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Sona Build Guide by trollax L.A.B

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author trollax L.A.B

How to HALF-TROLL with Jungle SONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trollax L.A.B Last updated on July 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to the guide if you want to be a troll jungler! I am trollax Likeaboss, and I am extremely noob :). I like to troll people by playing jungle sona, but unfortunately i'm from Singapore, so I don't play in the NA server. Still, i'm not a pro. I'm not even lvl 30! I play sona jungle as a normal jungler who actually turns into a support lategame. Upvote or downvote, this is a troll guide so don't blame me if you lose in high elos trying to use it. But use in in custom games or even low elo games and prepare to troll the enemy team and ur own teammates! Upvote if you can though, and I didnt add any pics cause i dunno how to. Its wordy, but I find it to work to SOME extent.

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Ranked Play

Don't use it if ur in high elo, SERIOUSLY. Unless it works, of course. Nuff said.

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Now why if Jungle Sona not 100% useless?

Superb sustain(those heals from w)
Can get around faster with e
Can catch another team off guard.
Very good counter-ganker

Teammates will rage at you
Sucks at ganking
Damage output not that good
Slow clear speed
Mana dependent

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I don't actually know much, basically I take gold quints for the extra gold to buy items, arm. pen. marks to deal more damage, armor seals to take less damage and recall less often, and glyphs of celerity to scale into lategame and be able to spam ur skillz.

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For masteries, I take 0-9-21. Look above for more info on what i choose. I didn't expand on the offense tree as i feel that it has less use for sona lategame, when sona actually turns into another support player. I didnt take masteries related to health or gold with kills cause sona isnt going to get a lot of kills and is not supposed to be tanky. In the end, sona ganks are not for sona to kill but let ur carries kill to snowball better lategame.

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First I take a vampiric sceptre for lifesteal and sustain. Other viable options are cloth armor and 5 health pots and boots and 3 health pots but sona already has sustain, so i dont see a need to sustain her even more. But you can also switch to boots and 3 pots if you want.
Wrigglers lantern is a good item on sona and basically junglers in general. I choose ionian boots as sona can spam her skills with CDR. The other 4 items are basically for support, but feel free to change them cause i'm also not very sure if this is actually viable.

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Skill Sequence & Why

So basically skill order is R>Q>W>E
I max r whenever i can for obvious reasons(ITS UR ULTIMATE!)
I max q first cause its sona's only damage output, and she needs that damage to clear the jungle faster
I max w next for sustain and for building into support lategame
I max e last cause its only a speed boost and nothing else.

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Summoner Spells

I choose Smite. If you dont choose smite, dont jungle.
I chose Flash because I find that if you are stuck in a nasty situation, just flash and get out of there. However, I also like ghost or exhaust. Ghost increases your movement speed, so if an enemy is initially faster than you, when the enemy just needs that last hit, you can pop it to catch up to him. Exhaust because it can slow down an enemy's attacks on your carries, and also to allow your carries to clean up and kill the enemy by removing most of his escape options.

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My path is simple.
Go wolves(leash)
If you dont leash then sona might get humiliated(lack of damage output)
After that you can follow this path again or deviate a bit.
Remember to PINK WARD Dragon and baron, and after capturing dragon/baron, remember to inform ur team and yourself the time it respawns again(eg Dragon at 10:15-tell team dragon respawn at 16:15)
You can also GREEN ward the places you want to gank in top/bot, and ur buffs.
You can also ward the opponent's wraith area or blue area in case you want to counterjungle.

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You can counterjungle, but do it at ur own risk. AS you are trolling, the other jungler WILL demolish you unless you have a significant advantage. Usually, I only smite steal wraiths, or if the jungle is ganking bot, I take his red if available. Thats it.

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You are a terrible ganker. Sorry. But if you want to gank, you can exhaust if you have it. Or you pop your E and come in, but only gank if the opponent REALLY OVEREXTENDS and ur teammate is HIGHER HEALTH than the opponent.Or you will both die. Basically, ur teammate will be going in for the kill, while you q the enemy and w on ur teammate.

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Team Work

You scale lategame into a support. Use your R when the opponents are all around half health or are shooting ur carries down. I DONT CARE IF YOU DIE WITH SONA, JUST PROTECT UR CARRIES! U cant carry the game unless ur like 3+ levels ahead of ur opponents. You should be spamming ur w to heal ur allies during a teamfight, ur q to harass the opponents ocassionally, ad ur e if you have to get away. Even pop a shurelias to run away or catch up to an enemy if necessary. But this dosent mean that you should always die in a teamfight. Keep urself alive as much a you can, but if you and ur carry are low health, then you must take one for the team. In other words, DIE and let ur carry escape.

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This is a build only if you want to troll with jungle sona. Sorry I didnt add any pics cause i dont know how to :P. Upvote if this thing actually works, and give feedback if you can, even though its a trollguide. Thanks for actually looking at this lol.