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Kayle Build Guide by Armod

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Armod

Hummingkayle - Fast in, fast out! Hybrid Guide to Kayle

Armod Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Quick introduction

After the newest patch, everything went haywire. Choosing masteries right was a *****, and I still think it is.
Anyways, thank you for taking your time to read this guide. It is my very first guide, so try and leave some productive criticism, as I will update it further if needed

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Pros / Cons


  • Excellent speed both in movement and attack, which can harass a lot
  • Early-game-made build that boosts her durability
  • Hybrid at start, and can be build to either being strong in AD or AP. The first build focusses on hybrid damage
  • Good 1 vs. 1 fighter(if you make sure to keep distance the first few strikes)
  • Good farmer

  • Squishy
  • Almost always focussed in team fights
  • You need to move a lot, which can be confusing
  • You need to know the champions limits and advantages. Playing Kayle with this build for the first time can be a *****!
  • Your mana can be depleted very fast. Save it for teamfights.

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The runes that I've chosen are a sort of a standard for Kayle, I think. The dodge seals are mostly for early-game protection. She can be very fragile if she faces an ad on her lane, and if she is stunned or slowed she happens to loose a LOT of health by just getting hit a few times.

I've gone ahead and added Attack Speed Marks and Quintessences of movement speed. Along with the Ability Tome in the start, this can be a ***** to be up against. In mid game, you will have quick movement around the field, plus deal a good amount of damage.

As the game progresses, you will have come to the conclusion that filling the Glyph area with flat CD reduction gives you just enough CD to keep your E up and running all the time. At the end of the game you will have the ability of constantly spamming AOE while the focus of one enemy gives you the upper advantage. Especially if they're alone. If someone fights you 1on1, keeping your distance while dodging the skillshots/stuns will make you win the fight.

Armor Seals, because I know that even though you have a good amount of damage, if you're unlucky you'll end up being pushed very much. The small amount of armor should help you withstand a little bit of the resistance. BUT ONLY A LITTLE BIT! This build is made for a squishy Kayle, so beware.

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I've been confused with what I should take as spec for the masteries, but please comment if it looks weird.

The 4 to ability lets me be agressive in the beginning with my Ability Tome, along with the attack speed followed by the 10% armor penetration

CD reduction adds up nicely with the CD reduction in Glyphs. It gives you just the amount of CD reduction you need for the overall build. You will have Righteouss Fury at your disposal with only .47 seconds downtime.

I've gone ahead and added Blast instead of Life Steal, because mid-game/late-game you will have just enough AP that it will be annoying to have to have too little magic resistance and armor resistance when fighting against you. the Hextech Gunblad will make sure that you can keep your health up during teamfights. As long as you keep a good position and ALWAYS move in between the attacks.

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Items; why and why not

This item build is NOT for casual usage. In fact I myself find it hard to keep up buying them. They're expensive for Kayle, given the fact that you always have to think about farming if you didn't get those extra kills that you needed, and given the mana that you have you won't be able to do both while you're out there, unless you ration it. Map awareness is the key.

Anyway as I told you in the beginning, adding the Amplifying Tome gives me a good opportunity to either harass or keeping the enemy at bay in early-game while giving you a good opportunity for your Righteous Fury to really get some farming done. I buy it along with a Health Potion for safety.

After a while i go directly for Berserker's Greaves. I can never get the right amount of damage that I need, so why not focus it on speed. If they're attacking the tower, I can harass them with popping Reckoning on them, while I just swing away with fast pace with my Righteous Fury.

This is where the Malady comes in. Normally I'm not quaint with this item, but if I swing it hard enough, it'll be just enough to get their magic resistance down, allowing me to deal great damage from there. This is the place where I wonder whether I should buy this item or the Flendish Codex first. If you're doing good, buy the Malady. If not, go for the Flendish Codex first. This item gives you Mana regen, CD reduction and AP that lets you be more viable if you're wit the team a lot.

Nashor's Tooth for Kayle is inevitable, giving you the right amount of AS, AP, MR and CD reduction for the build to add up. A player NOT buying this item better be building for full AD, or have a good excuse otherwise.

The Hextech Gunblade is the main item for Kayle, given that she gets the damage that she needs, while also getting Spell Vamp AND Life Steal, which is very good going for the late-game. It is, however veeeery expensive, so if you are not dominating in kills, focus on farming a lot!

Madred's Bloodrazor is the tip of the iceberg. If you're fighting against enemies with a lot of health, armor and MR, you need this item to override their ability of protecting themselves, given that this item deals bonus magic damage equal to 4% of their max health.

I've gone ahead and added Infinity Edge and Void Staff for deluxe items. If the game isn't over yet and victory seems to be not far away, this is the items of which I would aim at to get the job done once and for all.

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Kayle and the newcomers

I've seen countless of players trying out Kayle, each one of them failing at playing the champion right. I can understand why. There were many ideas for as to what to make Kayle into. I've heard that in the beginning she was supposed to be an offtank or something. But she excells at extreme support actually. If you pop her shield on a vital teamplayer that can do a lot of damage in no time, you'll have no worries about getting assists. But the most idiotic thing you can do is to lead a charge. She may be the bringer of fire and protector of evil, but she can only endure that much.

My point is, play safe if you're new. If you have problems with this build, instead of going for Malady forst, go with Nashor's Tooth. If I feel that I don't really have the upper hand in fights, I go with a Phage and later build it to a Frozen Mallet. That way you can be more of a supporter while also being able to attack them.

Again, this build is aimed for getting Kayle to do as much damage as possible, without giving thought into survivability. Be careful out there.

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Solo-laning with Kayle

It is possible for Kayle to solo-lane, but you've got to know what you're doing! If you are a newcomer to Kayle, I suggest not to do it, as it requires a lot of strategy, given that IF she is up against two laners on top, both using skillshots, your health will be the most vital thing to keep up. If you have to solo lane, starting with Doran's Ring is not a bad choise. If you're really out in **** up to your neck, go for the standard Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions.

Going mid with Kayle can bring you a lot of opportunities. Seeing that most of the enemy champions are ranged fighters, you're gonna want to have to max Righteous Fury first, and tweeking the buid so you will get Flendish Codex first.

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Comment and vote!

That should be it for now. Please comment and vote on the build and let me know what you think.


Last edit Jan. 13th 12:33