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League of Legends Build Guide Author frutloops

How To Play In Bronze

frutloops Last updated on January 26, 2014
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Bronze people have always being regarded as the "noobs" of league of legends and are constantly being mocked and looked down amongst the LoL society. I myself is in bronze and I know the feeling and im not proud of it but unfortunately theres a reason why I am there same as the reason why you guys are in your tiers, it has something to do with your skills and understanding of the game, which, if I remember, I will get back to later. The reason why I wrote this guide is because I wanted show on what people should expect when playing in bronze and what you should do and not do. All of this is based on what I have experienced and learned in the past and if you guys what to say something or correct me please do so, I dont mind. Oh yeah one more thing this guide is NOT about how to get out of elo hell or how to get out of Bronze or how to get from Bronze to Challenger in a week kind of article cause i myself is still in Bronze, it is just a guide about how to survive in bronze. So yeah...

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Ive been playing in low elo for as long as I can remember and its kind of frustrating at times, from people who's trolling for no reason, to afks, to cocky raging feeders and not to mention the constant throws. And yes, at times, I too are one of the above, sometimes even all of it at once and im NOT proud of it at all. But right now I try my best to put my egos and emotions aside and try to have a positive mindset in every game.

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When playing in ranked no matter what tier or division you are theres always going to be pressure especially when you have a lot to lose and a lot to prove, especially with Bronze people. I dont know about the other elos but we Bronzies have a lot to prove, we want to prove to everyone that we are better than what the system says and all of that kind of gets to you like a parasite and you will get all cranky and angry over little mistakes your team makes and expoldes on bigger ones and the anxiety that builds up hours of game after game makes all matters worst. Having these kind of mindsets is not only bad on how well you can function in game, its also bad on how it affects your overall health, ITS BAD FOR YOUR BRAIN AND YOUR HEART! What I do when I play League, I always think of something positive and try to make myself as comfortable as possible, if im not quite there yet, I go watch some funny videos or watch some pro players' stream or if theres tournaments playing (I really recommend you guys watch those streams and tournaments tho, it helps alot skillwise) and sometimes I even play a custom bot game to warm up and I can just leave that game anytime I want rather than playing normals which usually take an average of 40 minutes per game. I dont know about some of you guys but in game I always play some music so that I dont get sleepy or bored. Try to make your self as calm as possible but also focused at the same time.

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We all have been there, playing matches with trolls (especially in solo Q), leavers or afks, or that one person who think he's better than everyone and dives in a whole team 1 v 5 then dies and end up blaming the person nearest for not helping or the guy who is 10/8/0 blaming the support who is 0/2/6 for feeding (oh if you guys dont know what im talking about here, is that the guy likes to chase for kills but end up dying to a possible carry and if you guys still say "oh that guy had 10 kills he must be good, this writer is a noob!" then you're one of them and please uninstall, just kidding but please change), its kind of annoying most of the time and the best way, in my opinion that is, to deal with these kind of problems is to just simply ignore them and try to focus on being useful for whole team and give ideas or say something positive, like if they starts to blame you for something bad eventhough they're are wrong just say you're sorry and that wont happen again and if you're the other guy who likes to rage and blame on other people, STOP IT! Stop blaming other people for your mistakes, like stop blaming your jungler for not ganking when you're the one who kept on pushing your lane too far and not having any wards put out. If your teammates are the ones who is making the mistakes, dont slap them in the face with it, try to be calm and positive and point out their problems and tell them what they can and cannot and also do it in a calm, helpful and non bossy manner rather than raging and arguing with them, spending most of the game typing and not playing. Oh yeah if they still annoys you, just mute them, problem solved.

