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League of Legends Build Guide Author HotS

How your team can improve and start wining?

HotS Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Title says what this guide is about.

In many years of experience in gaming , watching players , watching team play.I came to a solution of why in many games people just cant pass some barrier and start wining.

Lets say you got a team but when you fight with your teammates you loose , when you fight solo you win.
Your team keeps playing ,playing and it comes out without any results. Same **** diffrent day.
You feel nothing is going foward?
Your team plays 2 games , looses ,blames and quits?
Your geting the idea that your the only one that plays properly?
You are tired of same mistakes?
Why and how to start wining?

I wont tell you exacly what tactic to use,what items to buy, were to move or give an advice that will make your team best from one day to an other.
You have to find it on your own because there is no guide like that ,but thats were I can give few tips.

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The problem.

The problem lies in mentality of a player.
In order to start wining whole team must work and learn to win first.Nothing new? Then why your team wont just do it?
Think about it. You win when play solo but you loose when you play with team. Dosent that tell you "I PWN ,but my team sucks!"? That explains all the blames , fights etc.
Your team has the wrong mentality to do it.
Arogance and pride are the biggest issiues in starting to win.
The proper way should be: when your team is good then you got the luxury to be arogant but NOT the opposite way when your team looses.

Mentality of most players tell "you do what I order , be MY sidekick ,listen to what I say, ADAPT TO MY GAMEPLAY" all because "I" wins solo from time to time or ends with 20 frags.
If you think 20-30 frags in a random game makes you good your wrong. Everyone has a situation like that when other team makes enough mistakes, its nothing special. That dosent make you a good player.
You know why you cant start wining with your team?
Couse your team wont learn anything. Your teammates are too arogant to learn , adapt to others , accept criticism or just simply they are not open-minded.
By the way when I say "your team" that means you also!

Imagine a situation when a 10 year old boy plays a game hiting "A" button, when he looses he hits it harder , faster ,trys in diffrent ways, but he wont win eventually if he wont learn to start using the "B" button.
He dosent adapt, dosent try, changes game to easyer one. All because it is easyer to change game then learn to have open mind in trying.
After a good night sleep he will sit again , try the same game , make sam mistake and ends same way. Same **** diffrent day.
That's how most players see "practice".Harder , faster , diffrent ways but they still use only "A".
The game is not a girl...-_-'

Mentality is the problem.

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Proper way.

When your team will understand to throw away their gameplay and start thinking , watching , learning,change your metality from "LETS OWN!" to "Lets loose and learn" thats when(in some time) you will start wining.

I recomend training in having someone in team that has the final word. Leader.
As everyone leader will have fail decisions and has to learn to be proper one.

How to start wining? What you should do is:

1.Stop thinking about wining.
Wins will come to you by themsalfs.It takes time and plenty of loosing. But to get to perfection you must not think about wining but about learning.This is most important:
If your object is to win not to practice you wont learn and keep on loosing.

2.Dont blame.
When you blame you havent read what I wrote. If wining isint the point so why blame?
Your still not open and ready to learn.And dont mistake criticism for blaming, "you shouldent do that" sounds diffrently then "you f***en failed".

3.Drop arogance and just try.
You teammates will tell you what was wrong or what they think was wrong. Instead of arguing try it their way. Maybe their right.

4.Accept your fails.
Accepting is not changing anything. Only with the proper mentality you will try to change your mistake and fix it but it is always the first step.

5.Think as a team.
Your frags dont matter,your teammates frags dont matter. Its not a contest of frags.Opposite player is dead , that should be enough.If you see someone doing something wrong dont fear to say it. If hes got the proper mentality he will take that as an advice not attack.

6.Adapt and learn.
Learn leting go your gameplay and learn from mistakes.If you cant it means you still think you PWN everything and you dont have to.

In summary simply open your mind. Accept that if it dosent go well it is time to take a step back in order to take a step foward.
With that mentality your team will adapt and learn to win.
If they cant do that it will be same **** diffrent day all the time.

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Did you ever wondered why there are so many bad teams and few good?
Not everyone has the mentality for it.
Watch it yoursalf. Every lost game MUST end with report.Every lost game MUST end with blame. Every game MUST be won or alse fell my wrath couse I am the pro here and you all suck , report ,feeder!
Yes , It's a random game but it is perfect example of mentality of a simple player.
IF you think you team dosent have that mentality when plays with you,your wrong.They just dont say it.

Hope you likes my guide.
Good luck summoners.