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Ahri Build Guide by Aadramalechh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aadramalechh

ignore this guide i did not go into enough detail

Aadramalechh Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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well this is my first guide i have ever posted and i was hoping to try and make it short so pple would actually read wat i have to say and not just copy the build and then downvote me cuz it wont work. so plz read the guide and understand that no guide should be a 1 2 3 4 5 6 because if u fallow like that u wont be flexible enough. wat i have up there are basically the primary items i use in the order u would use if u were fed,getting fed, or jsut not dieing.

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i normally despise changing from my ap rune page for ap champs because i can begin with 20 bonus ap and 9 magic pen and end with 60 ap and 9 magic pen just from runes. however i changed the seals to mana regen because laning with this champ can suck up alot of mana...ALOT so i have the mana regen in there for that and combined with the doran's ring u should have a decent amount of mana if u r careful enough with your spells but you will still be able to cast more often then not...

if u feel u can go with out the mana regen go ahead it's wat ever works best for u on those but personally these work well for me.

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some pple might yell at me for putting her in the tank spec but please hear me out.
while maybe u wont have some of the extra ap and cdr u might get from the offensive masteries or the uttiliy the thing is that tnak spec is op...u get hp per lvl flat hp resistances and extra gold per kill and more importantly per assist. ... again more of a personaly recomendation then a must have but i would at least try it it will give u a little more survivability and she is very squishy

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ok items...seriously pple if u falow every guide step by step ur doomed to fail.
the primary reason is that every game is going to be different. your team will be different..for better or worse...and the enemy team will always have something new to chuck at ur squishy butt.

items should be flexible
obviously u dont buy a majei's if ur dieing alot. kills and assists will come with time so if u can survive well enough this is an excelent item.

to start off with doran's ring

gives u health a tiny bit of ap and some mana regen.
all around a good item except that it dosnt build into anything but is a nice starting item...go ahead get boots if ureally want i suppose but i wouldnt

next 4 items are very much depending on how the game is going

tear of the goddess, majei's soulstealer, will of the anciants, and sorcceror's shoes.

these are very dependent on if ur team is doing bad u r doing bad or u r doing really well and your team is doing really well(obviously lol)

either way i would get a mana crystal first then rank one boots

but after that i need to decide wat ur having ur most problem with

if ur damage is ok and ur surviving well try to finish the tear (neutral difficulty issues)

if ur getting fed i would wait and finish the tear after u have finished your will of the anciants and then finish getting sorc boots after the tear(game is going well)

NOTE ON WILL OF THE ANCIANTS: some might critisize me for this but really it give spell vamp and a decent amout of ap along with it's aura to good on her to pass up i have kited entire teams to there deaths because of it and lived. so trust me it's an excellent item

NOTE: i get boots after the will of the anciants and the tear because her ult and first rank boots should suffice for a little while

after u get past tear, will, and boots the next thing u must decide is if u and ur team are doing well anough for the majai's soul stealer. this item is cheap and if u can even get a few assists at first it is worth it and the assists will turn into kills very quikly(like maybe even within a team fight) just try and hit everyone as much as u can.

if ur not doing well i would begin on the crystal septer staring with a giant's belt(a little bit of beef but keep in mind u wont be able to take many hits and if u get cc'ed u die nuff said she isnt a tank so be careful) falowed by finishing the archangel's and then possibly fallowed by a rabadon's or zonya's hourglass or another archangels which stack nicely enough, but again u must be flexible this is up to u and you need to decide wat is gunna work best in each situation.

ATTENTION: notice how i have not included any cdr(cool down reduction)i personally dont feel it is needed and it is a waste of an item slot i would however suggest trying to get ur team to let u have blue this has 20% cdr and works great but if u can't o well u dont really need it. it is nice and all, but not particualrly a need.

PLZ FOR THE LUV OF GOD DON'T GET ROD OF AGES IT COSTS TO MUCH AND U WONT HAVE THE DAMAGE OR REAL SURVIVABILITY FOR TO LONG( after a post below i decided it would be a good idea to expand on my reasoning bhind my dis like of rod and this will hopefully explain the tank spec.....she is squishy we all know this unfortunety resitances arnt much use without hp and hp isnt much use with out resitances u need both and building a rod gives u mana and health...yay good for u thing is is that that is all it does besides that little proc wen u lvl so i like crystal scpet better because 1. foxfires count as singe target and make it make it's full slow which is awsome for kiting{dont beleive me it's k u should try it} 2. it dosnt need time to get to full capasity so i can build it later in the game 3. well it does give a decent amount of hp which is nice aganst taking hits from thing that are just anavoidable but dont really require a resitance 4. and lastly it does 3 things at once which works well for me it slow it gives beef and it gives a decent amount of ap.)

