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Pantheon Build Guide by DARKxR3CON

Hybrid Pantheon DPS - When baking isn't an option!

Hybrid Pantheon DPS - When baking isn't an option!

Updated on July 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DARKxR3CON Build Guide By DARKxR3CON 12,925 Views 2 Comments
12,925 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DARKxR3CON Pantheon Build Guide By DARKxR3CON Updated on July 10, 2011
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*This is my first build, i am asking anyone who reads this to please help me out on this build... it not only benefits the community but it also helps me out to in turn write a better build to help the next person who reads this!*

also... if you know how to put pics in this build to show his skills or item descriptions... please let me know... i r noob to builds lol. ty!

Hey everyone and welcome to my Hybrid Pantheon DPS build! Upon using Pantheon a few times i really began to like his damage output and AD scaling on his attacks, however i noticed that his ultimate and his stun lacked the AD damage that his other abilities had and stacked with AP. Enter the hybrid build... Pantheon is one mean damage dealing machine, sure, you can build a mini nuke with his spear shot and have a light damaging stun and hope to land your Heart seeker strike, a lot of times that works. This build isn't here to tell you that it's going to drop people so fast that you will literally LOL as you run into the bushes with 1hp left. This is a build to essentially level out Pantheon's other abilities to put out a more consistent damage instead of leaning towards one or two abilities. Let's look into that aspect a bit further, shall we?
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For runes i take a very aggressive set that include armor penetration and attack speed (see above) mainly to benefit his Spear Shot and HSS. Since those two abilities will account for the main part of the "DPS" those are the abilities you will have to cater to when choosing runes, although, based on play style you can choose your runes to your liking. (eg. move speed to chase, armor for durability etc.)
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I chose a 21-5-4 in masteries for the following:
1.) Pantheon is one badass attacker you will want your offensive mastery.
2.) Pantheon is one badass squishy pick up a little magic resist and armor.
3.) Pantheon is badass, why not run like one and regen mana and health like one? pick up some utility.
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Alright, this is why you came... wasn't it?

So let's get down to business, you are taking the role of a hybrid DPS champion you need to hit like one and often...
Berserker's greaves - You'll want the attack speed.

Trinity force - Yeah, it's expensive, but the nice thing is that you can build it in steps, go zeal > phage > sheen. That is going to set the base for our hybrid build. Zeal for attack speed crit chance and move speed. Phage for health damage and a nice slow. Sheen is awesome for the passive and will benefit your w e combo greatly. Now the nice part... You have all that in one item now, plus some extra mana to keep you harassing until you can combo up.

Hextech Gunblade - More hybrid DPS stuff right here, you have life steal which is a nice plus and you also have some decent ap now which scales 100% with your Stun and your Ultimate. Very nice. Don't forget to use the active!

Guinsoo's Rageblade - Another hybrid item, this will give you some more AP which scales 100% with your W and R, some more AD and a nifty passive that helps on attack for some attack speed (up to 32% and lasts 5 seconds out of combat) and some additional AP 40 if i am not mistaking. Combined it will give you some nice extra hits off your stun, seriously an amazing item for a core hybrid build.

By now you are a threat, you are getting focused and or they are popping ghost and flash to get away. what do you do?

Frozen Mallet - You get a huge chunk of health making you harder to kill and you get a slow to keep people in your auto attack range to keep your rageblade stacked. Oh, and the extra damage is a nice little extra. :)

Finally let's look back at what you have. AD, AP, AS, MR, armor, move speed, health, mana, crit chance... almost everything... let's supplement your damage output with more AD and AS

Black Clever - More attack speed and the damage of a BF sword behind every attack, which also lowers your opponents armor. Try to hit them with some auto attacks before you drop your HSS and watch their health drop like a brick.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost or Flash - you will really need to stay alive.

Teleport - you will be able to help your allies and back door a bit if the time is right (not this is not a back door build) Yes, i know his ult is like a teleport... but it's lol to read the other team's comments in all chat to see you pushing top like a mofo... ulting bottom right before they come to gank you, then teleporting top before they gank you bottom... 3 chances to push some lanes hard and fast, leaving your team to do their business or to come help you.

Pick other spells according to your play style but you will find these pretty solid choices on Pantheon.
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Unique Skills

Everyone can read his skill set in game...
You need to understand his passive... it's what makes Pantheon one of the best tower divers in game... Aegis of Protection.

Every 4 attacks or spells he gains a protective shield which will stop auto attacks or... turret agro.

Use this passive right and you can tower dive for a first blood. Also understand that when you land your stun it instantly gives you your Aegis again to take yet another tower hit.

Scenario: chase a low health squishy to their tower... spear shot, (agro hit) stun them with your W. Instant shield again. drop your E hit 3 auto attacks another shield. You just saved 3 potentially devastating tower hits to get that kill... Congrats Mr. Badass. you win.

Learn his passive. fast.
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Once you have your sheen you will have some extra mana to burn. Last hit minions with your spear shot or when you see big waves low health take advantage of the passive on his HSS and last hit multiple minions. pretty simple.
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Try this build out if you are looking for something different. In my trials i have noticed that with a hybrid build... you can put out a more consistent damage on a combo... meaning your Q W E Q combo will hit for some bonus damage off of his w that you would've normally not had if you were pure AD.

Try it out, leave a comment telling us what you think! I appreciate your time for reading this build and ultimately hope you have fun trying it!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DARKxR3CON
DARKxR3CON Pantheon Guide
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Hybrid Pantheon DPS - When baking isn't an option!

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