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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author abyss#29992

How To Use Akali

abyss#29992 Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Akali Wreck Face

I asked a friend to post the build itself under this name (akali wreck face). At the time I didn't see the "save/publish" buttons, and I'm pretty sick right now so i wasn't thinking very quickly.

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This is my build for Akali. It surprised me when I realized that I use a build at all, normally I just wing it when it comes to this game but this time it seems "winging it" always includes these items. I've never put much stock in builds, it seems to me that skill is more important that the items that people use. A lvl1 trying to use this build would probably loose the game for their team, and a first time Akali would probably have the same experience. This build was made for skilled players who already know the basics of playing any champion before they use them, and perhaps, who have played Akali in the past. This build handicaps the player in the beginning, but still demands early game kills to continue using it. A kill/death ratio of 5-1 (at least 20 kills) is almost mandatory to finish, and have all the items. This build is also made for the middle lane.

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I use crit runes because, in my experience runes are only good for early game play anyway. Hitting a crit with mark of the assassin makes for amazing damage and can make the difference in an early game fight. The quints of fortitude are for the health bonus, combined with heal and exhaust it is nearly impossible to loose a fight at a low lvl. These things combined make it easy to get your early stacks on the sword.

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The masteries are there for the same reason that I use health quints. More survivability helps to keep all the stacks early game, and it is extremely important that the sword gets to 20 stacks before you purchase lichbane.

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I know that most people will see this build and think its overly ambitious. In fact it is, but I believe that a player with enough skill can easily get 20 stacks on both items, I've done it countless times. A few of these items are just my preference, such as boots of swiftness and the shield. I could see getting a blade or a ring in favor of the ap/ad first, I just prefer the regen/armor for mid. The boots really don't matter, the swiftness are just all around useful and give the edge in a chase.
The reason that the build includes more complete items than possible is that after the build is complete(minus the ring/deathcap) I sell the boots for the lichbane, and the soul-stealer for the deathcap(depicted as the ring because the site is not updated. Lichbane gives a movement speed bonus and the sword of occult does as well, if you have 20 stacks. The deathcap actually give more ap than the soul-stealer, but cheap early game ap is essential to this build's success.

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Skill Sequence

To be completely honest, the skill order is not set in stone. I change my skill order quite often. However one thing that I must disagree with other builds on is that the crescent slash is not Akali's "bread and butter". The skill is a nice finisher but it never does the necessary damage to one hit minions(the ap/ad ratios are too low), and while doing things like soloing beron(still possible with the latest patch) the slash only takes away from the energy reserves available.

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Summoner Spells

I use heal and exhaust almost exclusively mid, the survivability and early game kills are invaluable to the team. However, if you are one of those people that can't quite figure out how to juke in the jungle, clairvoyance can be useful. Putting it on neutral minions allows Akali to ulty onto them and escape.

NOTE: there are only a few places outside of beron that allow ultying onto him, and I have yet to find a place around dragon. One side of the buffs is also impossible to ulty through.

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This build is for skilled players who know how to get kills. I do not intend for "noobs" or most "first-timers" to use this build with Akali.

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Complete Build

The main thing that I would like to point out with this build is the spell vamp, if you are not disabled(silenced/stunned etc.) it would be possible to jump into the middle of the entire enemy team and not loose health. The crescent slash provides damage to everyone around you, and with 94% spell vamp(102% with beron) that much damage can bring Akali from almost no hp, to full all at once. (vlad was mid against me in that game, whoever thinks he is hard to kill...)

NOTE: that build was not even completed.

In response to Shakey/Vortexi I am going to add that this build keeps up with every stage of the game, I'm sure that all of you have had a game where you have money sitting around, and you don't know what to do with it. What that happens to me I spam elixirs. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this build has quite a few items, and its VERY expensive, but it doesn't need to be finished. The idea is to win the game, that can happen within 25 minutes if the other team surrenders, or even earlier if you are lucky. I doubt that anyone could finish a decent build of any kind within that time. This one takes so long to finish because it will last for the whole game, with a little early game sacrifice(or not if you're really good) you can be overpowered for the rest of the game, no matter what everyone else has.

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Ranked Play

As far as I have seen, ranked games aren't any harder than normal games. If you're a good player there shouldn't be much difficulty in winning.

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Pros / Cons

The only bad thing I can think of with this build is that Akali still lacks armor. Although with spell vamp, invisibility, and a taunt on the team it shouldn't be a problem.

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Creeping / Jungling

I don't really do farming at all. Early game I rush the boots, but by then its already over for whoever is laning against me. If you look at the screen-shots I hardly have any minions at all.

Once you have the scepter, red buff becomes redundant.
Blue buff is totally useless, no mana and no cooldowns.

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Team Work

An overpowered Akali is extremely intimidating, and played the right way she can literally take an entire team at once. That is the team work aspect. Although if there are disables or taunts on the other team, it can cause a problem. I would suggest marking the other team's dps and mage champions(not ryze but more on that later). Normally there is a triple kill in each team fight for a good Akali. Use your ulty once for each squishy then the other skills, it should take around 1-2 seconds each. Within 3-6 seconds, all the enemy dps should be dead.

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Unique Skills

This build has an outrageous damage output, but it also has an amazing potential for killing tanks. Although there is no magic pen/armor pen(unless you get sorcerer's shoes) Almost all tanks focus on either armor, or magic resistance. This build does wonderful basic damage, and the magic damage is substantial. There will be a weakness in one of the two to exploit.

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As I said before, I farm to get early game items, or to get a little extra late game. With 25-30 kills(normal for me) minions become unimportant.

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When team fights start, instantly begin focusing the squishys. Put the invisi onto of the last one that you intend to kill, and make sure to be inside of it once that one is dead. Don't leave until anyone with a high damage potential(that is still alive) is looking elsewhere. Killing 2-3 people in team fights should be more than enough for you to win the game.

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If you are unlucky enough to have Ryze on the other team, ignore him. If he is mid, push HARD early game. Once he gets his snare there isn't any point in fighting him, just run or stay away. In team fights have a tank disable him, then kill him. I've had a Ryze that was 2-14 take me from full health to around 100 hp within seconds, right at the start of a team fight. With spell vamp it's easy to get back, but late game 100 hp is just one hit(usually even early game).