...unless it works for u then watever i havnt seen an ahri with a rod i havnt been able to rofl stomp soo gl

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Skill Sequence

qq all the way it hurts and wen used correctly it will wreck the enemy team. also something to try is useing it and than wen it is on it's way back jump around with ur ult before it gets to u and u can make it go through alot of people many times with true damage before it actually get's back to u(actually i dont know about the many times part havnt been able to really c in team fights so it might only hit once but still u kite the thing around like a puppy and smack pple in the face with it)
NOTE:btw if u hit the enemy near the end of the skill shot it will hit them 2 instantly making it impossible to dodge the true damage on the way back.

ur w is the second to max because u can spam it like crazy and it can really hurt and also a great skill wen kiting it will auto target the people fallowing you and with will of the anciants u will get healed for a nice amount and hopefully not die and deal alot of damage woot gl though not the easiest thing in the world running from pple with alot of cc(crowd control).

your charm.... not a personal favorite for lane phase but if u can get a hit with it welll sucks for them cuz u can launch everything at the and lulz at there health.
team fights though u should try and cc katarina's especially but if not anyone who like charging **** liek fid's ulti or to keep poor squishies from escaping like leblancs who thing they are gunna distort in reak havoc and then bounce out... lol no *casts charm*... distort DENYIED no escape for you!!!

also try and anticipate where pple will be wen they teliport gives u can easy line up for a charm and i have sent pple right back to spawn cuz they foolishly teliported in on me i lined up for the charm hit is and then wrecked them with well...everything and the kitchen sink. but stil max last cuz not really for anything but cc(btw just cuz it taunts dosnt mean they will attack u it say harmlessly so wen they get to u they just stand there and drewl)

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Summoner Spells

umm really more of a preferency thing i mean u can use wat ever ur most comfotable with...not really.

heal has become an anoyingly viable sumoner spell lately and really if u get it ur just mean but yes it's pretty good.

smite...ummm it's a jungle spell so i smack u if u take it

teliport i personally dont take it because for her it is best not to go ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZ HELLO I AM HERE EVERYONE AND THEIR MOMMA COME GET ME. yea no i mean u can but be careful... like i said u can land easy skill shots on teliporters

rivive...umm no this isnt a prefersncy just dont take it to long of a cd and jsut no besides if u play right u wont be dieing much

ignite is awsome just cuz it is ..half healing and does a ture damage dot(damage over time) just flat out a good spell recomended

flash umm flash is flash it's ur get out of jail free card pretty much and combined with ur ulti u will be half way across the map while the enem team chasing u is like stupid walls and ur thinkin lulz walls

exahust decent spell not really something i would use on her because she can jump all over the place but if u really really want it.. go ahead

ghost uhh ghost is a decent trade out with flash on her or u could just be ima gingerbread man u cant catch me with a flash ghost but eh not needed but stil it has a decent cd and she already has a tripple hop flash like ulti which should be up most of the time...dont be afraid to use it to escape... so if you wanted to use ghost instead of flash that would work great so u can be super speedy and jump every where but it's up to u

as for the other ones i vaguyly remeber a surge... dont not really her thing and cv again not really her leave it to ur support, and i am sure there are some things i am missing which means i probly wont get them on anything.. o yea clarity ... dont not worth it u only have mana issues for a very small part of the game so not worth it in the end

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Team Work

basically all u need to no is if ur inftont of the tank your in the wrong spot if your in the middle of a team fight and not running along the edges chucking light ballz at people during team fights your in the wrong spot... basically let the tank do his job and the rest of the team do their's stay on the edges as much as you can and throw everything and the kitchan sink in there as fast as u can. also if you are on a killing spree of somesort and ur worth gold... plz dont dieing or be to rekless i mean u shouldnt anyway because of majei's but if u die they get ALOT of gold and that's not very good.

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umm i am changing this to a laning section of the guide.

just try to go mid and dont die.

if your not getting hit much or not really taking any real damage try and tag the enemy with your q as much as u can.

if your taking alot of damage try and get staks on your passive and save them till u need it

lastly try not to die if you think you might die but there is a slight chance u will get the kill... not worth it just harrass and farm and worry about kills later if need be they wil come dont force it and dont feed

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ok like i said this is my first guide i am sure i left alot of things out if u have any questions plz post a something at the bottom i'll look at it and add or change wtuff as need be

if u have any advise or you would like to discuss with me something alternatives my in game name is aadramalechh just add me and tell me wat you want to talk about if i say who the f***
is this just say you have a question about my guide or something.

also i dont know how to add the little pictures like people do if someone could tell me how that would be nice probably clear somethings up.

btw i take back a little bit about wat i said about rod i just saw a build that had it but it was not the first thing..apparently they thought she coul us some spell vamp fast too lol so yea maybe not all rod's are bad on her i just wouldnt recomend i.