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Kog'Maw Build Guide by jsharich

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jsharich

How to slay a tank

jsharich Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kog Maw is one of the 1st none tank people I played and had fun with. The after to nerf and buff I couldn't seem to put my finger on how I like to play him so for laugh and giggles I made one with a lot of proc items and he turned out to be the massive tank slayer faster then you can say holy s@#^. Now if you can lane with Vayne and get her to do her true damage you 2 can slay a tank in a matter of a blink of the eye.

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I pick the runes I did because mainly one you will be doing alot of AD damage so your armour penetration is needed. Then attack speed because at the start of the game at lv 1 you are close to 1.0 and that is super nice to start early farming and get life back if you do get hit. And then 3rd is cooldown because you want your W move to be up often and alot so when your doing with the effect you wait 4sec and your back to hitting for about 10-12% true life damage. And the last on is SPEED, I hate nothing more then to lose someone because of speed, but 2 thing help one you do lots of damage really fast and you have stupid amount of range from his W and R move.

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I picked these masteries because I like them. The attack side is pretty simple but you see I didn't take brute force because 3 damage is pretty point less. The reason I took spell penetration is because it does help out for your Q and R move. Then I took the perseverance over good hands because he sometimes can have problem with mana and this helps a little, mainly its only there for early game. Then is more exp instead of mana because your main bread and butter is attack speed proc items not spells, and beside you have massive range use it to your advantage. There can be 2 enemy champs by their minions but guess what he have the range over them you can kinda pick on them, farm and guess what your safe and you are getting more exp then the person next to you and those enemies. The gold because more gold is more gold. You can take the monster buff if you want neither one is a bad choice.

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Skill Sequence

I picked the spells I did because Q lets you shoot faster and helps get through that armour. Then W because you start dealing true damage, shoot farther, and he looks cooler when he shoots. I don't get E at all because the only time your using R is to check pushes, get last hit or just to piss off a team trying to spilt them apart while they are in front of your turret. So there is no point in really slowing them down. You can get this move right after your R if you want but I do not. Then main reason why is because like I said before you want to get your Q to lv 5 because he shoots 30% faster and he deals 260+AP and he sheds armour. Then you want to get W to lv 5 fast because you do 6% true damage + AP but you need a lot to even get 1% added on. That is why we have deathcap at the end. Then your R just does a little bit AD and AP so nothing special.

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Summoner Spells

Really the only I got on this one is I get ghost because he is too slow to chase people down or run away from them. Then I also get exhaust because it helps shed more armour and what not off the tank and slows them down so you can do more damage faster.

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These items are picked because they do something when you hit and enemy. Like shed armour, magic resistance or some other amazing thing. The one reason what I got stark favors over executioner calling is because you just need a little more speed so you can top out at 2.5 attack speed. Malady sheds magic resistance, black clever does armour, and bloodrazor does 4% true damage. The reason why I say gets these proc items is because you will have team mates helping you so make the tank weaker for your allies to kill him faster. You may not get lots of kills but you do get alot of assist and that sure does help. And guess what you don't need to be afraid of thornmail because you get more health back faster then what you lose it.

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Late game

Basically all you need to do I find the enemy carry or tank or whoever you want to get and start shooting at them with your Q and W. Don't forget try to help you team out and focus with them. By this point the only thing you should use your R for is to check bushes, bug the enemy team from behind the rest of your team or to kill someone who is running away.