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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jodas

How to win

Jodas Last updated on December 16, 2010
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Janna - How to Win

Alright Guys. This Guide will teach you how to win. I already played around 40-50 games with Janna. And I lost only 6 times, and when I lost, it never was my fault, but it was the team, who couldn't do enough dmg.
This build won't make you the topscorer of your team. The build is mainly focused on all the abilities and your decision on when to start firing. You know, every ability of Janna can be used defensively as well as offensively, that's why Janna is obviously one of the most OP champs, even when she just stay behind the tanks and lets the teammates getting fed. Most of the times I just get 3-4 of my items till the enemies base is destroyed, or they give up since they can't counterpush and get ganked at the turrets.
You may ask: why does this build win that many times? Because of 2 things: you make sure your teammates get fed, and you prevent the enemies from getting any kills. Items like Aegis and soul shroud support that strategy. Auras are awesome.
I thought about how I could improve Janna when I played her for my first time on AP. With AP, you can push better, do more damage, but you are more squishy, and less of a help to your team.
Most of the times I play Janna, I go for full support, since her abilities are already great enough, just by what you can do with them. You don't need any more damage. Your Teammates will get all the kills, and can improve their damage way better. Remember, you have an abiliy that can stun (that means: throw in the air) ALL of your enemies at the same time.

- can solo lane easiely
- makes fun to play
- you have a 1/10 chance to loose, when played right
- you are tanky late game
- can push better than morde
- towers are no hinderance (mid and lategame)
- Squishy early game
- hard to master (you always need to know when to use which ability)
- requires a fast reaction
- doesnt get many kills, but many assists
- doesnt do much damage
- can't go mid (it is aweful. Never do that, NEVER!)



The passive Ability. This is one of the most underrated and still important abilities. Every little movementspeed can decide on whether you die or you can escape. And this is always activated on every friend of yours. Even if it is (only) 9 more movementspeed, it is enough to run away and to chase enemys succesfully.

Howling Gale

This ability is awesome. It's farming purpose is obvious, but it is also good to interrupt ults of enemies (kata, fiddle while charging, galio, pantheon, and so on...), to chase enemies, or to just throw them in the air, when you or your laning mate are followed. It's a very usefull spell and can give you enough time to flee or to get close when chasing. And in early game you will do a LOOOOT of damage with it.
Attention: when chasing, activate it immediately after the gale started charging.


This one is useful, too. You can do a little bit dmg, but the important thing is the slow. Again, you can use it to escape and to chase. It is single target, that's why zephyr is not as good as howling gale, but the passive of it is awesome. You will be the fastest person in the game! Use it on carrys, followers, and chased enemies.

Eye of the Storm

Good ability. You can help one of your mates, or yourself, AND you can push towers with it very well! No need to explain. The important thing: you can cast it on turrets, too. This is perfect when you are solo laning and need to defend your tower.


This ult is not the best one, but it is okay. Again, its use is awesome. When Sololaning, your enemies may wanna gank you. Throw them away and get some life back. Use it right after nashor to heal your team, or when you are suddenly left alone against 2-4 enemies. throw them back, and immediately run away, use howling gale, and shield and they wont be able to catch you.

Thats everything you need to know about the skills, so use them wisely.

Summoner Spells

Clarity is a must! Its needed in early game, and a good help in lategame (for the whole team)
Slot 2 Options:
Clairvoyance (if noone else has this, use it. Good for looking after junglers, and to forsee planned ganks and to counter them.)
Fortify I never really use it. You will push that godly, that you wont need to defend your own towers. But it is always good, if there's someone backdooring your towers.
Teleport Good for Sololaning and to defend your own towers. You won't use it for backdooring, since you need creeps to tank for you to kill towers.
Rally A good choice, too. Good for Teamfights, Good for detroying towers, Good for nothing else... it is viable, but I didn't use it that much.

Summoner spells I DO NOT RECOMMEND:
Flash & Ghost. You are already fast as hell, so you dont need those. You can escape without these spells.
Exhaust. You already have slow. No need for another source.
Heal. You just dont need it.
Smite. You already Push better than anyone else from level 1 on. NN
Ignite. You want your team to kill enemies, not stealing kills.
Cleanse. Your tanks will be stunned, but you won't since you are most of the time in the back.
Revive. Obviously.
So thats exactly all the spells I didn't list before.


So this is the most important part of the guide. If you lost the game, you didn't read my advice. (or your team just sucked)

Early Game:

- If you are able to solo, go to the sololane
- If you are able to go mid, let someone else go in the mid, so he can use his lvl advantage. Janna just don't need it and won't profit by getting more levels.
If Sololaning:
- Stay far behind the creeps (best is: near tower)
- Get only close to catch some exp, and when you see, that your enemies are not in the bushes and can't get close to you fast enough.
- use your Howling Gale once per creep wave and target the creeps. If you are lucky, your enemies stay in the middle and get full dmg.
- Always charge your howling gale for its maximum dmg
- Always remind: you are vulnerable as long as you don't have your boots.
- Play Defensively, and still get much gold and exp. (thanks to howling gale)
- Don't spam your abilities, because it's nothing more than wasted mana. Use gale only, and the shield if your tower needs it.
ATTENTION: You may think it is weird that Janna shall take the sololane, if someone is jungling, but shouldn't go mid. This is because as Janna you can defend the sololane way better than any other champ, but you don't profit of your advantage in level and gold. So instead of letting someone go solo and letting the enemies destroy the tower at that lane, you defend it, so you don't have a disadvantage. For example, a sivir and a mundo of my team couldn't defend the tower against ap yi and garen at top. Their tower was destroyed, and my tower at bot had still full hp.
If not Sololaning
- Don't waste your mana
- play defensively, and tell your lane mate, to do so, too.
- Use chances to dmg enemy champs
- Always charge your howling gale for its maximum dmg
- Stay behind your creeps
- If your lane mate needs the shield, cast it on him, and do everything so he won't die.
- Knock your Enemies in the air and slow them as soon as they have only 1/2 of their life and your lane mate can kill him with you. (in short: let your lanemate kill them and support him by slwoing and stunning them!)


- It starts when you destroyed the tower on your lane. You probably died about 1-3 times, but that's okay. That happens most of the times in early game, since you don't have much life and move speed yet.
- go to the other lanes and destroy the towers. Make sure some1 else defends your towers, if there's still someone trying to push somewhere.
- In short: detroy towers, kill creeps, help ganking. Always make sure all of your teammates can run away after a clash.
- farm^^
- defend towers, kill massive amount of creeps on lanes that are left alone of your teammates to earn gold and exp.


- Use your abilities according to my explanations in the "Abilities"-section and finish!

if everything went fine, you should win.