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Twisted Fate Build Guide by SurprisedChicken

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SurprisedChicken

Hybrid Twisted Fate : Luck of the Draw

SurprisedChicken Last updated on November 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my guide to Twisted Fate the Card Master. I will cover as much as i can and give you as much of my knowledge as possible. Twisted Fate is a fairly underplayed champion, although after his visual upgrade people have started playing him more but i'am sure that this won't be for long. Twisted Fate isn't an easy champion to play and is hard to master but when you do master him you will be almost unbeatable.

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Pros / Cons

- Powerful Wild cards.
- Powerful Pick a card.
- Fast autos with bonus magic damage.
- Can reveal all enemies on the map.
- Constant stuns and a long range teleport.
- Papercut people to death.

- Squishy
- Slightly weaker Wild cards than full AP
- Passive isn't very useful.

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I use the movement speed Quints because Twisted Fate is a slow moving champion with only 305 run speed, and if you cant escape or catch people without your ultimate you won't be very happy because it is no fun to have that Gold card above your head when you can't get in range to utilise it.
I use the flat magic penetration seals for that extra damage.
I use the flat armour seals to help keep me alive when fighting AD champions.
I use the ability power per level glyphs because the flat AP of 9 is near useless.

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Summoners wrath because we use ignite.
Mental force for extra damage although it isn't much.
Sorcery, although in the build you already achieve 40% CDR we need to take this to get to Arcane knowledge.
Alacrity for that extra Attack speed.
Blast for AP
Archmage for even more AP
Executioner to help finish people off.

Summoners insight because we use Flash.
Good Hands because a dead Card Master isn't useful.
Swiftness because Twisted Fate runs slow.
and last Runic Affinity for the longer buffs.

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You start with boots because you need the run speed.
We get Malady next because of the extra AP the extra AS and for the extra 20 magic per auto attack. After that we upgrade our basic boots to berserker greaves for even more AS.
Next we get Nashor's tooth for the AS the AP and the CDR which means even more stuns and wild cards and teleporting.
Of course you have to have Rabadon's Deathcap for the massive AP boost.
Lich bane so your Pick a Card can hit them really hard. Lich bane also makes you a good turret demolisher. Zhonya's Hourglass for the armour to survive, even more AP and the invincibility so when and if you get targeted you can prevent your death and hopefully your teammates can save you. Last but not least you get your Madred's Bloodrazor, this item gives you some AD for stronger auto attacks even more attack speed and for more damage to those tanky champions the 4% of their max health really helps.

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Skill Sequence

ALWAYS GET PICK A CARD 1ST ON ANY TF BUILD. After level 1, 2 and 3 we max Q first but at level 7 you get your Pick a card again followed by your Stacked deck. We continue to max Q for its amazing poking damage. After Q is done you level pick a card and stacked deck back an forth until they are done.
And as usual you pick up your ultimate at 6, 11 and 16.

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Basically you have 1 combo.
You Get your gold card from pick a card.
You stun then with your gold card then you throw your Wild cards.
After this you follow up with some very fast auto attacks, until your Wild cards and Pick a card are off Cooldown.Throw in an ignite if you really want the kill.
If they manage to escape you can just teleport to them and finish them off.

Be sure to get your gold card before you run in.

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Twisted Fate is one of the best farmers in the game. Before you get Rabadon's you can clear minion waves with your Red card and some Wild cards. After Rabadon's you can clear caster minions in one Q.
Last hit as much as possible because the more minions you kill the more of an advantage you have on your enemy.

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Summoner Spells

We get ignite to kill them before they an escape or to kill people who heal e.g. Swain
We get flash because Twisted Fate doesn't have much of an escape ability and flash is arguably the best escape summoner spell.

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Useful Tips

- Before you use your ultimate always pick a gold card first
- Blue card for mana. Gold card for stunning players. Red card for killing minions or slowing groups of champions.
- Your Pick a card works on turrets, so you can get mana from turrets or throw your red card to hit turret hugging champions.
- Don't be afraid to ultimate when their team is missing(they could be at Baron or planning something).
- Pick a card goes in this order: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red , Yellow, Blue. But the starting card is completely random.

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If you read this far thank you very much and if you like it give it an upvote maybe?
I hope that this helps you play Twisted Fate and i hope you start dominating with this build or without this build.