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Yorick Build Guide by IronVirus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IronVirus

Hyperdrive Yorick!

IronVirus Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1: Run Down

This is my guide for my current favorite character Yorick.
As he stands now, he is relatively underplayed because of his below par strength at launch, but he his a fantastic character, and I have had great success with this build, and hopefully you will as well.

A note, I feel to add that this build is not recommended for novice players.

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Chapter 2: Items

The main idea of this build I thought when Yorick first came out, and he had seemed to be so under powered. I noticed one thing was, is that he was awful at getting kills, but fantastic at getting assists, so obviously Sword of the Occult came to mind. Even before his buff, utilizing Sword of the Occult brought me several victories, with scores similar to what is posted in the image above, just now, he is even better!

The item build is fairly easy to follow, and most of the items are pretty cheap.
Start sword of the occult quickly obviously to get as many stacks as possible, and follow that by Mercury Treads. Now Mercury Treads are just my preference. Other boots would work well for him, but I like to have Mercury Treads, because by the end I start leaning towards being more tanky, and the Tenacity helps you get revenge with your ultimate a bit better.
Next is Wriggles Lantern, an overall fantastic item. This is what is going to give you your early game sustainability in battle, and keep your farm up. You don't really have to jungle to keep your farm up, but its always nice to grab Blue if your other team mates don't need it.
After you have your starter items, you go straight for Trinity Force, the item that will have your tearing the enemy team apart with ease. Your Q gets effected by the proc, and will do 500+ damage, and because Yorick spams so frequently, you will find full use of Trinity Force's effect. As far as building the Trinity Force, get Sheen first so your Q can be doing high damage without leveling it to much, because until you actually get Trinity Force, your Q is your worst ability.
After this, the rest is just tank items. Guardians Angel makes you basically unstoppable, and Thorn Mail makes you an incredible duelist. Combined with your ultimate, you will not be easy to put down without getting a good triple kill or so.

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Chapter 3: Skills

Yorick seemed an interesting character from the beginning because of the fact that he is the first character that seems to be based on summoning. So each one of his spells creates some sort of ghoul or revenant to fight along your side, and while not for long, they can pack quite a punch. Lets look at how these skills work though, besides to summon something.

First is his Passive:
Unholy Covenant: Essentially, this spell makes Yorick's attacks more powerful for each ghoul present on the field, and also it makes him take less damage for each ghoul present. Fairly simple, but incredibly important. Because of this, spamming in the midst of a fight can keep you alive and running, while still raking in the kills.

Q Ability:
Omen of War: This is Yorick's only melee spell, and because of this, I usually refrain from leveling it much until later on where he can take the risk to get up close and personal.
Its an attack modifier, that causes your next hit to deal additional damage with your base damage, and also summon a ghoul that will attack your foes (focuses champions), and temporarily gives you a slight speed buff.
This is very nice later on because it can do massive damage with Trinity Force's proc, but until then, is less important than the other spells.

W Ability:
Omen of Pestilence: This is Yorick's AOE spell. It slows targets hit by it, and does damage to them, spawning a Ghoul where it is cast. Anything this Ghoul hits will be continually slowed until the ghoul is gone.
This is probably your best tool for getting kills. It has pretty decent damage, but the slow is very, very nice. This is one of the spells required to utilize his incredible harassing ability early on, and if used enough can easily get you first blood.

E Ability:
Omen of Famine: My favorite ability. This is a target ability that damages the enemy, and heals you for it, and also summons a ghoul on the target to annoy them.
This is the ability you will be focusing on. It does good damage, it is incredible for harassing, and it will keep you alive, and because of this ability, Yorick is a very powerful mid lane character combined with Omen of Pestilence.

R Ability (Ultimate):
Omen of Death: Another thing that caused me to implicate Sword of the Occult to this build. Because of this ability, you can enter a battle, and dying isn't to much of a problem, because if you cast this on yourself, and you die, you will be reborn for a short time to gain vengeance on your foes. And casting it early before death isn't to bad either, because whomever you target this ability with has a mirror image of them created that can fight with you until it times out, or its owner dies.
Now this ability is a little tricky for one reason.... Who do you cast it on?
Well the first thing important to note is, this is NOT Zilean's ultimate. Whoever you cast it on still will die, they just get an extra few seconds. So, casting it on just any person about to die, is a terrible idea if they can't be effective with this short time. Usually it is favorable to cast this spell on yourself for a few reasons. 1: You won't hesitate, you know it was cast on you, some people who have poor map awareness might not know immediately, and waste it. 2: This allows you a "no cost" time to get your Sword of the Occult Stacks back after dying, so you can end up with more stacks when you die than you had while living. And finally, you don't want to be spending time looking for someone to cast it on before its to late. Sometimes no is worth casting it on, or another carry just isn't around, but remember. With this build, Yorick himself is a carry, and is very qualified to make vengeance with this over many other characters. But if you are sure you are not going to die, then cast it on another good damaging hero about to die to gain full effect in your fight.

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Chapter 4: In Game

Now, this is not required, but I have the most success with Yorick when taking the MIDDLE LANE. With Omen of Famine, and Pestilence, he can harass mid lane, and get kills incredibly easily, I have NEVER lost mid lane as Yorick, even laning against potent mid characters like Le Blanc, Annie, Pantheon, and Ashe.

So take off from your well with a Long Sword and Potion. This is in order to quickly get your Sword of the Occult, because if you are mid, and utilize your abilities properly, First Blood will be very easy, and you can get it fast and rack up the stacks very quickly.

If you are successful at disarming your lane, once you get at least level 1 boots, and are level 6, it would be good to start ganking other lanes. Yorick is very useful for ganking because of his slow, and you will find stacks flying at you quickly whether from kills or assists.

Make sure upon buying Wriggles Lanter to make use of its Active, which is a ward. Ward placement is always an element of a winning game, and this item just gives you them more on hand.

By the time you get Trinity Force, you should be very powerful. Don't be to afraid to chase, or get into the thick of a fight. You might not be very tanky yet, but you aren't squishy either, and remember, you always have a second chance with your ultimate, and then afterwords, is when you start getting tanky. Because of Trinity Force, you don't need any more attack abilities, and can go tank from there. Guardians Angel is very cheap, and very good for surviving, and combining it's passive, and your ultimate, you will have the enemy team very frustrated with how many times you come back for them.
By the time you have all of these items, which is fairly easy seeing as the only expensive on is Trinity Force, you will be essentially unstoppable, and remember that. Play aggressively, you can afford it by now, and you will soon see the Legendary title handed to you