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League of Legends Build Guide Author Acranist1

How to play Evelynn bad build

Acranist1 Last updated on October 19, 2010
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Hi and welcome to my Evelynn guide. I don't know about other characters but I have noticed that with Evelynn, you can have a different build every game. This is because the balance of survivability and damage changes every game as you need more of one or the other. You shouldn't build exactly to my builds because every game you will need different items. This build just shows the most damage you can do without any survivability items. Look further down if you want to see some survivability items.

I have found that armor and magic resist is a waste of space in your build so getting extra health is better in most situations.

I am giving you an option of 2 types of Quintessences. Get health if you are new to Evelynn and get ability power if you are very experienced with her.

These are the priorities for leveling abilities:
1. Malice and Spite (ultimate)
2. Ravage (nuke)
3. Hate spike (less than 1 second cooldown)
4. Shadow walk (invisibility)

Once you have one level in hate spike and shadoow walk, ravage is the best option because you want to hit someone hard and then run back. Hate spike is mainly used to help last hit minions. Getting more levels in shaddow walk only increases the stun by a tiny bit and the duration to more than the 20 seconds which you don't need.

----EARLY GAME---- You should always do your best to push your lane as hard as you can unless you are forced to retreat to your tower. Getting an early Sheen is very good and it must be bought no later than after your Guinsoos Rageblade unless you know something that I don't.

If your enemies let you touch their minions, you should be getting a very high minion kill number becase you are so good at it with your hate spike. After you have recalled and bought your sheen, it is time to gank. Look at all of the lanes and decide which one looks best to gank. Always tell your teammates when you are coming so they are ready. Sometimes, there will be no lanes that look good for ganking so return to your lane. Always push the lane if you can.
If you have to turret hug, stay alert at all times and save as much HP as you can. Most of the time you will be turret hugging is if you are against a Teemo and Kog'Maw combo or something similar. The only thing you can do is call for a gank (not always available) or wait until one of them make a mistake so you can finish them off (when you get a sheen, this combo should be no problem to kill with your partner).

1. You are a nuke that can take a reasonable amount of damage. Always kill squishies if they stray from the group so they are scared to go anywhere. You also have good constant damage after your nuke is finnished.

2. You are extremely good at backdooring. You melt turrets without even needing your minions to take the damage. Just stay invisible near the turret until an enemy creep wave comes so you can proc Sheen (or Trinity Force) with hate spike and get the tower down fast. You will have about 2.2 attack speed if you use your ultimate and 8 stacks of Guinsoos Rageblade.

- You will be able to one vs one a lot of champions with these builds.
- Don't neglect movement speed. You need to be able to outrun people who have oracle.
- Underestimate minions. At level 1, caster minions hit 5 or less on you so you can get kills easier when someone thinks they are safe behind their minions.
- If you have a lot of minions with you, don't be scared to attack a tower and ignore an enemy champion's attacks because when they attack you, your minions will start attacking them. Of course, run back before they kill you and you can be sure that they will follow you. Your minions will keep attacking them while they chase you. After they retreat to their tower again, you will both be around 250 health.
- Don't worry if you are dying a lot. If you have at least a few more kills than deaths and a lot of assists, you are doing well.
- You have a lot of mana regen. Use it.

Here is a list of items that will help you decide what to buy for survivability or damage.

Ryali's Crystal Scepter- What better item for Evelynn that helps your team more by slowing 2 enemies at once. If you are owning and you don't need to buy any survivability, replace this with a Zhonya's Ring.
Banshee's Veil- You don't have much room for survivability items so if you need an other one besides Ryali's Crystal Scepter, get this. If there are no mages on the other team, get a Sunfire cape and Thornmail (good combo with these 2 items together).
Sunfire Cape- It's expensive but if there is barely any magic damage on the other team and you need more survivability, get this.
Lich Bane- This item is a must for this build because of how much ability power you have. You will use all of the stats of this item.
Zhonya's Ring- I don't usually get this item because there are too many other items with ability power that offer utility too. I might be wrong but if you fit this in somewhere, it will be good. If you get this item, replace Deathfire Grasp with it.
Guinsoo's Rageblade- You can get this item to 8 stacks in less than 4 seconds with all of your abilities and super fast auto attacks. If you are doing an attack damage Evelynn build or a hybrid build, you would RARELY leave this out.
Sorcerer's Shoes- You don't need any more movement speed and you have already hit the attack speed cap so you want some magic penetration. These are the best boots for this build.
Deathfire Grasp- You use all of the stats of this item but the mana regen is overkill since you have your other methods of mana regen. This is good if there are a lot of high HP enemies but it can easily be replaced by a Zhonya's Ring.
Nashor's Tooth- I love attack speed and you should love it too. This build tears down towers and you will use all of the stats of this item.
The Black Cleaver- Make all of your attack speed a ton more useful! You don't need an Infinity Edge because you have already hit the attack speed cap and you only have about 35% crit chance. You don't need The Bloodthirster because you are about killing fast and you will get health back after you kill someone. I haven't tried the items I said that you don't need so try them and tell me if you did better with them than The Black Cleaver.

To anyone who is wondering what happened to my other build, this is it. I have changed this build because the other build was bad.