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Taric Build Guide by SirPansylot

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SirPansylot

How to sparkle with Taric

SirPansylot Last updated on February 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my first guide!

I believe there are some introductions in order. My name is Easton, and I am the biggest fan of alternative builds there is, without exception. From on-hit-effect Swain to burst assassin Shen, I have twisted the boundaries of each character's potential, and have found new "viable" strategies that baffle both allies and enemies alike. This build is meant to be effective, exploiting several parts of Taric's kit to maximize it's potential. And while Taric's base stat's might not agree with me, a DPS build is an effective alternative to the ordinary tank/ support role he usually plays. This build may come of use when your draft team needs some balancing, and you must acquire some damage or face a humiliating defeat at the hands of a split push Master Yi.

While this guide and build have been made with the intention of fun first in mind, I do not believe this falls under the humor category, as the goal I am trying to reach is to let you have fun with Taric while still providing use to the team.In other word's: you get to troll, your team gets to win. Everybody Happy!

Now, without further ado, welcome to the shiniest Taric of them all...

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Runes and Masteries

Truth be told, I did not spend much time on this section. While you may think taking the time out of your day to read an entire guide is, at the least, boring, you are not the one writing said guide. I could be playing a round during this time, but then who else would get to experience the delight that is DPS Taric.

For rune's I shall give a brief section of do's and do not's, why's and why not's.

Destruction marks:
Because a large portion of your damage is going to be from attack damage as well as from magic damage. These assist greatly throughout the entire game, stacking with the MRes shredding from malady and the armor shredding from your W to make you quite formidable to tanks and carries alike.

Fortitude seals:
Your W and Q are great at preventing harass as it is, but as a "juggernaut" type character (Singed killing a minion wave) you should be able to get in, kill your share of minions, and get out relatively unscathed. Flat health lets you do that. On a side note, the items you grab aren't exactly health spiked, so It is important to keep your Doran's ring for as long as necessary to ensure you don't get squashed.

Potency glyphs:
You do NOT, I repeat, NOT need mana regen or flat increase with this build. Your glorious passive give's a smart Taric all the mana sustain in lane he needs. The reason why I chose these glyphs were due to the fact that it is NOT mana related! some would argue that MRes or another type of glyph would be far more useful on Taric. They may be right, and I wouldn't care. All I am trying to communicate is that Taric... does not need mana.

Swiftness quints:
Great on melee champ's. Let's them close the gap between those pesky ranged unit's quite a bit easier. In Taric's case, they are beneficial even more, as he has very few escape mechanism's, relying upon his single target stun to get him out of trouble. these quint's might save your life!


Spent even lass time on this section than I did with the runes part, reason being that this section is heavily reliant upon your play style. All I will tell you is that these masteries worked for me, and variation is highly recommended as long as you do not spec into the utility tree too much.

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This is where you should pay attention, for the item's in this build force one to act with a bit more... finesse than other, more stable builds.


Nashor's tooth: Quite a fun part of the build, due to the fact that it is not so uncommon an item to see on Taric. The fact is, it sync's with a significant amount of Taric's kit, giving him attack speed for his passive, cool down's for his ulti (mainly), and ability power which is self explanatory. This item should be rushed, as it provides the best bonus during the laning phase, early and mid game.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: This item is what make's Taric sparkle. When you get this item the fun begins. Due to your excellent sustain in lane, you and your ally should have a significant level advantage compared to your enemies, who have had to leave lane once or twice due to your seemingly reckless behavior and harassment under their turret. If you did have to leave lane once, you can still be confident, for you should have easily pushed the lane to their turret before doing so. The same in lane sustain also allows large purchases at a time, as should be done with this item if you are able. Upon purchase, you will become a huge target for the enemy team (if they are smart). By now it should be well into the game, and minions are no longer your highest priority. Due to your extraordinary pushing and counter harassment potential, you should eventually be allowed to start whumping their turret. the next few moments are crucial. They will try to push you back, unaware of your true potential. By the time they approach, you should have at least 3 stacks on Guinsoo's. Stun, Ult, Shatter, Heal, Leave, rinse and repeat. If you didn't get a kill, they are hurting bad and you should be too, but not for long. As a true juggernaut should do, keep spamming auto attacks on everything you can lay your hands on, to keep your stacks up and lower the cool down on your heal. The synergy is flawless. As long as you are attacking you have high AP and attack speed. The more you attack, the more mana you regain, and the faster your heal is up. Your heal is huge due to the stacks from Guinsoo's, and you have the mana to use it whenever it is up. Choosing your fights is essential, and dedication to them even more so. Risk = Reward. But that is not all. Due to Taric's nature, you must weigh your options carefully when choosing the precise moment to activate your skills. When facing a brawl, it might be better to delay casting your W, saving your armor and increasing its damage, whereas in a team fight or against a squishy or a mage, you might want to cast it early to either quick burst rather than delayed burst, or to deal the damage early because your armor bonus is ineffective vs mages. Timing is key with Taric, but if you are in the right location (such as in the center of an enemy minion wave with full stacks), you can let your enemy make the first move and counter their approach with sparkly vengeance.


Malady: Another item that sync's well with your abilities as a shredder. Great for that delayed burst damage with your W.

Banshie's Veil: Make's you look quite a bit more scary, as well as preventing you from loosing your stacks to CC. This is THE BEST tanky item for DPS Taric, even though it gives you... mana...


Abyssal Scepter: The passive aura is great for your 2 magic based AOE splash abilites. Highly suggested for fighting against mages, as they can truly screw you over if given the opportunity due to your below average health.

Anything Else: Because builds are situational. Hell, this entire guide is situational.

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to be continued

out of time, and want to publish anyways.