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Mordekaiser Build Guide by jsharich

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jsharich

I am not a Tank

jsharich Last updated on June 21, 2011
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Why this build?

This is my 1st time writing up a build so bear with me. Ok so this was the very 1st person I started to play when I started playing this game. It pisses me off to no end when I see people play this guy as a tank. Yes he can get beefy but that doesn't mean he is a tank. You can build Warwick the same way as a tank and he would still suck because they don't really have any crowd control. Mordekaiser is an Ability Power Nuke Monster "A.P.N.M."

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Where to start?

I would say lets start with runes but that doesn't help the little guy who is below level 20. So lets start with summoner spells. The two best are ignite for more damage and less healing. And the other would be Ghost so you can chase people or run away. The best way I use these spells is since the enemy is low on health I will ignite them, hit them with my Siphon of Destruction, use a health pot and then ghost and run in there since my Siphon of Destruction is back already use that and get 1st blood and run off. Also if you happen to be level 2 you can also use Creeping Death for a little more damage and defence to yourself. At level one Mordekiaser full shield can take 2 turret shots. So if you have health and a shield be aggressive and push them away from minions. No exp for them and it means you get levels faster then them.

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What next

But I do know make sure you have the one point in ghost so it cools down faster and you can run longer. Then your going to get the 3 point in AP per lv. Then one in the crit box. Now you unlock row 2, you will get the 4 in cooldown. After that in row 3 you will get the 15% to magic penetration since it lets him hit harder sooner. After 9 point in offence you go back to utility side. Here you get the 3 in health regen. Then row 2 you will get more exp. Row 3 you will get the one gold per 10 sec. Then you go back to row 1 and get the faster re-spawn. Then you will get the increase run speed. and one into monster buff. Then you will get the faster cooldown and then the finally the final ultily spell for summoner spells to come back faster. Since them and the Siphon of Destruction are your bread and butter.

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The reason on why getting Boots first is simple, PLACEMENT IS EVERYTHING!!! All you need is a group of minions and a champion and do Siphon of Destruction and you have full shield ready to go. That is where speed helps. I lets you push them back and you not to get hit as often and keep the enemy back. The next item is the hextech revolver so get that spell vamp going. This allows you to gain shield and get all the health back you lost from casting your spell. And to me nothing looks cooler then you doing creeping death on yourself and walking through like 50 minions and watching them all die while you get a full shield and a bunch of health back. Next item is warmog's... what aint there to love about this item lots of health so you can cast more spell vamp. then another hextech gunblade for even more spell vamp, ap, and ad. The more AD you have the harder your Mace of spades hit. Then you get force of nature to get more run speed, health per 5 and magic resist. then at this point you can get another warmog, hextech gunblade or what I like is the needlessly large rod into a deathcap for even more AP. another item you can get is the abyssal sceptre, I have dropped my boots for one of these before and I also got this instead of Force of nature for more AP and some MR.

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spell use

his main spell is Siphon of Destruction, set them up and watch them fall. Then I get Creeping Death next and put it on melee minion and sit back and watch you get some coin and shield. Then run in there and try to kill a champion. Since your spell use health to cast be careful casting Siphon of Destruction alot you will lose alot of health try to last hit or only use it to hit a champion or keep your shield at max. Once you get spell vamp spam the hell out of Siphon of Destruction and creeping death hell you can even use a little mace of spades trying to get those last hits on champions and minions. Mordekiaser main goal in the game is to get lots of kills or farm and boat load and get those big items. And now come his Children of the Grave it is a beast on ranks. The more health they have the more you get back. And if they die with it on them you get a get a pet. which becomes a free meat shield and changes the fight into a 5v5 to 6v4. the best trick is to Ignite and then Children of the Grave. Then ghost and chase them down. Also don't forget since you have the Hextech gunblade you can use that to slow people down or try to get a last hit.

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last but not least

Ok now comes these runes of awesomeness. The 1st one we will talk about is the magic penetration. Well it kinda doesn't need to be explain, you want to do more damage so you go through their Magic resistance and do more damage. Next is the health, because more health is a good thing this means more health= more spells and more ability to take damage and also get a bigger shield. 3rd is the cooldown reduction, it use to magic resistance but that change since I have seen many people get away because I cant caught them or my spell is in cooldown. If you actually look Siphon of Destruction has some pretty far range. So the ability to cast more spell faster is a WIN all the way around. And last but not least is the 3 1.5% to speed boost, like I said before placement is everything with Mordekiaser. Also another way I have tried it which helps me get and early start is 3 2% boost to exp gain so you are at a 11% exp gain over everyone else and this will help you level up way faster and do more damage and get better spell faster.

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I hope you like it

If you got anything else to say don't hesitate on saying something. You can also email me at get me on facebook under james sharich or also you can add me on LOL. I hope to hear from people and see what they think about this build.