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League of Legends Build Guide Author mdsn

How to play and win in lol using psychology

mdsn Last updated on December 1, 2010
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Hi, what I'm trying to do here is to give you some tips to play better in everygame.

MORALE! MORALE! MORALE! - do not underestimate power of your and your team mates mood! and thatof you'r enemy.

So here some rules:

1. Never, Ever! call someone feeder, noob etc. - it does not make better his game style, just the opposite, he gets angry, and want's to show you that he can play well and starts to play more aggressive.

What to do: I don't say you ignore such player. You have to help him, understand and stay cool and polite all the time. If you read this, that means you are lvl 30 or close to it, so probably he is also. You think he played this game till lvl 30 just loosing and feeding? I don't think so. Nobody plays a game he looses all the time, and nobody likes you in it.

Your motto should be: "**** happens!"- let's be honest, did't you ever have a bad game, when everything goes wrong? You've been doing the same gank action for last 5 games, and sudenly you die doing it? Because your enemy had other runes, more luck, and a bit more skills?- I'm sure you did, so what's just happening is thesame to your team mate right now. Help him! Suggest better item combination that can help him to win. Tell him to w8 for you, stay behind, play more defense. Just don't yell "STOP FEEDING FFS STUPID NOOB"- after someone gets killed.

2. This point is continuation of #1. BE ADULT! Writing **** all over the chat, changes the game into a kindergarten word fight. Abusing other ones is silly, you can get reported and it decreases team morale! Every one plays bad, when instead concentrating on the game, boils from anger, because you said something about his mother. Stay COOL!! Don't call names, and ignore idiot's doing this to you. NEVER respond with the same, if you have to, turn it into a joke, laugh from your self. If you do bad call, say " Sorry, that was real stupid of me, it won't happen again"

3. Never do fail surrender attempt! - The game goes bad? No chance for victory from your point of view? Wanna surrender? - ASK FIRST! Write on chat "Surrender?", if you get 4x yes, then type /surrender . But never further. Your enemy can see every surrender fail, and it gives him information that your team has broken! I love to see when my enemy tries to surrender and fails, so do you. - Don't give them this pleasure!

4. Seed chaos in enemy ranks.- Laugh from every fail they do! If they successeed - call it luck. But remember what i wrote in #2, be adult. Laugh at them in civilized way. After all, next game you can play together with someone of them.
You, will see it works. After you start doing this, soon will on chat: "All: OMG YOUR YI IS SO NOOB" That;s good, they made the mistake of not obeying rules above!:D

5. NEVER. NEVER. AND AGAIN NEVER!! confess to your enemy. When i see my team saying "/all omg, mdsn is so noob" - i ask myself, what good was that for? You wanna show them taht you are a good player and you'r team mates are not? Will it help you to win, or better deal with defeat? NO! You increase moreale of your enemy! Afther tis message, they will focus the weak one and feed on him even more. PROTECKT the weak, don't throw them to the wolves!- Be a Jedi! Be like knight's! Honor, nobility, kindness- this are things that should be important to you!

That's all, use the rules, and playing lol, will be pure pleasure for all. (maybe less for your enemy ;) )