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Vayne Build Guide by McFartus Bearsirlot

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McFartus Bearsirlot

How to Vayne ADC In Elo Hell

McFartus Bearsirlot Last updated on December 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, My username is FrakieLOL and im a Bronze 4 player. I have been having trouble getting out of Bronze 4 but this helped me alot. Thats why im here.

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Pros / Cons

-High early game burst
-One of the best chasers in the game
-Devastating carry at late game.
-Snowballs extremely well, can be incredibly frightening when fed.
-One of the best hard counters to tanks/tanky dps
-Lanes extraordinarily well against melee champions

-Early game burst requires you to remain in range of your opponent for extended amounts of time.
-Can be punished like Vlad. After her initial burst, you can usually harass her back for more damage than she initially harassed you due to her lack of ability to back out of a fight after tumbling.
-Is completely shut down in the laning phase by those with longer range or those with poke/retreat capabilities.
-Very item dependent in mid game, and might get shut down too hard if she did not do well early game.
-Other carries will tear through her before she can complete her burst combo.

Opinion: In the right hands, she can be a very deadly champion. However, it will be difficult to do well with her once people realize how double edged her "mobility" really is. She will probably end up a great pub stomper, but intelligent teams will prevent her from doing well.

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Team Work

Vayne is extremely powerful late game, probably the only pure AD carry that does tons of damage without IE. Due to short range, she is countered in laneing phase, but with a good support and smart play, you can still out cs your opponent. That being said, you HAVE to hit condemn.

Usually a vayne lane should be agressive, and vayne works best with a support with some sort of cc like alistars knockup or taric's stun. After your enemy is stunned, you should immediately tumble into a good position to condemn your enemy into a wall and keep auto attacting to get third attack.

During team fight, vayne is a valuable output killing machine. The key is to stay behind and penetrate through the enemy's front line. With her passive and true dmg, vayne can melt down tanky characters rather easily; like every other ad carry, vayne is extremely squishy, and you do not ever want to get caught by the enemy AP carry because most AP carry can burst Vayne down in one combo. From personal experience, Vayne is a powerful "second-phase" carry, meaning you do not to show up at the first part of the team fight. After the enemy uses their CC on other players, you can pop R and tumble into a good position, condemn their ADC or APC into a wall and melt them down, this process should take less than 7 shots in a normal game. Because of her third hit true damage and passive, you should always be encouraged to chase the singled out enemy and kill them, use her mobility, tumble back and forth and condemn enemies.

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Ranked Play

In Ranked I suggest playing aggresive early game and farm a lot casue Vayne needs gold to be strong and without her items she isn't that powerful in the start. Mid game is the fun part about her in ranked, because when the teamfight starts you could burst all of them down because Vayne's power when she has her items is extremely high, Allowing you to bursting everyone one down.
And finally when you have the Guardian Angel and Frozen Mallet you will turn to a Tanky Adc which is quite good.

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That is my guide on how to Carry out of Elo Hell, I hope you all enjoy it :D.