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League of Legends Build Guide Author iLegue

How to negotiate with terrorist and cleanse toxicity.

iLegue Last updated on October 24, 2016
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Welcome to my guide.

Hello, i'm a former diamond 1 player, i quit LoL but i've always wanted to give my opinion and experience about this topic.

Here we're going to talk about how to deal with toxicity the hard way and earn your elo the hard way.

Here you will learn to understand toxic people, how they think and how to deal with them.

In my opinion, this is a much better strategy for those willing than simply muting anyone you come across and watch your game fall apart in silence.

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Understanding the flamer.

Chapter 1: Holding the game hostage

This is probably the most common flamer you'll encounter in your elo adventures.

He's the guy who farms top all game instead of going with team just because his jungler didn't gank him or someone picked his mid.

Think if him as a spoiled kid, you usually don't give them what they want because you hate them and you don't want to spoil them any more than they already are.
LoL is different, however, because you will only meet this person once and you don't care about them, so you're free to manipulate them as you see fit.

They probably don't have any friends and nobody's ever nice to them and they imagine others as inferior to them.

How can i use this to my advantage?

You make friends with them!

Are you crazy? There's no way i'll be doing that!

Well, you don't actually make friends with them, you just pretend you do. Let me demonstrate.

Case A:

He wanted mid but didn't get it, he said he will troll. He died once and will probably spend the rest of the game blaming mid, jungle and will afk farm top.

The important thing is that you start acting fast, don't let it escalate. As soon as you join the game, you say "Ahri, why did you take mid? He called mid first!"

Now, you know that X is toxic and Ahri really isn't, but it doesn't matter. You side with the X from the start. Ahri will either say "lol" or "wtf" or some other one liner, he won't get tilted from that, he knows he's right.

As the game goes, try to encourage the X, follow what he's doing, if he gets a kill, you say "GJ top!"
- Now, you can add additional compliment like "That was awesome" But you don't want to overdo it, you see their personality, if they're cocky, you add that, if they're grungy, you don't. You don't want them to realize what you're doing, so don't give false credit.
If he dies, you can:
1) He died by gank - You can either blame the enemy jungler or the enemy laner, comment on how OP they are this patch or how gay their ignite is. This will make your top agree with you and he will trust you more. DO NOT tell your top which items to buy or what to do, not yet.
2) He died 1v1, same goes, just say "****ing gnar is such a gay champ" / "Fiora is super OP this patch"

He might blame your jungler but it won't escalate any further than it would, the more you build friendship points with your X, the more he will like you, trust you and agree with you.

You probably get what you need to be doing by now, and you might be wondering if it really works, and it does, trust me. Let us go on:

Enemy takes dragon? "Level 1 buff sucks anyway, they're just wasting time"
Enemy takes tower? "We outscale them late game" (This is important)

One of your lanes losing? You can either:
1- Blame the enemy OP early/mid game.
2- Ensure everyone that bot lane Vayne scales amazingly against enemy cho gath. (this also encourages your adc)
3-Blame the enemy gay jungler for camping
4- Try to put some humor in it, don't flame hard on them, you should just give short comments but try to lead the conversation in a way. Don't talk too much but don't talk too little, your goal is to make your entire team like you.

Smart team mates will realize what you're doing and they will appreciate it, join in, agree and help you with your X, or even X and Y. (That duo que)

As you build enough friendship points with your X, you can spend them by telling him:
1) What to buy. "Buy randuins omen, it's super OP against Cait", or "You should totally buy Thornmail, it's so OP this patch/ against their team comp"
2) What to do. "X! Come take drake with us! :D", "X, Let's push mid, they can't def"

Believe it or not, X will listen to you, if you do this right he will become your plaything, a minion to control. Sure he isn't a great player you'd wish for, but you can still use him to your advantage.

If he fails and starts degrading himself: "I'm so bad"
You just tell him that "It's fine you're doing much better than their Z", or "Don't worry about it you're still dealing enough damage / CC" Or "Just come with us we can take them out together", make them believe in power of teamwork and friendship.

Guide Top

Multiple flamers on team

If instead of X you have X and Y, this job becomes harder, but not impossible. Using the same strategy as above you can easily make them both actually pay attention to game and play instead of tilting themselves and their entire team.

