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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abel 2.0

How to play #knifecat (5.10.15) may 2015

Abel 2.0 Last updated on May 30, 2015
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Hello I'm Abel, and I'd like to express a strong thank you for viewing my guide. it's the first one I've made and i would love if you help me improve in any way you can. If i left out any combos regarding rengar, tell me why i should include it, who it consists of, and how fun is the combo.
WIth that said, enjoy :)

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About Me

My online alias has been Abel Nightroad, or Abel for short, for about 3 years. i've played very many games of various genres over the years, on very many operating systems. i currently use a windows 8.1 OS for gaming, although i use either linux or mac for other uses. i have an xbox one aswell.
In terms of games, the genre that i've spent the most time playing is the genre of Mobas, of which i've been playing since 2005, when i first started playing warcraft 3 DotA mod. years later, i started playing dota 2, and i played that game from 2012 to late 2014. During the past several years i've also played heroes of the storm and smite.
I first heard about league of legends through a close personal friend back in 2011, though i didn't like the art style at the time, i was amazed with the lore behind the characters and their interactions-i decided to give the game a few years to mature in it's graphical style, which i thought, no, i knew would improve over time.
in 2014 i started playing league of legends, and i haven't looked back since.

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For summoner spells whilst jungling, smite is a must.

flash is highly recommended as well, for several reasons
1. You can escape ganks or initiate them
2. you can go over walls
3. you can flash without breaking invisibility of your ultimate :D

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Pros / Cons

-works well with teamwork
-snowballing isn't that hard
-good ganks
-high mobility, damage, and sustain
-combos extremely well with certain champions

-kinda meh performance with bad teamwork
-slightly teamcomp reliant
-can be countered (jax pantheon fiora darius renekton lee sin etc)

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Jungling basics

1. get a leash even if you don't need one, on red or blue (red for rengar) to speed first clear up
2. don't gank a lane that you can't get a kill on. ever.
3. if an enemy is weak against ganks camp them.
4. Counter jungling is generally a good idea, can be a bad idea depending on your champion and enemy champ
5. if you decide to counter jungle, leave one or more of the small monsters so it won't respawn until they clear it fully
6. Warding is your job relating to the jungle, not the support's
7. No matter what lane feeds, it's always the jungler's fault according to them. mute them if they bother you too badly, or you will get on tilt

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Orianna+rengar=use command protect on ren, then have ren go invis with ult and attack, then have ori use ult. this is beast at starting baron or dragon steals especially.

Shen+rengar= ult from shen with rengar=scary

Trundle+rengar= rengar melts u faster, trundle's q and r synergize well with rengar

amumu+rengar=good if you have the tiamat/hydra build

Zilean+rengar= ugh bomb is invis if you are from ult, ult is awesome, and he can slow enemies or speed u up


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