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League of Legends Build Guide Author UrzaTheLord

How to win Solo queue (Evelynn god build)

UrzaTheLord Last updated on April 2, 2016
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Evelynn is, at the moment a not very widely played and underrated champion (At least to my knowledge) and there are many ways out there to build her, AP evelynn, AD evelynn, hybrid, jungle, and i have tried them all but one day i was trying out a new experimental build i came up with and i knew, this was the one.

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For my runes I usually take 6 marks of armor pen, 3 marks of hybrid pen, 9 attack speed glyphs, and 9 attack speed seals. Then full armor pen quintessences. These can be switched out of course for other runes but i usually just leave it as is because this works all around.

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Skill Sequence

Start with q. Then e. Then e. Then max q, after max e, and finally w. Remember to put points into your ult when you can.

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Smite and ignite, or Smite and flash.

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Is a god at 1v1
Can be near un-killable with life steal.
Will shred everything, even tanks.
Has strong ganks.
Best jungle clear i have ever seen.
Can solo baron with full build at lvl 18.
Fun as hell.

Only good in solo queue.
Extremely vulnerable to hard cc and 100-0 burst because life-steal cant activate.
Is not the greatest at team fights.
Needs Devourer to get going.

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All in all, this build will crush anybody you fight. You will excel in duels and will be almost unkillable from life steal unless you are hit with hard cc or some ridiculous burst. Have fun destroying.

P.S. I'm sorry for the guides bad quality and the fact that it doesn't look good. its my first one and I don't know how to put all those fancy things in it. Please forgive me and grade it on the quality of the content, not the bad appearance.


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