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Tryndamere Build Guide by Kenjitsu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kenjitsu

I am a King ya' know...

Kenjitsu Last updated on August 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is an extremely aggressive build, only to be used if you honestly know how to manipulate Trynd's movements thoroughly. Simply put, with the new buff they gave Trynd, you will end with over 500 AD with Baron (and it will increase obviously as his health lowers) 250% crit damage, and 100% crit chance. If that's not overpowered enough for you...Wait until you're in a fight, and click a minion to regain health...Who needs Undying Rage?!

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Chapter One - Skill Sequence

Always start off your game using Spinning Slash so you're able to spin to your lane faster to out maneuver your opponents. This will allow you to see who you're up against before they're able to get the jump on you. You should know by now that spinning is a fast way in and out of combat as well as essential in moving through things.

Bloodlust - is a must to max out first, period. Maxed out Fury heals is a great way to stay in the fight against opponents who think they have you pinned.

Mocking Shout (Yo' Chicken!!!) - at an early level is great to bait in opponent to tower dive spin behind them and use. Harassing the enemies in your lane with this move will ensure one of them is baited in for an easy kill. You can use your bloodlust to regain your health while you and the tower beat them down. Makes for a very easy kill. This skill doesn't require early game leveling due to the fact a a slow. If they're running from you they're stupid because you'll slow them, catch them and kill them. If they stay there to fight, they're stupid as well because no one 1v1's Trynd...Eventually they will try to run in which case they'll be slowed, caught and killed anyway.

Undying Rage - Self Explanatory. Even in a 5v1 if you can't kill something in 5 seconds using your tunnel vision skills, Alt+F4 /UninstallGameNaoPlox

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Chapter Two - Items and Strategy

Purchasing the items exactly as they are listed will ensure you stay ahead of any opponent (except Teemo and his shrooms). Brawler's Gloves and x2 Potions are basic for starting out with Trynd.

If you can bear it long enough, do not port back to the shop until you're able to fully purchase your Berserker's Greaves (and if you're really good not until you can get the Zeal as well).

The object is to have your Berserker's Greaves, Zeal, and Vampiric Secpter before you reach level 7. This will ensure that when you choose to go into a fight, you will leave the fight victorious as you have your heal and lifesteal from the secpter to regen health.

Once you've done that, you can switch from the lane to jungle golems, red buff, and wraiths. This will give your team mate time in the lane to gain some solo experience...Make sure they're aware you're going to jungle though...Nothing like getting scrubbed thinking your team mate has your back.

Play aggressively, especially with those items, to ensure you get fed right away, although if you're not fed early game you can still come back late game as well.

Make sure your next item is the B.F. Sword to push your damage through the roof at an early level. As early as level 10 with those four items you can solo Dragon for your team so everyone can keep up with lanes. Also, to ensure you're not ganked in the process, maintain map awareness at all times.

Obtain your Infinity Edge to basically become invincible to a 1v1 fight.

Follow that up with either the items leading up to or the Last Whisper, itself, depending if you're already controlling the map.

Snag your Phantom Dancer to chase down opponents and beat them down quickly. (Red Buff is EXTREMELY necessary especially when you're in 2v1 situations. Switch from target to target to slow each of them, use the spin for positioning and pick them off accordingly.

Last two items are your Bloodthirsters. Be sure to acquire your first one AS SOON as you possibly can after the Phantom Dancer, and snag another B.F. Sword for your sixth item until you can upgrade to your last Bloodthirster.

Problem other team?

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Chapter Three - Jungling and Farming

Jungling with Trynd is really easy especially you get your initial three items. (Greaves, Zeal, Secptor). When picking a lane, make sure you choose the lane that allows you easy access to the red buff and dragon. Solo experience and gold when you jungle from golems, red buff, to dragon allows both you and your partner solo exp and gold for faster leveling and purchasing items. Again, just be sure to let them know you're going to jungle...

Keep your eye on the map for empty lanes with a snowball of minions...the best feeling is spinning in, leveling, gaining the gold, and being able to immediately purchase another item.

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Chapter Four - Team Work

As far as team work goes, you will be called a KS'er in team fights. People will rage, they will QQ about it. In the end, when you lead your team to victory with your awesome Kill/Death ratio, you can let the numbers speak for themselves.

This doesn't mean actively seek out low enemies that your team mate is about to kill and take the kill from them. This doesn't mean wait in the bushes Stealh-amere like and clean up with a right click, a few swings and an ult. (Unless this coordinate is set up with the teammate already)

This means help your teammates get kills once you're well and fed, by using mocking shout a few swings and backing off. Just because you're fed doesn't mean you're a one man army and the fate of the game rests in your hands (even though in some cases matchmaking will /laugh at you and put you with clowns who /afk and leave you 3v5 like).

Take it from me, if you are fed and help your team get fed as much as possible (especially support and tank characters) your chances of living increase dramatically. No one wants to let the Trynd who is willing to give up a few kills, to help team mates out, die. They'd rather see you get a Penta-Kill push towers and GG the other team.

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This is my first build that I've posted up, although the build in game I've used since before the patch that changed Trynd. Contrary to popular belief, the patch wasn't necessarily a debuff to Trynd. In fact, the patch created opportunity to have amazing critical chance even from level one as well as with the AD buff per health missing. Check it out for yourself when you're in game and have your Greaves, Zeal, Secptor and Infinity Edge with full Fury...Can you say 92% crit?

Just remember, with this build you aren't just a carry, lane or a jungle character... You control the map. You are a King ya' know?