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Warwick Build Guide by xNappa

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xNappa

How to Tank wick right.

xNappa Last updated on May 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The 2 builds here are exactly the same except one is directed to jungle and the other is directed to lane. I w ill go into detail on a solid jungle path and some additional options for items.

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The Runes i chose are cheap simple and are mostly ad carry runes the armor pen and attack speed will help you out a lot in the long run. I'm aware that they aren't tank runes but i believe they work very well for tank ww.

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When not jungling i recommend going 24/0/6 focusing on the point in ghost/ignite and all the physical damage increases in offence and grabbing the recall and additional mana regen in utility. When jungling 20/1/9 sticking with the same utilities along with an additional point in moment and ofc the point for the buffs. i take out the points in Deadliness and Lethality to add the dmg to minions and towers. again not really tank but it works out well for him

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Skill Sequence

Skills are fairly simple for both builds take a point in hungering strike and alternate with hunters call take a point in blood scent at 4 but leave it off till you need the speed. get your ults at the normal levels and finish of with blood scent after both hungering strke AND hunters call are maxed.

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Ok so when not jungling i normally start boots and 3 hp pots, ww is kinda slow in lane and could use the extra speed. i build them into serkers and get right into madreds building as fast as i can for that damage per hit. After you build your bloodrazor grab a vamp scepter and hold off on the thirster till later. if im getting pounded by physical damage ill grab the thorn first but if not ill normally go ahead and grab wits end to max out my attack speed. then ill finish up the thorn or if there is even MORE issues with mdmg ill grab force or a maw. after that finish the thirster and get the mogs. some people prefer frozen mallet i like the extra health of a mogs seeing as how ill get them down to half fast enough to chase with out needing a slow i dont find it necessary. Ok another question i get asked is "why build life steal on ww isn't his passive enough? the answer is you can never have to much lifesteal. with this build and the right amount of brains you can 1v5 most teams you just have to focus the right people. the jungling build only has 1 change. instead of boots i go cloth 5. and build the same. i do buy wards for drag and baron and if the lanes arent warding ill throw some in for them too. ill explain the route and ganking in the next chapter

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Creeping / Jungling

Your path is going to be fairly similar to all other WW's start at blue then wolves wraiths golems red wraiths etc. gank when the lanes are being pushed. try not to get to excited your ww and wont have a solid way to pin them till 6. careful for counter jungling especially at your first blue if they get that it will shut your jungle down hard so have your team protect you well. When you get your ult be sure to let your team mates know when and where your going to gank try not to steal exp/farm from the lanes either. After you get your recurve dragon should be a piece of cake be sure to ward the rivers at drag and baron to check for counter jungling and ganks to your allies or you. With this build after you get the thirster stacked baron should be no issue for you to solo though you might wanna have some back up and extra wards around the place to make sure you don't get rushed

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Team Work

When it comes to late game your going to have to be the initiator. your gonna have jump in and be ready to both deal and tank damage. Your ult is gonna be what you normally jump head long into team fights with so your gonna want to stop the person that will burst down your team cause them a lot of pain. (like leblanc) >.>. NEVER! ult rammus in power ball its a waist of ult and you will just bounce right out of it. Not that you should be ulting ram anyway but still its a waist. don't ult gang plank citrus OP. Don't ult any one with an active banshee's. have someone get rid of it first. as long as you have common sense on your side initiation shouldn't have an issue with it. be careful of being in range of a silence or suppress if you want you can drop the wits end to grab a banshees for that mr and the spell shield. save your q for when your low and use it to get health not do dmg focus the squishes and the bursters and hope your team is comptent enough to do the same. as i said in the jungling section when you gank make sure to whoever your helping its clear and your going in and then leave after sucess or not you wont wanna deny them farm. Another important aspect is that before you destroy a tower in a lane MAKE SURE its ok with that lane you dont want to get complained to because "Now i cant farm cause the lanes pushed out to far" so make sure the lane is ready to take the tower before you knock it down. and remember WARD WARD WARD WARD. i know that its gonna slow you down but a slow jungle is better then a lost game.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Great team fight and initiation ability, astound sustain and presence, they will fear you when you enter the lane

Cons: CC will give you issues, teammates might have the iq of paper, being counter jungled shuts you down

And with that i wish you the best of luck playing Tank Warwick