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Rumble Build Guide by Joefro

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Joefro

How to play Rumble for the first time

Joefro Last updated on October 16, 2014
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Rumble Build

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Hey, I'm


, level 11 player on the EUW server. I've recently tried to branch out and try new champions, like Syndra and Xerath. Those games went fine, but I ran into an issue while loading into my Rumble game. I always liked Rumble, I thought he was cute, and players like Balls from Cloud 9 could single-handedly carry games as him. I was excited to play the little furball, but then I got a message from a girl that I've been in love with for over 6 years now, saying that she started dating one of my close friends. Even though I started bawling like a baby, nothing could stop me. I was already on the load screen. It was time to take out my frustrations as Rumble on whatever poor sonuva***** that was laning against me.

The full title of this guide was

"How to play Rumble for the first time in a 2v1 lane at level 11 while crying your eyes out"

, but the title has a character limit.

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Masteries, Summs, and Runes

9 Offense, 2 Defense, making good use of all the 11 points you have.

Remember, this is level 11. You don't have FLASH yet! Take Teleport and Ghost. Bring Teleport so you can lose trades and go right back to lane, and bring Ghost so you can run away while losing those aforementioned trades.

You have no runes yet, you can only get good runes past level 20 and you're level 11.

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Bump in the Road

Uh oh.... As you are loading in, you notice something. On your team, there is a Lee Sin with Smite. But, on their team, no one has Smite...... Looks like you're going to be laning 3v1, Vi, Warwick, and your tears vs. Rumble.

Both are AD, so a Zhonya's Hourglass is a must. Actually, that item is a must on anyone who plays Rumble. I'll get to that in the next section...

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Starting with champs like Rumble, Kennen, or Akali can be weird because the only Doran's item that gives AP also gives Mana Regen, and you don't need that on any of those champions. I personally started Amp Tome to get into my Haunting Guise first. Doran's Shield probably would have been a better idea, but I decided to go big or go home instead.

Rumble's 2 core items are Haunting Guise and Zhonyas. Here's the way that I built him, having zero experience with him before the match:

    Start Amp Tome and 1 Health Pot, along with the Trinket Ward.
    Try to fend off the 2v1 by CSing under tower with Flamespitter, then Recall when you have enough gold to get your Haunting Guise and Boots of Speed.
    Next, Stay safe and farm up until you get enough gold to get your Needlessly Large Rod, and eventually go into the Hourglass.
    Randomly remember the message in your mind, and cry more.
    Decide that you need to go BIGGER. Get Rylai's and finish your Liandry's Torment for double the slow, maybe even TRIPLE the slow if you can hit one of your E's.
    This isn't anywhere close to big enough. Get spellvamp. Pick up the Will of the Ancients. You'll sit in the middle of their team with Flamespitter on and Zhyonas activated, healing up like crazy while in gold mode.
    Don't forget to upgrade your boots sometime
    Save up for your Deathcap to DESTORY the enemy team. Hopefully your game won't go like mine where my team initiates 2v5 and we lose the game.

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Skill Sequence

Max Q, Then E (with R in between), and W last. I have no idea if this is how you actually level up Rumble's abilities.

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Team Work

Rumbles Ultimate, Equalizer, is one of the best skills in this entire game. Try to stay off to the side of your team and wait for a great window to throw it down on as many of them as you can. With your build, you'll be slowing them from the Ult, Slowing them with the Liandrys, slowing them from the Rylais, and if you hit your E, that'll slow them too! It'll be like they're stuck in quicksand.

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Thank you for your time, Mobafire. This is the first guide EVER from Joefro, level 11 EUW player, who resides in East Coast USA, but decided to play on EUW because he gets 90 ping on the EUW server while having 150+ on his home NA server.

Here's a screenshot of the final scoreboard:
Hopefully, by following this guide, you'll easily be able to carry your game as Rumble Top. Plus, I did great and I was crying the entire game. I really believe that you can do this. You're the man.