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League of Legends Build Guide Author SwissRolls

Hybrid DPS Blitz!

SwissRolls Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Everyone probably knows Blitzcrank from his famous Hook, Punch, and Static combo. Deadly. Hmm? Blitzcrank is probably one of the most viable characters in the game, he can fulfill many roles, tank, ad dps, ap dps, offtank, initiator and more! With this guide, I'll give you an item build that always is successful, a list of runes that are viable, masteries that help the most, and more.

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Pros / Cons

Good Initiator
Tower pusher
Tons of damage
Tanks well
Can carry a game

Tough to last hit/farm during early game
Needs a reliable team

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For runes, there are plenty of runes possible to take, but I personally take armor penetration marks, mana per level seals, cooldown reduction glyphs and armor penetration quints. Now you may be wondering "Armor penetration on Blitz? What!" If you get armor penetration marks, armor penetration masteries and quints, you'll have a total of 31 armor pen, enough to get them to the negatives with your power fist, so between the levels 1-7, you'll dominate lane even more. You can also take magic pen glyphs, dodge seals, or hp quints.

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For masteries, I take 21/0/9. By reading the above, I take ap for obvious reasons, cool down reduction and 15% spell penetration because you definitely need that! Attack speed and armor pen because during fights, those will definitely help you. And the rest are self-explanatory.

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For items, I start out with a Sapphire Crystal and 2 health potions for obvious reasons, the bonus mana helps your passive shield, more mana pool to hook more, and also helps to make your core item, sheen. Then I follow up with a quick sheen, with this sheen that you can get at the early game, it works amazing with your power fist, it'll add a whole bonus 33% extra damage, so with the runes too, your power fist should be doing around 300 damage, not too shabby hm? Afterwords, I prefer to get Sorcerer's boots rather than a cdr boot or movement speed because with this build, you'll be at 40% cool down reduction already, so thats not worth it, and also you will not need the movement speed boots because your overdrive already fulfills that role, so the bonus 20 magic penetration works wonders with your ultimate and your rocket grab. I then like to work on your trinity force, one of your core items, it gives hp, mana, a slow, more dps, and more, a wonderful item for blitzcrank. Now, I always rush into a hextech gunblade, this item also does wonder for blitzcrank, I'm not sure why other guides don't have this item listed. It's amazing on him, the lifesteal works very well with his aoe ultimate, and also the 50% slow does a lot too. It's amazing to slow people and then to hook them afterward. After the gunblade, you should have sufficient ap and ad to deal dps, but now all you need is attack speed because you cannot only rely on your overdrive for attack speed, you would need a nashors tooth. The nashors tooth provides cool down reduction, ap, mana regen and attack speed, everything blitzcrank needs at this stage of the game. Now you would have 4 of your core items, but now you can decide on the rest of your items, I suggest a banshees veil for hp/mp, mr and the shield, GA for obvious reasons, a rylais for an aoe slow and hp + ap, or morellos if you don't have enough cd.

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Nashors vs. PD

People may be wondering, if you have so many armor pen runes, why would you want a nashor's tooth instead of a phantom dancer? Well, for starters, Nashors has ap, cool down reduction and generally the same attack speed as PD. PD only gives a little more crit and movement speed, while this build isn't built for crits, the movement speed wont help too much either because of your overdrive, that already does enough movement speed. So overall, I think Nashors is the better choice.

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AD vs. AP vs. Hybrid

All of them are viable for Blitzcrank,
AD Pros
Heavy damage with powerfist combo, can carry a game very well, Kills champions very quickly and efficiently
AD Cons
Hard to farm with, ultimate does not do as much, rocket grab doesn't do as much either.

AP Pros
Good burst damage, can carry a game, good initiator, easy to farm with ultimate
AP Cons
I used all my spells, what now? Long cdrs even with 40%, not all skills are ap based, becomes more and more weak during later games

Hybrid Pros
Can burst damage, do well in fights, can tank well with the lifesteal and spell vamp, good initiator, kills very efficiently
Hybrid Cons

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Skill Sequence

I max out rocket fist first because during your early levels that will be your main source of damage, get your ultimate as soon as you can to get as much damage as you can, and then get a rank of overdrive at level 4 to run away better, attack faster and then power fist second to lower the cooldown to deal more damage.

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Summoner Spells

I get teleport and flash because Teleport helps for great map control, helps farming when you ult the creeps, and also helps you push. With sheen and power fist + the bonus attack speed from overdrive, the towers will be taken down pretty fast. Flash because when people chase you during early levels, you can do a quick flash into your tower and then do a grab + power fist combo. You can also take exhaust, ignite, ghost, clairvoyance and more. Do not take useless skills on him that wont help much such as heal, rally, revive etc.

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To farm well on this character, it's difficult early game considering your melee and attack speed is low, but try your best to hide in the bush, and when creeps are low hp, last hit it. When your level 11, you should beable to one hit creeps with your ult, once you do this, run around lanes and jungle to farm as much as you can. During lane phase, always be aggresive, try to do a power fist when the enemy champion is last hitting the creep, and then also, you can hook them and then use a power fist for quick damage.

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Team Work

TEAMWORK. One of the biggest components of Blitzcrank. Everyone knows him because of how well he can help in a team. He can initiate, win the final fights, push towers, a lot! Characters that work well are people who can harass too, hard melee hitters, and stun/taunters at tower range.

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How to hook.

Always hook ahead of the target, just by a little so when they walk, they can run into the hook. Or, most of the time people will try to dodge your hooks by making a zig-zag, due to this, you can probably catch up to them, and at this time save your hook, power fist them, and due to that, they'll probably panic and then walk straight, and then it is your time to hook. During early game, the best time to hook is right when their creep dies. They usually hide behind the ranged creep, once that certain creep dies, use your hook and usually it will hit and surprise them.

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What to do while fights.

Well, after you grab, what do you do now? Most people usually do a straight into powerfist while hitting a hook, I never do that! Never. After you hit a hook, your sheen will be up, so then do a regular hit, and then cause power fist is an auto attack that can be activated immediately after a regular attack, power fist then, and then regular attack and then while your ult's passive is hitting them, keep attacking, Then when your ult can do the killing blow, then use your ult. Never use it too early because your ults passive can do tons of damage.

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Well this is the end to my first guide ever. Please tell me how I did! Rate, comment or leave feedback! Thanks :D