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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xander822

Hybrid Morde

Xander822 Last updated on May 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
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Defense: 12

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 9

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What you have to realize when playing Mordekaiser is that not everyone can play him the first go. But everyone can play him successfully after a lot of practice.

My build is made for a morde with a lot of health and a decent amount of AP.

So enjoy!

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Very hard to kill after Warmogs
Can deal out a lot of damage
His shield is very helpful
Can catch up pretty easy
Is one of the best tanks
Funny voice XD
Ulti is very awesome

Squishy early
Sucks when he gets CC'ed a lot
umm IDK

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I went for:
Magic Pene
COMBO of all

I don't really like runes at all, most of the time I keep my pages all the same with a lot of attack speed, because a lot of my characters need that. But these runes will work pretty well with Morde

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Since I go Hybrid Morde, I do a mix of Masteries.
9/12/9 is my favorite for defense, and some magic damage

You can also go 9/21/0 for a more tanky

There is also the 9/0/21 which is more damage

finally there is 0/9/21 for a more spell tank build

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For Morde I like starting with Regrowth Pendant because your abilities cost health and you want to keep your health up at all times.

Then I got for my boots. In most cases I go Swiftness to catch up easier. Other types of boots you can get are all of them depending on the situation. Mercury or Ninja for more CC or AD group. Sorcer for more dmg. mobility (ONLY IF THEIR TEAM SUCKS) to catch up SO easily. Lucidty for cooldown reduc (not the best).

I then work for Warmogs. I normally get it around lvl 7-8 depending on how much feeding i have received. I actually got it at 6 once. You want Warmogs first for the Immense health boost and the health regen.

Then work on your Rylai's. I get this after warmogs for even more health, and the AP. but the most important part is the Slow. Whenever you use an ability they are slowed! so pop your ulti.. they are slowed for 10 second!

after that it is mostly situational. If they have some AD I got for the Sunfire. If they have a lot of magic resistance then i go for the Force of Nature. but get one after they other

Finally i cap it off with either a abyssal, hourglass, or a deathcap depending on how the games going. Abyssal= AP heavy enemy team or AP heavy friendly team. Hourglass= AD heavy enemy team. Deathcap= HORRIBLE enemy team.

One thing you have to remember is that the item sequence is strictly situational.

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Skill Seq

Very simple. LVL up your siphon first. It will get your shield up the fastest and does a lot of damage.

After that i go for the Shield for the 2nd best shield buffer.

then yea ult and the mace.


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Summoner spells

Good spells: Heal (yea i know but its okay), Ignite (good with your ult), Ghost (catch up easy), Exhaust (helpful against AD and for catching up), Flash (Catch up or run away), Cleanse (helps out A LOT in team fights)

BAD: clair (not really that helpful), Smite(...), Revive (dont die), Rally (your not AD), Clarity (no mana)

OKAY: fortify or teleport

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Game play

Early Game: take either the side lanes or mid. Conserve your health as much as you can, but use your siphon on a big group of minions for mass dmg and shield. Try to stay in your lane until lvl 6 then go recall and get some boots and such.

Gank Phase: 6-11 is the gank phase. Stick to the lane that needs help the most or if none of them need help then start your ganking, you gank master :D. Recall when you need too, but try to stay out there. Be a hero if you need to, but try to stay alive.

Team Phase: 11-18 is the team phase. This is your time to shine! Stick with your mates and iniate the fights you tank! Try to keep people off your team mates and get your ghost down on someone.

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How to Use

1v1: Start with your siphon to get some shield, then put your damage shield on. After that spam your abilities on the enemy, ESPECIALLY your mace! It does a lot of Damage on single targets. pop your ult on them when they are about 1/2-1/4 alive. depending on the char Ignite when you cast your ult. if they run ghost and catch them with your rylai's

1vX: try to keep it below 1v3. Do the same thing in a 1v1 but use your siphon to get as much shield as you can. FOCUS one of them down, try to focus the AD person or the squishy one. U want to do this because your ghost will do even more to the other person.

XvX: (team fight) tell your team mates to focus down the best one. Use your ult on that guy and ignite them so they cant get heals the unleash metal! Use their ghost to take down the other people. SQUISHIES FIRST. squish=dmg, health=not as much dmg.

your shield turns on when you do damage with your abilities.
Your ult gives you health remember this.

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Have fun with Morde and please give feedback.!
If you like the build vote GOOD, if you don;t like the build vote BAD, but please give feedback