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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chupool

I'll Chase you to DEATH!!!

Chupool Last updated on April 25, 2011
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Hi All, welcome to my very first guide.

Please bear with me as I'm very new to guide making And I would welcome every comment, may it be good or bad, from all of you readers out there.

I've decided to make a guide for my most favorite champion from LoL, Poppy. Poppy is the very first champion that I've purchased and I've not been disappointed at all. She runs fast and hits hard, and that's all you need to know.

Now, please read on. . .

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Pros / Cons

* Hits hard
* Fast cooldown of abilities
* Best tower diver in the game
* Best chaser in the game
* Can stop channeling spells

- For an initiator, she if very squishy
- No AoE spell for fast farming
- Believed to be a good initiator for team fights, but is not, (will explain later).
- Have low HP.

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For my runes, I've decided to go with Desolation and Focus. Focus for fast ability cooldowns, and Desolation for Armor penetration. POPPY HIT FAST AND HARD!!!

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I've decided to go to the very famous 21/0/9 Mastery setup for pure carnage early game.

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Skill Sequence

My first skill is Heroic Charge, then Devastating Blow. At level 4 we get Paragon of Demacia for added damage and movement speed. At level 6, we get the very versatile Diplomatic Immunity, with this, you can pull off some crazy tower dives, that would make your opponents go loco over Poppy. You would want to max out Devastating Blow and then Paragon of Demacia. Now your asking yourself why I'm maxing Paragon over Heroic charge. I'm maxing out Paragon because of the AD bonus that stacks up to ten times. This will be your farming tool. A point in Diplomatic immunity will be enough so we will max it out last.

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Now, this is the section that most of you may bite my head off, but please hear my explanations first. The first main item for my Poppy build is same as the others, we go for the always popular Sheen. The first major change from other builds are the boots. I use boots of mobility for chasing. Using Paragon and boots of Mobility, you go from 0 to 60 in flash. Another change is that I prefer to buy Phage before Zeal, it gives me survivability that Zeal does not give. I'd rather stay longer in the lane than hit faster, and I can move fast because of Mobility. Then finish off your trinity force. Here's another change for your "typical" Poppy build, I would use Frozen Mallet. It gives me the much needed survivability for you to initiate in team fights and the reduced movement speed that it gives to opponents. When you hit, he will have little chance of escape. The next item is the great "Phantom Dancer" It gives you the most needed attack speed, the always welcome movement speed, and the dreaded critical strikes. And the last Item is Mardred's Bloodrazor. This item is capable of dealing massive damage to the enemy's tanks, and high HP champions. This build only contains 5 core items, so you still have one item you can carry. I would suggest you get an Infinity Edge, for pure damage.

Other Item suggestions (after core):
*Hextech Gunblade - More AP, Life steal, and Spell Vamp -- You can heal yourself with Devastating Blow and with every hit with this item. Very good last item for this build.
*Thornmail - As you are the initiator, you need more Armor for damage reduction. This will provide the most armor in the game. And the return damage is always welcome. Buy this if you really need armor.
*Bloodthirster - More damage and lifesteal. Damage is always welcome. This is a very good alternative for Hextech Gunblade.
*The Black Cleaver - More attack speed, and attack damage. Very good item, the armor reduction will completely compliment your other items.

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Summoner Spells

We will use Exhaust and Ghost. Exhaust so that NOONE will ever escape your wrath. And Ghost for escape. You don't need ghost for chasing, because you have your Paragon. Save your ghost for escaping ganks. Other notable Summoner spells are Ignite, Fortify, Flash and Heal.

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Early Game:

The first item you will want is Sapphire Crystal and a pair of health potions. The Sapphire Crystal will be made to Sheen afterwards. Go to the shortest lane (go to your champion's right side). It is advantageous for Poppy to have a lane partner, especially a long ranged one, so that you could harass the hell out of the enemy. When laning, always try to last hit creeps. Always be aware of the bushes for ambush. Ask your lanemate to harass the "squishy". Don't be afraid to use your two-hit Combo (Heroic Charge + Devastating blow), to the squishy, and then run back behind your creeps. Rinse and repeat every time you have the opportunity. Always "ping" the one you will be charging, so that your lanemate would know who to attack. This will force your opponent to either fight back, or portal back to town, which is both very good, as they will lose exp if they go back, or they will die if they fight on. Your devastating blow is the highest damaging ability for low levels. Force them to go back to town every time you have the chance.

Once you have your Sheen and your Boots of mobility, noone can outrun or chase you. Your Devastating blow will be much more damaging everytime you use it. Always target the other team's "squishies" or carries. Because of your low HP, you cannot initiate team fights yet, but that will change once you get your Phage. This will somehow make your team's life better. You can chase those opponent's with low life with Paragon and make the kill. Because of your ulti, you can kill those low lifes who thinks that they are safe within the confines of their turrets. They're mistaken.

Mid game:

By this time (level 10 to 13), you should have your Trinity Force (or getting to it). This will make you go faster and kill faster. You should be on your way to your Frozen Mallet. Buy the Giant's belt first, for added survivability. You can chase anyone, or anything. Get the Golem's buff, for more CDR. Because of your movement speed, you can move from lane to lane with ease, and you will be the ganker. Try to look at fleeing enemies and finish them off. This will be the time for Team fights to occur occasionally. Let your tanks initiate for you. If you have an opponent with channeling spells (Nunu, Fiddle), wait for them to cast before you charge them. It will disrupt their "gamebreaking" ulti. Your teammates will thank you for it afterwards.

Late Game:

By this time (13 to 18), you should have your Frozen Mallet and Phantom Dancer, and should be on your way to your Madred's Bloodrazor. By now, you can initiate for your team, but I would suggest that you let your tanks initiate for you. You can help your teammates more if you come in later. You will be a force to reckon with when you complete the core items. You can dish out massive damage and can take damage well too with the Frozen Mallet's added HP.

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Common Misconception

The common misconception for Poppy is that Poppy is a Very great initiator in team fights.


The reason for this misconception is because of Poppy's skills (Heroic Charge and Diplomatic Immunity).

I will give you reason's why she is not a good initiator in team fights.
1) Poppy has very low HP. She is very squishy. Even tanks who have low AD can hurt her.
2) Her skills are for ONE enemy only. If you charge in a group, you will be destroyed.
3) Your skills are better for chasing, killing fleeing foes.
4) You lack CC, which will make you vulnerable whenever you initiate for your team.

So please, if you're using Poppy, let your tanks initiate for you so you can clean up the mess afterwards.

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Thank you very much for taking your time reading my build. I hope I have enlightened some players about the role of Poppy in team fights.

I welcome any suggestions or critiques that you guys have.

And don't forget, we play LoL to have fun, so enjoy every second of playing LoL.