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This is where it all began, where you can get to know your teammates individually on how well they communicate, how reasonable they are and how good of a decision maker they are. It all starts with the banning phase, in Bronze there's these so called "insta win if picked" champions that is always being banned which champions include Amumu, Blitzcrank and Malphite and if one or more of these champs are not banned, everyone would be like "pick them fast before the other team picks them!" and if the other team gets those champs they'll be like "GG surrender at 20. Report first pick pls" seriously guys there's better bans. Although I am getting out of topic here, I just got to get it out of my system, why pick Blitzcrank over Thresh??? SERIOUSLY WHY??? Blitzcrank's kit is only good early game (or is it just me?) while Thresh has a better overall gap closer or escape (not the best or effective escape abilites but still better than Blitzcrank's) kit not to mention the plays you can make with the hook and the lantern. Please guys stop favoring Blitzcrank over Thresh, its making me insane. Okay enough of that, time for the picking phase of the draft. Guys please RESPECT pick orders, if you're not comfortable in some roles tell them early so that everyone can think about it but don't expect to get your preferred roles, if you're lucky you will get it and if you dont then dont whine like a baby and start raging and troll picking the taken roles and ruin the game, just try your best on your given roles and dont whine like a brat cause you dont get what you want, it's not cool. Also when picking your champions try your best to counter pick the enemy team to get the upper hand but dont get too cocky, what I realize when the person counters the enemy team is that they tend to get too cocky and starts to make stupid decisions, like diving and dying under the turret but didnt manage to secure the kill and ends up feeding, making the game much much harder to play. Please play smart.

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Regarding the mini topic about how Thresh is better then Blitzcrank before, me saying that doesnt mean that Blitzcrank is completely useless, all champions are OP, period, if you know how to use them, im just saying that because most low elo people are getting overly hyped over Blitzcrank making Thresh sitting in the corner only getting picked by people who know how good he is, you catch my drift? Anyways just because you think a champion is not good doesnt mean they are not good, like this one game I played, I was still in the picking phase and I was going for Shen top lane and suddenly a guy said "dont pick shen! He's squishy! Pick a tank" and I was like "is this guy serious?" and just ignored him and went for Shen, I dont remember if we won or not but what I do remember is that my Shen was NOT squishy. Thats the problem about most Bronze people is that they judge too much and too soon and sometimes clearly dont know what they're saying. Oh yeah just because a permabanned champion that you have never or rarely use before or you're not quite used to yet is open doesnt mean you have to instalock it, its very very risky and it could cost the game.

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NEVER EVER PLAY NEW CHAMPIONS YOU JUST BOUGHT IN RANKED, especially you bronze people, please. If you just bought a new champion and you're just too eager to test it out, just go play in normals or better in custom bot games (that way you dont have to fight for roles and it wont ruin your rep if you suck at playing the champion) just until you know its mechanics and how to build it so that you wont panic when you're in a tough situation in game.

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Jungling is probably my weakest role, its not that I completely dont know how to jungle, its just that im a bit slow at times. But nonetheless l do learn a couple of things by seeing how other people play. There are many ways of approaching the jungle, some likes to start blue and some likes to start red and some even likes to invade either red or blue or BOTH (very rare and very brutal), I personally, most often starts at red cause red buff gives you both AD and slow and if it gets stolen youre going to give the enemy jungler the upper hand, so secure your red but that does not mean you just leave you blue buff unprotected, just ask your top lane or bot lane, depending on which side you're, to guard your blue. The most suckish moment a jungler could have is when they're getting invaded and the enemy team won, most games that ive played, obviously low elo ones, when this happens, everyone, especially the jungler would instantly gets demotivated and starts to feed cause for some kind of reason they suddenly forgets the jungling route when thier blue or red gets stolen and starts to make stupid ganks or starts to farm in other lanes when their jungle is still full of monsters and wraiths, and keeps on doing those stupid things until their stolen buff stupid. When you got invaded, the enemy team would usually just get the buff or sometimes the little ones also, but thats it! Its not like they took your whole jungle, yes they have a slight advantage but that doesnt stop you from farming your own jungle and you might get a little bit behind, so just tell your teammates that you're a little behind and you're going to gank a bit late and they will understand and just be cautious as the game progresses and WARD YOUR JUNGLE! Oh yeah when youre asking your teammates for a leash, just smite it, with the low cooldown its not worth it that your teammates gets to their lanes late. And one more thing please, for the love of humanity, please, ping before you gank, dont expect your teammates to see you when they're busy focusing on last hitting creeps and avoiding pokes.

