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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fatality#16501

Hybrid AP/Tank Alistar

Fatality#16501 Last updated on February 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, welcome to the guide of how to build an effective Hybrid AP/Tank Alistar. Alistar while not being the best of the best when it comes to tanks can however be a very effective champion if played right. For starters Alistar is NOT a tank replacement, this build is not designed to take the role of a complete tank, so make sure you have at least 1 other tank in your team. Alistar i consider is more effective as a support type class, his skills can do great damage and should not go to waste, his HP, MR and Armour however are not as effective as other tanks. So from my experience and personal view to play Alistar as a full tank is kind of a waste.

The aim of this guide is to create a successful Hybrid Alistar who can take decent damage and deal decent damage in return.

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-Personal Heal
-Effective Skills that can help you escape
-High HP champ
-Great for CC/Interrupting


-Squishy early game
-Skills have long CD
-Quite slow
-Limited mana/mana thristy

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The reason for choosing Utility as the main masteries branch is simply because Alistar needs the CD reduction, the extra mana and mana regen and the extra movement speed. The reason for choosing Offensive as the secondary branch is simply because we need the CD reductions and the extra magic penetration/AP.

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The reason for getting Meki pendant first is simply because 1 it builds into your core AP item needed for early game and it gives you that extra mana regen so you can spam your abilities a little more often than normal.

The idea is too get Tears of the Goddess as soon as possible, if you're holding your lane with no troubles don't rush getting it, however if you're on very low HP or are enarly dead purchase the item ASAP. The reason being is once you have this item the more you use your abilites the more aman you recieve, and since it takes awhile to recieve the max mana it's easier to get this item earlier in the game.

The next item to get is the boots, now this option varies, i prefer boots of mobility, simply because you're able too chase and get away more easily, HOWEVER if you are hit during a chase or escape your mobility drops by 3 so be careful, if you want to play a more safe option choose boots of swiftness, if you have a team with good CC, boots of Lucidity are optional.

Next item is Banshees Veil, this item is important since you will be around level 12 since your able to purshace this item. You have not had a tank item since and you are probably feeling pressured in battle, Banshees Veil is quite cheap and useful for getting away and taking the first bite off during battle. PLus Alistar needs the Mana and HP. When building this buy the Catalyst frist.

Once you have your boots your TOG and BV you need to focus on CD and AP items, depending on the pressure of the game the next item purchase is optional, if you have other tanekrs in your team and you're dominating the map go for Archangels next, however if you are struggling to say alive build the Glacial Shroud and Kndlegem first for the extra armor and HP, and of course the CD and Mana.

Once you have your Archangels and CD reduction items, go for anothe AP item, i like Zhonya's Hourglass, simply because of the 100 AP and the extra Armor, not to mention the invulnerability. However if your being under pressure by AP champs and they dont have a solid DPS/AD champ then go for something like Lich Bane or Rabadon's Deathcap instead.

Finally if the game is still going on finish of your Frozen Heart and Shurelya's Reverie for extra defence. Remember Alistar isn't that great of a tank so he needs more tank items than AP if you want to stay alive. Alistar's skills do great damage with even a little AP, i find 2 AP items is more than enough to get kills and weaken the enemies defense for your DPS chars to finish them off.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells really depends on your play style and ability to play the champ, i like exhaust for chase and escape reasons, plus i can put 1 into the mastery for it. However flash and cleanse work great also. I do not recconmend:
- Clarity - Simply because your build mid to late game should give you plenty of mana/regen.
- Ignite - Ignite is good early game for a easy kill however early game your objective is to sit back and try get those last hit minion kills and heal when necessary. Leave this skill to the aggressive players.
- Heal - Heal is good early game, however again it's not your job to go for FB and be aggressive, Alistar is at his worst early game be safe and farm as mcuh as possible, this spell is useless unless you are aggressive and want FB.

As for the rest they are useless, your only options as Alistar is:
- Ghost - Great for chasing and escape, despite if you have mobility boots if your hit you lose 3 mobility, ghost helps replace this problem.
- Exhaust great for defensive and offensive, chase or escape.
- Flash - If good a very versitle spell, escape and chase wise.
- Cleanse - Again great for chasing and escaping, quick CD however sometimes hard to time.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling is pointles Alistar is slow in atatck and movement speed, focus on a lane and focus on satying alive and keeping your teammate alive, heal and work on those last hits on the minions. When your Pulverize is higher level you can sometimes sneak off for a few jungle kills and last hits a few minions in lanes at a time.

Farming is key with Alistar since he isn't a big killer creeps are his main source of gold and EXP, get assists as much as possible but don't play aggressive early or risk anything big, once you're confident in your abilities then press the team ganks for assists. When im Alistar i only rack up the kills late game with my AP, he is a big assister and CC champ, kills arn't your thing. However don't make death your thing either, Alistar has a few great escape options especially 1v1, i have gotten away from exhausts, stuns slows. fears you name it from his ult and summoner abilties. Only time you're going to die is group ganks, but we all know you ain't dumb enough to put yourself in that situation without checking your map first =).

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Team Work

As Alistar you can make or break team gankings, make sure you use your skills at an appropriate time. Don't Headbutt the enemy away from danger, PS your teammates RAGE!!!! Make sure you Pulverise the enemy first then get infront of them and **** them back towards your tower or teammates, this way it takes them longer to reach safty hench more chances for your teammates to unleash attacks, hopefully it takes them long enough to Pulverise them again and repeat.

If your are versing champs like Kat, Nunu or Panth you iwll have a lot of fun, simply Headbutt them during their most lethal attack and you will find them all alone playing with themselves while you and your teammates are untouched. PS Kat's ult, Nunu's ult and Panth's Heartseeker.

Make sure you spam Pulverise as much as possible in team fights, DON'T use Headbutt unless you can last hit them or knock them back towards teammates, Headbutt can be your worst enemy if not used correctly and actually save the enemy from danger. Use your ult carefully since it has a short duration, when on a 1/4 HP and your HP is still going down fron being atatcked activate it them and try get away and join back in once they target someone else.