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League of Legends Build Guide Author NumChuk


NumChuk Last updated on September 15, 2010
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ok soooo... i made a mobafire profile JUST to make my build for her. Its worked since my 1st game as her (10 n 3) and still works till my most recent (11 n 0).
ANYWAYS.... i seen a couple builds on here already for her, some are not too bad some are ehh... hopefully mine is one that tops the charts.

ok well lets get started....

-always buy dorans blade n a health pot. this gives you more health due to her natural squishiness and should give you a little more lifespan and the little extra damage never hurt either, as well as the barely noticeable life-steal.

- try to get mid if you can, she holds it well and gets items quicker than usual, if not your fine goin bot.(if u lane with somebody makesure you lane with somebody with a slow or stun/root for your ultimate when u hit lvl 6)

-at the start of the game play aggressive so you show your not to be messed with :p , start off by gettin double up, let the first wave come n try to hit a minion right in front of your enemy champ, keep harrassing and pulling back so you keep ur strut active.

-If your facing a mage champ mid feel free to play extra agressive cuz they tend to have lower health and lower armor/defense. - if against close ran ge melee jus keep ur distance n keep potshotting minions in front of champ.

- if facing ranged melee champ play smart n keep distance as well, if the try n push past their minion wave make it rain on them n then they shud run back, thats when u double up on the closest minion to them in a straight line.

-if your mid and have about 1800 saved up recall and buy chalice of harmony, this will help for your mana hungry moves and also up mag resist if facing any mana champs such as ryze, etc. with whatever money you have leftover buy the speed 3 boots or at least get ready to. this further increases the effectiveness of strut and can get you to towers/ganks/teamfights/etc faster than usual. if you wanna be faster than teemo go with speed 5 boots ( i ran away from a teemo who had magic mana pen boots, used his move quick AND ghosted, and he STILL couldnt catch up to me lol) other than that return to mid or back to your lane with your AoE stun/root/slow partner (which you SHOULD be laned with if not solo).

-at this point you should have a couple kills if your doing things right. (make it rain, impure shots, double up, Ult, OR ult then double up) so it would be E,W,Q,R, or E,W,R,Q depending on the situation.

-with the gold earned from various fights/skirmishes/minions u want 2 buy vamp scept next in order to build for WRIGGLES LANTERN, i put the cutlass cuz they didnt have wriggles available yet but the cutlass works wonders as well, ups ur dmg greatly and returns that as lifesteal, keeps u alive longer and damages more life chunks. WRIGGLES lantern however, is what i usually get (more often if they have any invis champs) It gives u DMG, lifesteal, armor AND u can put an invis ward for 3 mins, which helps greatly for mid and to watch for ganks and any invis champs. U can take more dmg from melee champs and dish out a little more while STILL surviving due to the lifesteal component of it.

-BEFORE you complete wriggles lantern you'll want to start or ALREADY have Last whisper,just makesure to at least have vamp scept after you have the boots and chalice. this helps you takedown health faster and shoot faster. this will help youy farm and will return health to u at a faster rate, and if theres any enemy tanks this should help a little(unless your late game but this should be bought mid game maybe lvl 10-13)

-now with last whisper you should be pushing towers and using your W ability on towers for faster attack rate in order to bring it down faster, when you see an enemy creep wave coming make it rain on them and continue hitting tower. if you dnt get it pull off, push the wave back and continue chipping away at it until its gone and you have yourself that boost of 100 gold.

-once that towers gone that you pushed (whether it be mid or bot) recall once you feel comfortable with ur pushing minion wave, and buy phantom dancer. if you dnt have enough u should be able to afford zeal. again this will further increase ur run speed needed for a variety of reasons and complements her strut. The attack speed and dodge chance also help improve your already solid combat prowess.

-after a couple more kills recall once again and buy phantom dancers which help greatly in 3 ways, attk speed, dodge chance, and movement speed. now try and work your way towards black cleaver.

-With black cleaver tanks should be no problem to you now. with strut run a right behind them and make it rain, theyl be slow and use ur attk speed ability(W) and then double up to begin your 1st stack of black cleaver on them. after that jus keep chasing them down and fire away. with the cooldown runes you should be able to launch another rainmaker. do that then ult them n they should be toast, that is if u have at least one slow or stun teammate with you :).

-it should now be getting close to endgame, you should have all towers except the ones at their steps and MAYBE one mid turret,either top or bot. now you can go head and sell that dorans blade if you havent already and buy an infinity edge or starks fervier depedning if they have tanks. if tanks, go for SF, if not go IE.

-With all this and the help of any slowing,stun, or root teammates the game should be all yours ( amumu, nunu,taric are great teammates for your ult and all your other moves to set up.), Just push towers hard, takeout inhibs, watch for ganks, and jus have fun! :D remember: E,W,Q,R / E,W,R,Q and youll be good to go

this was my very 1st build and i dnt know how to do all that fancy stuff so plz bear with me and excuse the lazy spelling at times.

--I go with heal and clarity because it keeps u in lane longer and u dnt need to recall. If your going for 1st bloos(although no too capable) heal works great. or in fights use it RIGHT before you die to fool your enemy and use your slow and then fire away with what you can using your current mana. --clarity is nice also in a way where u can use it to give u mana when most needed so u dnt need to recall, or my personal favorite wat i like to do is use my mana n abilities aggressively and by the time i hit lvl 6 i have hardly any mana for ult but the ENEMY has low health n me a littl likewise, what i do is charge in jus a little, use the slow rainmaker, then if the try n stay n fight hit clarity and ult them and if they still think they can win use ur heal and then double up them ftw or jus continue right clicking them till they die. muahahha >:P they never expect it.

i go all offence masteries because it really benfits you and makes you shine, going down the other 2 trees would be pointless. i go 3 in defense for the quick health spell regen and for the armor, but u can either go armor or mana resist, whichever you prefer.

-my runes are armor pen, attk speed, and cooldowns, you can use this runepage for almost any melee/range melee champ that is dps. armor pen for tanks and weak armor champs, attkl speed for...well attk speed! and cooldowns in order to use ur rain more often when chasing of ult sooner, etc.

soooooo ya... thats my build.... ive been doin good everysingle game i played with her with this exact build(most likely) only times i dnt do so good r when i have feeders and AFKers on my team -_-. jus dont get any feeders, noobs, or afkers and youll be doing great. if i forgot anything or you want anymore tips or suggestions, questions,comments,concerns, plz let me know, i will update this and check this regularly when possible and frequently. thanks for looking at my build and have fun out there. plz rate me high and try my build out :D