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Graves Build Guide by Wilbo1337

How to really ad carry as Graves

How to really ad carry as Graves

Updated on April 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wilbo1337 Build Guide By Wilbo1337 2,389 Views 0 Comments
2,389 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Wilbo1337 Graves Build Guide By Wilbo1337 Updated on April 10, 2012
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I see so many people in tournies or me vsing a graves or in streams building a pd for graves whe nthe truth is you dont need attack speed at all for graves. Quick Draw gives off more than enough attack speed for you to take down an enemy as long as you use it correctly that is why i have created this guide so I can show others my build and hope to see more players using graves and this build
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For runes you want to build flat ad and ad per level runes. you dont need armor penetration at all unless you are fighting against a hard defense champ (e.g Rammus, Malphite) and if you are vsing a hard defense champ you can just replace your first Blood Thirster with a Last Whisper. Why don't i just get flat ad runes you ask? because yes this may be good for level 1 kiling but once you reach level 7 you will have less ad then the other ad carry depending on what runes they have
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For your masteries you want all 30 in your offensive tab so that you can get that full ad carry potentiol and get as much damage out as possible
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Your core item is infinity edge and you want to try get it in under 24 minutes so that you can secure the kills with the added crit strike rating. Blood thirster is another key item for Graves as you are going to need that extra life steal during team fights when the whole team realises your putting out 1k crits and they all switch to you. black cleaver is another useful (but not highly prioritised) item to increase your damage but that little bit more to get that last hit and for that added attack speed.
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Skill Sequence

Getting Smoke Screen before level 13 is almost pointless in my opinion. Yes is an exeptional crowd control but it is not needed as your team champions should have their own crowd control. Maxing Buck Shot first is a must as you should use it for early game as an initial attack and then as a kill steal skill. Maxing your Quick Draw second means you should have enough attack speed and attack damage with your Infinity Edge to 1v1 almost anyone who apposes you as long as they arent't overly fed.
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Summoner Spells

I see so many ad carries with heal and flash when flash is almost pointless with the low cool down on quick draw and you simply do not need heal when your support should already have it and the support should be beside you almost all game. Getting exhaust is great as an escape tool or for and initiator or for winning that 1v1 against the opposing ad carry or even any champ for that matter. Ignite is a great tool to use for using when the enemy is on the run and with the mastery buff increasing your ad by 5 creates it to always be helpful even when your ignite is on CD.
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Ranked Play

In any ranked game as any ranked ad carry champ you should always be bot with your support and not leave bot for ganking until you have taken the enemies first turret unless there is a team fight going on.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wilbo1337
Wilbo1337 Graves Guide
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How to really ad carry as Graves

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