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I Got ME an ACE Machine

I Got ME an ACE Machine

Updated on June 9, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjamonkeywarrior Build Guide By ninjamonkeywarrior 2,197 Views 0 Comments
2,197 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjamonkeywarrior Build Guide By ninjamonkeywarrior Updated on June 9, 2011
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Corki is a great carry that most people really underestimate...think about the last time you saw a Corki he was more than likely playing scared with ghost flash not standing and fighting until late game when he has like 250 minions...yeah pathetic i know i used to play like that with him too, but as i got better with him and more comfortable with his skills and early game damage i realized what he could do to people one v one early on. His phosphorus bomb is for more that just checking bushes it is a harass that rivals ashe's super poke and with his passive his damage at level one is something that surprises most people
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Summoner Spells

Most people give me grief about my summoners but really if you play smart and don't get caught out you shouldn't need the extra dash yes, Corki is really really squishy but that is why you play smart with good map awareness and have a team the hopefully calls mias. But the real reason i use exhaust instead of flash is when i was first getting into corki i wanted to see what he could do to people early and i made it a rule as soon as i hit three i go for a kill and i saw that i was just missing out on a last hit or two and instead of relying on ignite which isn't a sudo escape i went with exhaust because it gave me time to get those two or three hits and allowed me to one v one safer. Ghost is well quite frankly straight forward...if you need an explanation as to why ghost and you question isn't why not flash you don't need this guide you need to play another game.
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This is 90% of corki if you don't get farmed you will get dead and quick. If you are having trouble farming practice that is what that custom game type is for go into a game with no bots and try to get 90% of the minions that come down mid lane, it's what i did and i now do it with every champ i try out. Last hitting is super important for any carry and even more so for corki i can not stress this enough don't use him until you are comfortable with his farming skills. and when you get your ulti remember that if you q the casters and ulti the casters you kill them this will give you 3 minions per wave every time for level 6 on (btw that is basically half the minions that spawn in your lane from level 6 on which is a lot of gold)
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My items are nothing special it may look weird to see three doran's but i do this every game it takes me about ten min. to get enough gold for the two i need after the one i buy at the beginning and boots and if i get a kill in there i can upgrade the boots right away. Doran items are awesome period damage health and life steal (really not much but it is there) everything a squishy dps needs. Manamune is pretty straight forward it keeps you from going oom and gives you a good amount of damage you should get the tear first if you can't buy it all at once (i can't see you buying it all at once unless you are fed). I get the vampiric after that to keep alive better in fights (note you will still die if you are targeted so make sure you can get out if they focus you). I do normally get Trinity i go after Phage then Sheen and Zeal just for order this is normally about the time i start selling my doran's to get finish off the trinity build-to. I don't normally finish this build the game is usually over before i get a chance to get the BT and IE but i figured that if you had a game that went long you should see what you should go after and if you really feel like it you don't have to go ie or banshee's i would recommend that if you don't go those you get PD instead it gives corki good move speed to run and who can argue with the crit chance on an auto attacker.
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Early Game

Three rules to this
2. Harass
3. Force a fight early you will be surprised by what you can win
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Unique Skills

Valkyire is not just a run the f away skill use it to surprise your opponent because if you catch them napping it's gg.

Gatling gun is an amazing skill it doesn't do all that much damage by itself but it tank shreds which is nice and it's an aoe so if you are in a fight use it.
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So remember FARM FARM FARM and don't worry about early game fights you got a lot more damage than you realize. and as always have fun with it, it is a game after all.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjamonkeywarrior
ninjamonkeywarrior Guide
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I Got ME an ACE Machine

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