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Akali Build Guide by Blackpanties

Hybrid Akali

Hybrid Akali

Updated on July 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blackpanties Build Guide By Blackpanties 2,335 Views 0 Comments
2,335 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Blackpanties Akali Build Guide By Blackpanties Updated on July 3, 2011
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Hi this is my first build on here, It is for my hybrid Akali build. hope you would want to try it out.
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I use these runes to have both her passives activated at the start, its not really needed but i prefer doing it so i can buy different starting items depending on the opponents.
you can also just do a full AP page with some magic pen or a full AD page for her, both works.
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I usually start out with aDoran's Blade, for the Extra health. But if you are really sure about your skills and the enemy team you can start out with aAmplifying Tome.

Hextech Revolver - I rush this item because its a great early game item, and you will build it into a Gunblade later.
I use these boots for the Magic Pen, you can also use Mercury Threads or Berserker greaves.
you use this item mainly for the Passive, but its also great for the AP and health.. if you want to go more AD than AP you can go for aFrozen Mallet instead.
This is a great item for akali, it gives her everything she needs. but i mainly go for this item for the 12% movement speed and the sheen effect. it is alot easier to secure a hit on your Q passive if you have the extra movement speed.

The rest of the items are kind of obvious and doesnt need any explanation.
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Skill Sequence

I max outMark of the assassin first because it is your main damage ability.

Twilight shroud - i max this out second because of the slow and bonuses akali gets while in the shroud.
Crescent Slash i max out last because it uses alot of energy and doesnt restore any when you hit with it. i mainly use it for Minion farming or if i really need that last bit of damage to secure a kill.
Shadow Dance - Shadow dance is akali's ultimate she dashes towards a target dealing damage. it is great to escape from fights or pick out the enemies with low HP.
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Spell Rotation

When you have passed level 6 that is when akali gets really powerful.

You start by usingMark Of The Assassin on your target. Then if your not close to them you useshadow dance to get close to them. when you have landed your Mark of the assassin passive hit. you Reapply it and do it all over. Do not useCrescent slash unless you know you will have enough energy to kill the target because it does not restore any energy when you hit the target after it is used and you will eventually run out of energy if you include the Crescent slash into your rotation so use Crescent slash to farm minions.
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Summoner Spells

I mainly go for Ignite And Flash here. Ignite i use to secure kills. while i use flash to get away from rights like if you stand in your shroud and flash into a brush. it is a really good escape tactic.

Ghost and Exhaust can also be used for Akali.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Blackpanties
Blackpanties Akali Guide
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Hybrid Akali

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