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Warwick Build Guide by AngryNarwhal

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AngryNarwhal

Hybrid LaneWick - new way to play

AngryNarwhal Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First off, it'd be really cool if you read the whole guide, gave it a try or two, and then came back to upvote me XD

This build is what I think is a totally new way to play Warwick. I have never seen anyone build him this way, and I've seen no guides that look like this. I play around 1250 ELO, so it's a mid-range level build, and I have no idea how it would perform higher up. What it boils down to is that WW ends up being sort of a jack of all trades. He won't have as much auto attack DPS as Junglewick. He won't have the mighty poke of Magewick. He won't be the immovable object that is Tankwick. But he will make your enemies whimper in frustration because there's nothing they can do to stop you apart from letting the rest of your team go free. You will basically be a metagolem, without building anything like a metagolem.

PROS: Fantastic teamfighting and post-teamfight pushing.
CONS: Very mana-hungry.

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Why Hybridwick?

It's pretty simple. As an AD carry, WW suffers from the same problems all melee DPS has: he's fairly fragile, and has no real utility, and therefore isn't good for much besides 1v1 and ganks. And although he is strong in the jungle, in reality his jungle is very slow and he has horrible ganks before lvl 6.

As magewick, you have one GOOD poke, and that's it. Your W becomes useless and your E is negligible. Ult is pretty OK but nothing to write home about. If you want one GREAT poke, take AP Nunu, and enjoy the same survivability and bucketloads of utility to boot. The maths showing how brutally inefficient AP Magewick is has been done in many guides, so I won't cover it here. But if you're still playing him....well, have fun.

As tankwick, you can be ignored after your ult. That's no good.

As hybridwick, you are a constant threat. You have good (but not astounding) melee damage, your Q still murders & heals, your W + Yomuus can get you out of a sticky spot, or NOM NOM a tower. Your Ult does major damage, and is generally just awesome. You have extremely good survivability.

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So How Does it Work?

One acronym: CDR. That's what I built this build around. Instead of sacrificing everything to get lots of AP for that one poke, you max CDR. 20% of target's max health may not be a fireball of destruction, but it's still big enough to be a game changer. Especially if you use it once every three seconds. Plus it gives you a powerful heal, which, along with your passive and your Sprit Visage, is enough to get you through the game without ANY lifesteal. That's right. The item build says Bloodthirster, but it's the last item and most games should be concluded by then, thanks to your teamfight dominance and ability to eat towers.

So bam. You've got a champ with good AP poke who also does high AD damage. Just as much damage as procwick, but harder to defend against and harder to kill.

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MPen because you're not taking any in your items, but you get plenty Armor Pen. IME Pen will result in much greater damage then flat AD, and this build has no need for AP since you'll never get your flat damage above the % damage without going pure AP. For yellows and blues, it's really a personal choice. His laning phases' only real weakness is low mana, so I go for mana regen blues.

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Honestly you won't get that much from masteries, and he's certainly not dependent on any of them. Use whatever works here, you can get equal benefits from any of the three trees, although I wouldn't put 21 into Utility. I go for max damage because I've got plenty of survivability from runes and items.

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Summoner Spells

These are just my personal favorites. Again, he's not at all dependent on them and you can use whatever suits your style. As a pro tower pusher, teleport is not a bad option at all. But you don't need me to blather on about summoner spells.

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Skill Sequence

Max Q first. Neither W or E become super important until late-mid game, but I would level up E a bit earlier than W. This is because you'll be doing a fair amount of chasing and enemies aren't going to want to sit there and let you autoattack them. If you've leveled up E you have a much better chance of getting and landing that final Q. Obviously level up your ult as usual and use it AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. It's on a very short cooldown and it's and immensely powerful weapon. If you are careful it will even land you some awesome Tryndamere kills, all while saving an ally. With my runes, you ARE tanky enough to initiate for a skilled team. If they leave you out to dry, well, don't try it again. The enemy will (probably) stop focusing you once your ult is done, so prioritize targets and spam Q + autoattack. Luckily you get it again in forty seconds.

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Frozen Heart, Youmuu's, Spirit Visage are non-negotiable. Sorc boots are used with "max damage" in mind, obviously Merc Treads may become necessary. Last Whisper: can be interchanged with Black Cleaver, I like it because it's cheaper, honestly though I'm not 100% sure which one would give the most damage. Bloodthirster: like I said, most games are over by now. If you need something else, like Banshee Veil or what have you, take it. Bloodthirster is just a great damage increase, especially nice scaling with your ult. Infinity edge is useless on WW.

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- spam Q
- spam ult
- eat towers
- profit