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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dakkon

I hate Zilean!

Dakkon Last updated on September 10, 2010
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Ok, this is my first build, so be gentle.

Zilean is one of my favorite characters. Why, you ask... and here's why:

Well, I hate playing against him, and like me, there are hundreds of players who hate him. I love to be hated in-game, to piss off people, to see them losing it and making mistakes, hence my preference on this particular old man. Also, everyone on my team loves me (for the 8% experience boost).
And if harassing when I'm alive is annoying and everyone hates for this, imagine when I pop my Chrono Shift just to continue the unfinished job. Or when people realize that they didn't finish theirs :)

Also, I need to use a champion with 'some' survivability. Can't handle playing squishies, since I like to kill so much and be in the middle of the action (sidenote: my main is Amumu). And I like to solo sometimes without dying in a blink.

Now, the most important about this build and Zilean, Cooldown Reduction! No matter what others might say, Zilean is all about cooldowns!

Having your Chrono Shift in almost every fight up is a must, so you need to pimp this. Glyphs + Glacial Shroud (later upgraded to Frozen Heart if needed) and Golem Buff whenever possible. I also buy Elixir of Brilliance quite a lot when I have a spare 300G. 4 minute extra damage and CdR seems pretty good to me.
Having Time Warp 100% of the time active is awesome, being able to slow 2 champions, or to slow one and to boost your *** is awesome! Double bomb more often, everything adds up.

Item breakdown:
If you trust your ability to stay alive, this is a must, and early game will net you lots of kills and assists. You can start out with Amplifying Tome and Health Potion. On your next trip, go for the Mejai's Soulstealer and Boots of Speed.
If you're not feeling that confident, start off with Doran's Ring for the extra AP, Mana Regen and HP + Health Potion / Mana Potion, followed by Boots of Speed and Rod of Ages.
We're going for this to make some damage, adding to our AP Runes and Masteries. If the other team is heavy CC, you can go Mercury's Treads or Mobility Boots / Boots of Swiftness to help you get to places faster, run from and chase enemies. Pretty much your choice here. Except for Ninja Tabi and of course Berserker's Greaves, please don't get either of these.
No explanations needed for this one. AP and survivability seems to be the 1st priority after the shoes. Start this one with Catalyst the Protector, so you don't need to go back to the fountain so soon.
20% Cooldown Reduction, 425 Mana and 45 Armor makes this the better CdR item for Zilean.
Back to AP and Mana, now adding Mana Regen, since by now you should be doubling Time Warp and Time Bomb like a maniac, you can't go out of mana.
More AP and a 'Can't touch this' button. Enough said. You're around 440 AP now, more than enough with all the survival you have.
You won't be getting this very often, unless it's a really long game, but seems the best option to keep the Cooldown Reduction going.

orIf you feel like your mana is going too fast or you're up against too much AP, than Mejai's and so on.
This is also a good idea against Mages instead of Archangel's

Summoner Spells:
For obvious reasons, you need some out, and since you already have a Ghost / Exaust imbued (Time Warp), Flash is the best option here. Example: Running from X champions, pop Chrono Shift near to a Wall, when you revive flash out to the other side, pop Time Warp and get safe.
Because you'll also be harrassed early and you need to stay in your lane to get your items FAST. Also, as a Support champion, suits you just fine even later in the game.

This is also a good substitute for Heal, if you feel you run out of mana faster than you should.
For some earlier quick ganking, with the mastery for it too. If you choose this mastery, going 10/0/20, you won't get Cooldown for your Flash, keep that in mind. Also, if you're not level 30 yet, it's a very good option.

Playing Zilean:

I'm not that experient that I should be giving advice to anyone, but here's some thoughts.

I think Zilean is one of the best champions on mid, as he can harrass from a distance and hardly die if played properly. Most of the time you'll be denying the other champions kills and XP, since you hit so hard on the first levels. But, many people think that a carry should go mid, and sometimes even others like Kennen, Gragas, etc... I don't mind. Zilean can mid and can lane, no problems there. If you're laning, try to go to the Golem's lane for fast buff, when possible.

Try to be conservative until level 6, place a bomb at a time, try not to double bomb if he's not going to die. Your mana is gonna fly faster than you want and you'll need to Blue Pill.
Use Elixir of Brilliance whenever possible, they're fantastic. Once you hit 6, if you're opponent is with low health, surprise him, by tower diving with Chrono Shift and bombing his head off.

Remember to use Rewind all the time when you have Chrono Shift on Cooldown!

Most of all, play with your team. When group fights begin, you need to be with your team. You'll be king of assists and net some kills feeding that Mejai's and getting more CdR. And more important than that, you'll be saving their ***es alot (and yours too!).

Hope you like this, and please feel free to share your thoughts, scores, whatever you like. Please don't -1 without properly commenting what lead you to it.