6, 2014
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Yasuo Build

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In this short and sweet guide, I am going to share with you the secrets I used to get out of bronze. But If you do not read this with the desire of improving and with a willingness to change, there is very little this guide will do for you.

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Before you even start a game

You should not start a game if you are even considering being a troll or feeding. Secondly do not start a ranked match if you are having any kind of mild to serious connection issues. Thirdly, If people around you in real life are known for being jerks and screwing with you keyboard, or if your cat decides to attack you, please remove them from the premise. lastly, make sure that you are able to concentrate fully on what is happening.

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In order for you to start gaining LP then you need to have a decent arsenal of champions to choose from. That means you should have 2-3 champions you know how to play well for EVERY LANE. Take some time, and try to master each lane and a few champions to couple it, and the payoff is going to be great.
MAKE SURE THAT: your team has a decent composition! For instance, you do not want a team that are all AD (attack damage) champions, because then your opponent will just buy plenty of armor to counter you. Make sure that your team has one tank, attack damage carry, ability power carry (mage or mid laner) and possibly a bruiser(Somebody with good attack damage and tankiness, like vi or lee sin). This will give you a good base for winning the game. And if your team is unresponsive, if you are able, try to fill in the gap for your team to make sure you give it the best chance of success.

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Duo Partners

Most people find it incredibly hard to get out of bronze alone. Think about it like this. On your team there are 5 people, including you. Out of four of those people, you have a chance to get a troll, or a feeder. But if you bring a duo partner, that chance is lowered to 3/5. Simple as that.

IMPORTANT: Make sure this your partner is somebody that you trust and are a decent player!

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That is right, confidence will win you more games than a fed Jax will. I understand how it feels, trust me I have been through every bit of bronze that you have. But if you do not have any confidence in your team or yourself, you just will not win that many games.

So, how do you stay positive exactly? Firstly, do not go into a ranked game if you are dealing with any type of drama that will affect your game play. Secondly, make sure that you do not harass your team, or say anything negative at all. Instead give them some advice and encouragement.

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Do Not Quit!

This is important, as it has multiple meanings. Firstly, do not quit while you are playing the game. Comebacks can and will happen. Especially if you stay positive. This also means that you should not give up on yourself! Ranked is not easy. But if you stay persistent, and follow all the other steps, you will make it out of bronze!

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In Conclusion

Stay positive, don't be toxic in any word or way, never give up, and duo with somebody you can trust.

Thank you so much for reading my guide, I really hope it helps or inspires at least a few of those non-believers who think that getting past bronze is impossible.


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