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Im pretty sure everyone knows how this works, you farm as much as you can while trying to land some pokes and the same time avoiding getting poked, eventually if you're lucky or you're good get a few or more kills. What I know about most low elo people is that when in lane all they can think of is kill kill kill, especially when they're confident that they counter the enemy hard, so confident that sometimes they just dive in under the turret not knowing whether the enemy jungler is nearby or not or not knowing whether the enemy that is being dived has flash or ignite that could eventually kill you, if its a 1 for 1 thats okay but if they manage to escape and you giving them a free kill then thats bad, I know people would be like "comon that's just one kill, how bad can it be?" I will tell you how bad it can be, the biggest problem about most low elo players are that they are just too overly ambitious and their egos are just too big that they will repeat what had just happened before thus feeding the enemy like Katarina..... wouldnt it be much much easier to just play safe and farm like normal people and get the right build to be better in team fights? But nooooo, they just want to get that 1 stupid kill and say "WORTH!" after dying only to have a score of 1/13/0....I know its not always about the score, it about how effective you are to your team but you guys do still get my point, right? Enough said

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Everyone should ward, not only the support but EVERYONE, period. Theres a reason why trinkets are free, and the reason is that you use it. Although you have a free trinket doesn't mean you dont have to buy wards, cause you only have ONE trinket and that ONE trinket has cooldowns and it has a short life span or can only reveal invisible things or reveal places in a brief moment, so spending a few gold for your protection or to secure objectives are worth investing in.

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Low elo people loves chasing, like a dog chasing after a car, where two scenarios can happen, first one, the car is just too fast or too far for the dog to reach and the dog just end up wasting its time. The second one is that the dog did catch the car and died after getting hit by the car or another car, just the same as how low elo people chase, first, they didnt manage to get the enemy that is being chased and waste a perfectly good chance of getting objectives or pushing lanes and getting turrets or inhibitors, secondly is that they do managed to catch on to the enemy but also at same time stumbled upon the rest of the enemy team thus dying giving a free kill, in some games some did manage to secure the kill but usually dies afterwards, the circle of life in elo hell. You guys need to know when to stop chasing.

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Kills are the number one priority in the minds of our elo hell occupants, most of the time ignoring other important objectives like pushing towers and inhibitors or saving one and getting dragons and barons, most people would rather chase till the end of the world if they can, and they will, than getting free objectives. Barons arent much of a problem in low elo games tho, not high elo standard good but still okay, but dragons on the other hand are much much different. In most low elo games dragons are usually free in early games, times at which high elo players are usually getting ready for a fight in the dragon pit, that its very easy for a team to get the dragon without any interruptions, im not saying that all of my games are like this but most of are, no wards whatsoever, no pinks, no efforts at all! They usually wards dragon mid game or late mid game, where all of a sudden dragon is the most important, the time where everyone should either push or try baron, which is ALSO not warded, people would only be panicking to ward the baron pit when all of the enemies are missing from the map for an awkward period of time and if the enemy had already taken the baron, the team would be like "OMG support no ward baron gg report support"....seriously guys knowing how to control objectives are very important.

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Riot has shown this to everyone numerous times that teamwork can win a game, period. How well you can communicate with your fellow teammates defines how effective your team is. Teamwork doesnt only happen in team fights, its suppose to happen at the beginning of the game during drafting, how you talk to your teammates, how rational you are, what champions you pick, like for instance if your team doesnt have any viable tanks then you chose a tanky champ, thats teamwork already right there! Even how you build your champions can show your teamwork spirit, like building yourself to be very tanky having only minimal damage cause your adc already have the damage needed and all you got to do is protect them. Teamwork is about how effective you're in the team, its not about the kills, its how well you work together, like peanut butter and jelly.

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Dont over commit, try to loosen up a little bit, try to have a positive attitude every game and if theres someone annoying just ignore them, but compliment them and also everyone on your team if they did something good or awesome, a simple "good job" would be more than sufficient cause that will build up their confidence and will eventually throw away the negativity surrounding them, which is not only good for you but also the team. If you want a better chance of winning a game try duoing with a friend whom you have played numerous times with before and you know that they can carry a game, and I prefer playing with a friend in the same roof that way its easier to communicate but you can always skype with someone also, whatever floats your boat. If you're on a losing streak try to stop and rest for the day, like I said before try not to over commit, try to let your brain breathe and refresh so that can think what mistakes you have done before and learn from it. Like the wise Dyrus once said (tweeted), if remember correctly,"its not about gaining lp, its about learning from your mistakes." I think? Well, you get my point. Anyways thank you for reading and I wish you luck on your journey to escape hell. Bye bye now

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im sorry for my longggggggg plain guide cause i dont know how to make it fancy and more attractive, and sorry for my bad grammar, English isnt my first language, so yeah.


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