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Kayle Build Guide by Thazzou

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thazzou

Hybrid Attack Speed Kayle

Thazzou Last updated on September 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi and welcome to my guide to Kayle "the Judicator". This guide shows how I like to build Kayle, and how I make him work for me. I can not guarantee that this build will work for everyone, but this build really works for me.

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My runes is a mixture of defensive and offensive runes. The Magic penetration and the ability power will guarantee you to crush your enemies early game as well as in late game.
The defensive Runes helps you, so you wont be that squishy. I have chosen flat Armor, so you wont be ganked by early game AD carry's.
Magic-resist per level is a result of some research I've done. Most (of course with exeptions) AP-Carry's dont get relly dangerous before later in the game. Then you want to maximise the Magic resist from your runes, so you can kill them before they can kill you.

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I don't really want to write so much about my Mastieries, other than that it is a commonly used Kayle build. I really like it, because it gives Kayle mostly everything he needs. I've really fell in love with 9/0/21.

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I nearly never change anything with my item build. I feel it's a great build as it is. Atleast the five first items. Tirinity Force is a item that I don't use every time, even though it's a very good item. I often switch it out with Bloodthirster, Madred's Bloodrazor or a defensive item. It depends of how we are doing in teamfights at this stage of the build.
If you and your team is really getting crushed, you probably will consider buying a defensive item at an earlyer stage of the game. But I will strongly reccommend the first five items, because then u will be getting your kills much faster, and also you will give enemies alot of nasty debuffs, which is great in teamfights.

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Skill Sequence

I allways start hitting my E-spell first, and level this one up to Rank 5 as fast as possible.
In level 2 I want to harass my enemies and (if not taken yet) secure the first blood. I grab my Q for some extra damage and a awsome slow early on bot-lane.
I normally dont grab my heal/movement speed increase before level 4. Still it will be my second skill to rank 5. Mid-game it's really awsome being able to run from your enemies as well as chasing them, and at the same time heal yourself or a nearby ally.
Of course I grab my ultimate every time it's up. Kayle's ultimate is AWSOME. It allows you or a friend to turret dive a low enemy allready in level 6. Also it is great to avoid nasty enemy utlimates, like Karthus or Fizz's ulti, which can bring some really nasty damage.

Also - Just got to mention that Kayle's passive is truly awsome. Your enemies magic-resist and armor wont have the same effect when Kayle is on them.

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Summoner Spells

I allways goes for Flash and Exhaust, because I feel it gives Kayle the little extra that he needs.

Flash - Use this spell for closing gaps to your enemies, or escape from them when times are though.

Exhaust - combine this your W spell to close the gap and slow fleeing enemies. Also if you still dont can get them, combine it with your Q just afterwards. Your enemies cant run from a good Kayle.

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Kayle is absolutely my favorite hero. He is really strong Early game, and will harras and kill-steal everything late game.

I hope you enjoyed this little guide for Kayle. Feel free to comment and give me a thumb up if u like my way of building Kayle, and thumb down if you disagree'd in everything I say.

- Thazzou