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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eklypse

Hybrid Vlad

Eklypse Last updated on August 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is for experienced players who play very aggressive and earns lots of kills and is patient enough to lay back and harass for a while to earn the first of many kills.
And just to tell you this build will NOT be a ryze output in damage but will survive many encounters and even do a decent amount of damage.

Summoner Spells:

Ghost- This is a must have spell for this champion because it gives him one of the best way to escape a gank, or a team fight that goes wrong. The best way I believe to use this spell is by clicking it when you need to then use sanguine pool (so you would not be targeted by enemy spells or slows) so you can get away as fast as you can. The pool will no last as long as ghost but it would usually give you a greater chance in getting away since in the process you would slow enemies as you pass through them with your sanguine pool.
Secondary spell- Vlad unlike a lot of champions dont NEED a secondary spell so I usually would go with a team oriented one such as clairvoyance (to see upcoming ganks if you can, or see if they go for baron), fortify so you can turret hug with a relief that if you die your turret survives, or one of the most loved.... heal.


The masteries that I usually would spec in would be the normal 9/21/0, and the reason in doing so would be because of the extra ability power, cooldown reduction, magic pen, health, and the not so needed but helpful armor and magic resistance. You may prefer going 21/9/0 or any other sequence, no need to worry the masteries do not determine a game since it is such low numbers they would give you. But it is always helpful.


The runes that I chose are the seal of vitality since it gives a decent amount of health but thanks to vlad's passive it would also give ability power.
Glyph of Force since it gives pretty good ability power and health thanks to his passive.
Mark of Insight because I believe a little bit of magic pen will always go a long way.
And finally Quintessence of Vitality, well you know why :P

Skill Sequence:

The first skill that you def need to get is transfusion. This ability does not cost health so I like it a lot more and it is a great ability for harassing. The second ability you need to work up is sanguine pool since it is a great tool in escaping (explained in the summoner spells under ghost). The third ability is good, but I'd rather not spec in it until you have to because the stacks are kind of hard to maintain during a fight and it cost a bit of health to for the stacks.


The items that I chose consists mainly of ability power or health, and the only way for this build to work is if you get the early kills or assists so you can gets some stacks for Mejai's soulstealer or Leviathan. Without at least 6 stacks of each, it would be alot harder for you to do any damage and win fights one on one.
-If the stacking items is not your thing or if its going bad you can grab the shield and force of nature at the end of your build. The reason for this is because it gives you good magic pen, armor since its not going your way and your dying too often for your stacks and the regen is great for this champion.
-The first item is Leviathan and the reason I wanted this first is because of the health you can get so you can survive in the begining and because I believe you need more stacks of this earlier so you can get your money's worth.
-The second item is Mejai's soulstealer and the reason this is second is because it is a stacking item and I explained the rest in the first item.
-The third item is sorcerers boots. I know this may sound a little late but if you play correctly it would only take maybe 2 trips to get to this item. And the reason for this is because you are most likely not chasing people yet at this early in the game or if you are being chased your sanguine pool will most likely save you with ghost.
-The fourth item is warmogs' armor. This is a very important piece for this build. With this you can deal alot of damage and yet have massive health thanks to vlad's passive.
-The 5th item is zhonya's ring, and with this your damage from your spells will increase a lot and the health you get back from certain abilities will also increase and lets not forget about the passive :D of both Vlad and the ring itself.
-The sixth and final item is Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This helps both health and ability power for the champion and what also makes it even better? Its passive, in other words if you hit with an ability that champion who is hit is slowed. Think of your sanguine pool, does it stack? Of course it does. This helps for killing the enemy champs and even escaping if used correctly.


-In the begining of the match you want to harass and last shot minions. It takes alot of concentration since you want to watch the health of minions but you also have to use your transfusion every time its off cooldown. The reason for this is because when you are at least lvl 4 if they are almost dead by the turret you can turret dive using transfusion and even finishing them off with sanguine pool or use it as an escape to take maybe one shot by the turret if your unlucky.
-Mid game this is when you around lvl 12 or whatever (maybe lvl 18 already since you have been fed and you now have all your stacks :D) you prob are being jumped if alone but can easily escape them using sanguine pool or you are ganking and slowing them with sanguine pool. You still want to harass the team whenever you see them when you guys stare each other down the lane before the team battle. But i warn you if you do so against people who would most likely stun you right when you do so you might be screwed, well if you were alone and had sanguine pool on cooldown :P. It is actually very easy to get out of those situations. All you have to do is click sanguine pool right when you come out of stun and let the rest of your team wail on him (since he is the one to initiate the fight). If your lucky you only lost 1/4 of your health so you can prob make it up with transfusion over and over on anything you can get your hands on.
-Late game is when you shine. You prob are working on the ring now or finished it but if you have your stacks you can prob do massive damage using transfusion alone. Your ult will be handy of course by starting the fight with it because its on a timer and you prob need it because they might try to run away if you hurt them too much. You want to initiate the fight most of the times but if you take too much damage at once all you have to do is screw up the other team by making them switch targets and use your sanguine pool and dealing damage to them like that and slowing the melee champs so your dps/magic users or what ever op guys you have can deal the damage to kill them for you.

Champs to watch out for:

I highly advice to watch out for anyone with a silence, or an ult that takes a percent health away such as Garen or Xin. Since you have lots of health garen would crush you like a bug unless you had help.

Champs to look for:

The champions I usually try to aim for during the fights are usually the squishy ones (big suprise hugh?) such as ashe, teemo, twitch, and so on. But the main reason is because your range is good so why not use it? Transfusion already takes at least 1/4 of their health in late game. Think of that, your ult and prob a second transfusion (just in case) and they are dead.

Well thank you for reading my build and I hope I helped you all alot.