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Warwick Build Guide by The-Cho-Pro-Guy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The-Cho-Pro-Guy

How to jungle Warwick like a pro

The-Cho-Pro-Guy Last updated on October 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my guide to jungling Warwick like a pro
i have been jungling WW for a long time now and have worked out a very fast and easy jungle route that only requires 1 potion (as long as you have the right masterys runes are not needed)

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Summoner Spells

Smite for MUCH faster safer jungling
and ignite because it helps with in the jungle and also in ganks

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Pros / Cons

very fast jungle
very safe jungle
Unparalleled ganks
immense late game damage
high sustainability

vulnerable early game if your teammates are complete and utter ******s

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Desolation reds for better armor penetration
grate for early game jungle and late game for killing high armor enemys

Alacrity yellows for a faster jungle and faster life steal stacking (passive)

Strength blues for early-mid game domination in the jungle aswell as ganks

Fortitude quints for a safer jungle

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Pretty standard jungle masterys
getting cooldown reduction and spell pen and all the way down to havoc in offence and getting a point in neutral buff duration in utility

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Skill Sequence

i start with hunters call because is a much better skill to have early game for jungling and gives you a much faster overall jungle time then if you start with hungering strike
getting hungering strike at lvl 2
and getting another point in each at lvl 3-4
then getting a point in blood scent at lvl 5 so if someone somehow manages to survive your initial gank attempt you can easily chase them down
getting our ult at lvl 6-11 and 16
now we max our hungering strike for the most damage output (per gank not per second)
then we max our blood scent for better chasing ability and it can even give you some easy kills because of its reveal you can sometimes find low health enemys hiding in brush
last we max our hunters call for late game damage

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Skill Usage

when jungling always attack three time before using your hunters call to make the most of your passive
and when you have blue buff use hungering strike whenever possible

when ganking your skill order should go like this
Infinite duress,Hungering strike,Hunters call and last hit if possible with another hungering strike

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cloth armor is a VERY common jungle starting item along with some health pots
working on our madreds razors for the nice passive and then our boots
then we turn the razors into madreds bloodrazors for the damage attack speed and armor (with a nice passive)
then we get a black cleaver because it synergises with Warwicks ult so well and gives us a nice damage and attack boost
then we stack bloodthirsters
because it gives you huge lifesteal and damage and it combined with your ult can DECIMATE whoever got on your bad side aswell as giving you the damage and lifesteal to take on multiple enemys at once and come out of full health (PENTAKILL)

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start at golems
attack,W,pot and ignite
then go to wraiths and smite the big one
W+Q whenever u need
then to wolves
the go back and buy a long sword
then go to golems again and just W+Q
wraiths and smite big one then W+Q
to wolves and W
now to their golems (be sure to make sure that the enemys minions don't see you doing this(if you cant see them they cant see you))
then go to their wraiths to your wraiths and finally your golems
then go back and buy your madreds razors and boots of speed
then go right to blue buff and attack+W and use the other health pot and smite
and that's pretty much it go ahead and gank if you want but if you can then go get red buff aswell

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whenever possible
be sure to cover a lane for your teammates if they ask

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Team Work

as jungle WW you job is to come from a different angle and pin down whoever you think is the most threat
if their teams carry is dominating your team then why give them a chance to fight back just ping and ult and hopefully with your teams help the carry should be dead (dosent matter if you die in the process as your team should be able to clean up now they have no carry)
also if your team mates ask you to cover a lane do so
because you will get more gold and money faster then jungling and it means you can go right back and kill the creeps you didn't before

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Ranked Play

in ranked play the enemy team will most likely have a jungler and thus you will NEED to buy wards and use a different jungle route
in that case get your teammates to help you with blue and then go wolves,wraiths and smite the big one then to golems spamming Q along the way then go back and get your items and just repeat till your level six and ready to gank

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when ganking and wanting to be incognito remember to turn off your blood scent
i cant count the number of times that i have missed a kill because they new i was close and ran because of blood scent
but remember to turn it back on while infinite duress is channeling
also don't gank them if their right up at their tower
they should be at least past half way in the lane before you gank and even then only if you and your teammates can out put the damage necessary to kill
however feel free to gank them unassisted if their all the way down your lane and unprotected

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Thats pretty much it guys
please feel free to comment if you think something is wrong or could be improved