There are rare cases in which you have X, Y and Z on your team and they're all arguing.
Sometimes, you just can't control them all and it all falls apart, sometimes you can't take control at all because they're too busy shouting at eachother.

You can't win every single game!

Guide Top

About YOU.

First of all, this tactic does NOT work well if you're failing your lane.
This works best if you're doing WELL if not GREAT.

They will not listen to mid lane 0/2/0 Heimerdinger, no matter how much you assure them that you got it and that bot lane will scale late game.

If you're doing well, You can have all 3 other lanes at a stalemate or losing, and still control the flow of your team.

Guide Top

How I Did It.

I'm a Quinn main, i had around 70% win rate over more than a hundred games last season.

How did i achieve this?

Quinn is a wonderful champion to do this with, because she can be played either TOP or MID.

Playing her top is AMAZING and i might make a guide on how to play quinn eventually, but i'll tell you the short version here.

Why is quinn good at this?
1) Her mobility. She can literally gank BOT lane with NO teleport, get bottom tower, and still come back to top losing only 20-70% her tower hp. She may lose her entire tower if both enemy jungler and top laner are pushing top, but then you can just take bot tower.
2) Her KILL potential. She usually has a high KDA ratio, meaning she gets many kills.
This works because your X see your kills, think you're good, like you, and listen to you.
It just works.
3) Again, her mobility. If your X is a mid laner, you can gank mid and make him like you, if he's ADC/Support, you can gank bot, this is even better because everyone LOVES top laners who gank BOT.

As you can see, Quinn, for me, is a perfect champion, that's why i main her. This does NOT mean you have to play Quinn to make this work.

This can be done just as well if not better with any mid laner capable of ganking, any jungler, and and any top laner with teleport.

This doesn't mean that if you go MID and stomp your lane 5/1/0 isn't just as good. It's great, and it will also work.

Guide Top

What to do after game?

After most games, you will be glad it's over. You will either feel like a god for winning that game or you will feel like **** because you put in so much effort and made yourself look stupid and still lost.

I admit this strategy may make you TILT harder after a loss, but if you know how to take a break, which you should, it won't be a problem because the feeling you get after a victory is amazing.

If you won, you'll probably end up happy with some more honor under your belt, you can make friends with your allies who'll be grateful to what you did, and if they helped you in it, you can duo with them (if they're good players) and go on a winning streak.

In MOST cases you will report the X and decline his friend request. Make sure to honor your allies and tell them that you were just playing a role if you think they didn't get it.
You don't wanna get any reports from someone thinking you were actually with X (doesn't happen). If you said something stupid to your ally because you found yourself cornered, you can apologize in-game before a victory, in end game screen or add them as friend and tell them.

Sometimes X will end up being an okay dude that was on tilt or just has personal problems.
If he apologizes in-game for what he said or done in champ select or start of game, you can consider not reporting him.

You'd be surprised how many times a little encouragement makes someone change themselves completely. You can take your allies out of tilt and show them the light.

Guide Top


1) DO NOT flame on all chat, not even a little, better yet don't say anything in all chat. If you feel like you have to talk in all chat, don't curse, don't do anything reportable.
Enemies will NOT understand what you're doing, and why would they?
2) DO NOT flame your allies, sure, you can ask them "why they did it" at the start, that might be passive aggressive but it really isn't if you only say it once.
3) DO NOT tell X how much you hate him neither during nor after game. Just high five your allies and completely ignore him. Don't forget to block.
4) DON'T get into it too much and ignore what YOU should be doing. You come first and they come second. Try to keep chatting as low as possible. You don't your X to constantly babble instead of play.
5) Don't take losses too hard, take a break and drink water.

Guide Top


You can gain elo perfectly fine without using this strategy. In my case it not only helped me win some games but also proved to be fun and i made some buddies doing it.

Guide Top

Outro and Credits.

I rarely see this talked about and so i though i'd help people understand their full potential of carrying games.

I probably won't be editing this but anyone is free to take this and edit this however they like and repost it or make a video or whatever.

RossBoomsocks "RIOT Why?" video inspired me to finally write this.


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