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Tristana Build Guide by BiLLiO333

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BiLLiO333

I Go Boom Boom

BiLLiO333 Last updated on April 30, 2012
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Tristana is incredibly fun and extremely dangerous if played correctly, having said that, here's my build that I use maximizing her damage output while giving her some lane survivability.

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Both the Quints and the Marks are Furor simply because at a Critical chance of 71.66%, most of the her shots will be in Critical form so why not make it hit as hard as possible.

The Seals are Fortitude to give her flat HP bonuses early game as opposed to the HP per level because once it hits late game, you should be lifestealing any missing HP or dead. The minor HP difference late game is pointless as either they'll nuke you to death, or you can just sit there and lifesteal everything.

Lastly, the Glyphs are Knowledge to help out her small mana pool. Taking MP rather than MP regen because once again, at late game, you'll either be sitting there attacking or running away/dead. A bigger MP pool means you can use all your skills, maximizing your DPS, faster, creating more burst damage when it's crucial.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is a great laning tool, keeping the enemy at a consistently low hp. With the Burning Embers Mastery, when Ignite is on cooldown, it boosts the damage from Explosive Shot. Keeping a permanent DoT on the enemy gives you a huge advantage.

Ghost as the second skill allows Tristana to get into position for a kill much better than any other Summoner Spell.

Flash is not taken because Tristana already has an ability that can go through walls called Rocket Jump. Getting Flash to chase or run away is less efficient than Ghost which allows for covering longer distances much faster.

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Skill Sequence

Take Explosive Shot at the start followed up by Rocket Jump. This allows you to get away early just in case of any ganks. Leaving Explosive Shot at 3, max out Rapid Fire, taking the ult whenever you can.

Rocket Jump is left at 1 simply because the range does not increase. The only added benefit from it is more damage, which is outshined by the increases from Rapid Fire.

After Rapid Fire is maxed, go ahead and fill in the rest of your skills however you see fit, as for me I level Rocket Jump last for reasons previously mentioned.

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Doran's Blade
HP Pot

1st Trip back 1500
Avarice Blade
Boots of Speed

2nd Trip 2000
BF Sword

Depending on how you do, slowly piece together Infinity's Edge or buy it in one go at 2230.

4th Trip 1195

5th Trip 1700
Phantom Edge

Then from here, slowly work your way toward 3 Bloodthirsters.
Caution, if the opposing team is tank heavy, grab a Last Whisper in place of the first Bloodthirster.

If you have left over gold from any trip, go ahead and buy the smaller items for the next item. As always, buy pots once your build is complete.