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Wukong Build Guide by sainix

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sainix

I just can't wait to be king!

sainix Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my very first guide so be gentle with me, I am going to show you how i have been playing wukong and i may come back and edit this and update as time goes one because he is so new at the moment. I am not calming to be a pro or anything like that just giving my input on this hero and how i play him.

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Pros / Cons

Great burst combo
Decoy to get away or even make enemy's waste an ulti
Powerful aoe knock up ulti
Cd's are short

Squishy in a way
Targeted first most of the time
People don't always fall for decoy
Mana problems most of the time unless you have blue buff

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9 Greater Mark Of Desolation
9 Greater Seal Of Alacrity
9 Greater Glyph Of Alacrity
3 Greater Quintessences Of Desolation

Pretty common AD runes i find them to really work out in my build

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Summoner Spells


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For Wukong i always start with a Doran's Blade i find that it helps wukong a lot in the start. From there i farm minions a bit and grab my Mercury's Treads because i like the defensiveness it gives to wukong as he needs it to not be so squishy. Next i start to build my Trinity Force usually starting with zeal or phange depending on how good you are doing in your lane or how much you are taking hits. Once i have my Tforce i feel like i need some life steal so i grab me a vampiric scepter and then buying a Blood Thirster . Honestly at this point usually the game ends but if it doesn't the next items are situational but most of the time i grab a Madred's to help in taking out those tanks along with a Black cleaver and then finish it off with a Banshee's veil, or you could go tanky depending a lot on who your up against and who is on your team but the above is usually what i end up with.

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Skill Sequence

First i max out myAnd thenwhile putting in one point at lvl 2, and i make sure to grabat lvl 3 but max it last

is just boss!

+is great burst

TEAM FIGHT COMBO!+++(If your being targeted and taking dmg to get away after ulti)

Your ulti will tear people up at 18 with items and even before that, its perfect in team fights, its knock up is just a great plus along with it.
is a great get away spell but i have also used it to start a fight for the stealth coming out of the bush to get close without making my enemy back. And as we have seen in the spot light video you can hit S while running to trick your enemy's BUT that means that they have to be smart enough to even think "hey he stopped he probably used decoy ill ignore it!" in about every game i have played so far people do not understand decoy and the stop motion and just keep attacking, its funny to watch a team just blow ultis on a decoy as i run away.

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Creeping / Jungling

at around 9-10 i start jungling alot as i go to lanes and roam for ganks. Wukong can destroy a jungle so quickly but i have noticed you do need some lvls and items before this works or else its pretty slow from what i have seen.

Always make sure to grab blue buff at 6 or 7 and anytime its up from then on, get a teammate to help you at lower lvls.

Remember Decoy does dmg to enemy's around it which can help speed things up when its hits harder.

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Team Work

Team Fights i usually wait till our tank goes in and the enemy team is focused on others before i jump in so that i dont get targeted first and smashed with cc's to death. I dont build him tanky and i dont find him to be super tanky so i do play careful to stay alive, i tend to run in combo ulti then decoy out run to a bush get safe then run right back in with my combo and just pick them all down, i find that this method of playing helps a lot with staying alive and being a crazy making enemy's just go "OMFG WHERE DID HE COME FROM!" and "O-M-G WHERE DID HE GO!!!" it confuses people makes them waste spells, time, and ultis.

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Wukong is a new champion so this guide could change as i play him more. He is a powerhouse with his combo and dmg. He will make people say WTF when you decoy away from them. Also i play him strongly AD and not like a tank which i have seen a lot of people doing.

My first guide hope i did ok, so vote if you like it leave comments on anything i am open to hearing what you guys think!

Have fun!