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League of Legends Build Guide Author gunattackuk

How to hit platinum with a silvers skill. (using intimation

gunattackuk Last updated on April 21, 2015
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Who am i?

Hello my name is Arcane Mastery I am a Plat Euw Player that coaches people from rank bronze to gold. I have currently not had a currently not had a single student that didn't clime one whole division (from bronze to silver, from silver to gold ect.)

I teach information about the basic game because i know people arn`t pros and neither am i , they have a gift witch is ungettable for the average person with any type of life including school work or friends.

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What you will need

The things you need to improve without skill are:
10 (20 is better) runes and mastery pages
all of the basic runes needed (for marks for example it be ad, armor pen, ap, magic pen, attack speed, armor, hybrid pen)
A clear goal: don't be bronze and say i failed you because you didn't hit challenger following my advice will help you improve but this guide will not make you faker so don't expect it.

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Champion pool

Champion pools are important. It is true you can clime with any champ but playing with good champions naturally does give you an advantage, however do not use stuff you do not like you pick your champions once and stick with them.

you divide your rune pages into the 5 rolls you have so if you have 10 its 2 each. Its important to be able to full side rolls without screwing yourself over don't play 24 junglers and only taric support. is the best website for seeing upto date infomation as they do breakdowns of champions in evey roll as well as highest winrate builds, runes and masteries vs most popular. the champions i used are only examples.
If you only have 10 pages choose 2 from the following for each roll (use all 4 if you have 20)
please do not use champion with high skillcaps they are not designed for climbing they are designed for fun even if you think your a amazing leesin don't try to clime with him, if you use him dont pretend climbing is your main goal.
rules for picking

2 ad and 2 ap. one must be focused on lane winning (for example darius) and one must be suitable for team fights (rumble)

2 ad and 2 ap
1 gank focused junglers (for example vi jarvan)
2 clear speed junglers (udyr shyvana)
3 teamfight (sejanie and amumu)
4 ap damage sources for when people take zed and yasuo mid... (fiddle sticks and nidalee)

1 the aoe mage (cassiopeia anivia)
2 reset based assassin (pure burst assassins are not good for solo q however reset based ones such as akali and katarina are amazing for solo q *dont pick zed or yasuo*)
3 burst mage (annie veigar)
4 utility mage (lissandra morgana)

1 lane focused. (draven graves)
2 utility (ashe and sivir these are highly underrated and are mostly the best for solo q due to their reliability due to their strengths not coming from dps)
3 hyperscaler (trisana kog jinx vayne)
4 blind pick adcs (these are good if you do not know what your facing for example cait and graves are properly the best examples but things like lucain and jinx work good as well)

1 damage supports (these are the most fun but not that reliable because if you fall behind so does your damage and therefor all your usefulness. annie karma)
2 cc focused supports (these are the best supports for solo q due to cc being properly being the strongest element in the game and cc doesnt fall off and snowballs really hard. braum leona)
3 utility based supports (these are also great for mains as they do not descale if you fall behind and snowball hard if ahead. soraka nami thresh)
4 protection supports (these are good vs engage heavy or wombo combo teams. braum nami janna zilean)

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Choosing runes or masteries

uses the website above ( compare the overall scores of a lot of champions. most people consider leblanc i rather good champion for solo q, witch she is because shes good at abusing player mistakes however she falls short in a huge area and that's team fights meaning that most leblancs cant abuse their leads and this is reflected in the win rate.

I recommend you try using both the most used to see what people think of the champion in general and then the highest winrate percentage to see what is most effective for your personally. for me i personally always use move speed quints on junglers as default going against the grain but following it enough to boost my winrate.

The same will be followed as masteries for above.

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Rules to change champions

Alot of new players will have a 80% winrate on let says udyr go on a 3 game losing spree and blame udyr for the reason they are stuck and change him. this one shifts the problem and 2 stops them mastering any one champion and instead become useless on all champions.

If you really want to change a champion play 50 games on that champion in ranked look at your winrate and kda after if your winrate is below 50% then it might be a good idea to change because they dont fit your style however if it is say 70% but you want to change this could just be from boredom dont fall for this it holds you back!

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Things you should do every game regardless of role/champion.

These are pretty basic but lets go.
1. If you arn`t fighting your looking at minimap end of.
2. press tab evey 10-15 seconds to look at items and evauate what people have. does that teemo top have max cdr a sightstone and 5 pinks? you properly wont be traping him anytime soon but abuse the fact hes top and send someone like anivia to just hold him off.
3. In solo q pings are important 3 pings to suggestions something 5 pings to demand it. dont do one and leave it. it doesnt work and it never will and one of the worst things about solo q is shot calling. a bad baron play that ends the game 30 mins early for the enemy is better doing nothing and taking 30 mins for the same outcome.
4 If you dont have to risk dont do it. if your skarner jungle and your winning and the enemy has a chogath jungle... dont do baron hes smite + r will easily take it away from you dont think you can outdo him cause your you. but if the enemy team will do baron then push to your nexus and win. fight them underbaron the worst that happens is the same outcome, the best is you get the game back on your side.
5. if you don't upgrade your trinket at level 9 you flat out belong in bronze and should stay there, the is no excuse for this WHAT SO EVER. i dont care if you can just afford your deathcap go kill wolves and golems and then buy your deathcap.

6. this is one of the most important things. Lead your team to victory dont follow if you lead its your skill and brain that your relying on.

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Last thing.

Dont spend all your time reading and watching league to get better go bloody play! If i studyied chest for 50 years and then played my first game vs a teenage who played hes whole life without research im gonna lose.
As lee sin said. Force is meaningless without skill.
the same is true in reverse if you got the skill to play Jenga perfectly but dont have the muscles to push the brick out you will lose.

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How i plan to update this.

If people have any questions please post them in the comments i will add a new paragraph to this articular with your topic and name as the title.


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