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League of Legends Build Guide Author joeskit

How to level to 30 fast, but still having fun

joeskit Last updated on July 28, 2011
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This is my First Guide so any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism will be greatly appreciated Thanks

Levelling is not very fun Solo queueing with a bunch of feeding carries as they all QQ about how the other team is full of 'Luckers', 'Hackks', 'tooweer Nooobs' and my favourite line when I confront them about why they're 2/17/1 is 'I Has LiFe Noob go away Get a gF you are ***g noobb ****', people can be so kind.
The Best way to get away from the hate is....(Drum-roll please) to queue with a friend or someone you trust to not feed like the other 3 people on your team.

Boosts are OK but not everyone can or wants to pay for them so there your choice i would advice you to get them is you want to level at the MAX speed but the extra games you play only make you better and its a game so its meant to be fun enjoy dominating level 5's before you have to deal with a fully runed Karthus with 60 AP at level one :(

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Champions to pick

What Champion to pick is completely down to who you own and who free that week or who you want to get good at, But when my Friend and I were levelling we liked to have one playing a carry of our choice and a Soraka on Bottom lane.Soraka's Job is to keep them topped up on Health and Mana therefore giving them the tools they need to KICK SOME *** and the carrys job is to Kick the *** and make them surrender at 20 mins.

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Every body has bad bad Games/Days/Months

Dont get down on yourself just keep playing YOU WILL GET BETTER! If you feel like today just isn't your day then just take a break, go outside and take the dog for a walk and do stuff around the house your mum will buy you RP, that means you can get the boosts to levels even faster!


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