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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhiteShadow1

How to make a team from nothing.

WhiteShadow1 Last updated on September 4, 2014
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Who I am and what this guide will teach you/help you with.

I main ADC and have been playing Adc since Season Three. I study a lot of the top adc's but if I had to list one that I spent the most time studying it would have to be Piglet from Skt 1 K

This guide is going to be straight forward, list of my trials and errors, how I run team, and how you can run a team with just a lvl 30 profile. Or if you are lvl 3 you can apply these but I would wait until you are 30 that way you get a feel for the game yourself and know how the world turns in the game of League Of Legends.

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Why Should I listen to you?

I am not here to preach to those who already know how to make teams or those who are lower elo or anything.

You came to this guide, I did not come to you.

It is a common thing to assume that if someone is a higher elo then you then they are smarter at everything and no matter what they will always be able to prove you wrong. This is incorrect to a certain point.

So if you are comeing to this guide and drop everything you have learned and throw it away and practice this then you will be a fool. We are all human, we learn the same way, and was born all the same way.

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Chapter 1: Finding your WHY

You must first dig in yourself and find out why you want to make a team.
If you do not do this then you will end up playing for that day then when Bobby does not come back from dinner and Lissa hates Ashley and does not like to play anymore you will quit and all of your hard work stops there. Then Jonny is pissed at you and running his mouth all over the fourms about you. You need to always proprly motivate yourself for the rough things that will come your way.

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Chapter 2: Asking yourself some more questions

Always keep in mind these questions.

WHY am I doing this
Can I deal with my real life and 4 other people's life
Do I have the heart to kick someone
Will I always be able to be in contact if my teamates need to contact me

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Chapter 3: Right/type down the roles you need

First you need to clear your role. It would be silly to form a team and replace your own role.

EX:I main ADC so I look for


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Chapter 4: Professionalize your letter

A letter to the world letting them know

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Chapter 5: Ask yourself one more time

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Chapter 6: Reputation is everything

How you treat your teamates and friends mean 100% everything. If you are mean to your teamates then they will go online and bash you. You know the domino effect.

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Chapter 7: Decide how you will pick who gets what

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Chapter 8: Getting your letter to the world out there

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Chapter 9: Going through all of the players that are interested

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Chapter 10: Establishing the team

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Chapter 11: Running the system through your team

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Chapter 12: The week 3 curse

Guide Top

Chapter 13: Dealing with demoralize

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Chapter 14: Never just quit

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Chapter 15: Letting everything you worked for go

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Chapter 16: Final things before you disbanned

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Like my guide?

If you liked me guide then hit that Green + button at the top! It inspires me to make more guides! Thank you so much for your support it means alot.

I am makeing other guides! I am looking to help those who are sekeing help in champion mastery. If you gave my guide a Green +, then leave in the comment section of a champion that you would like to see me make a guide about and I will add it to my list!

Links to guides and ones that are finished!
Twitch Guide

Links to guides and ones that im working on!
Zed guide - Planning to make.
Jinx guide - after zed guide.

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Feel free to leave a comment!

If you want to leave a comment about what you think about this guide go right ahead!

And thank you for reading my guide.


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