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Warwick Build Guide by Killercloud

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Killercloud

I'm a Nice Wolfy /Added 2 other builds 4/19/12

Killercloud Last updated on April 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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IF you try one of my builds, i recommend the lanewick build 2. (Located on top picture tab two)

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In my opinion WW is one of the funnest champions to play. He is great to chase people with, and he can go tank,full ap, and full dps. I usually play WW at 3 vs 3 but this build could also be played on 5 vs 5. But if you do play it on 5 vs 5 try to get the solo lane and last hit.

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Pros / Cons

Great 1 vs 1
Looks Awesome
Good at ganking with ulti

Can be targeted
Ulti can be stopped by taunt and stun
Mana Hungry in beginning if keep on spamming Q

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Summoner Spells

: Exhaust is great for WW because when fighting a heavily dps person it would help to reduce the damage + it would give you enough time to use your Q to heal and use WW's passive.

Flash is also a pretty good spell for WW because it is good for escaping and killing your opponent. Why is it helpful to WW (to all you simple thinking people) you get the speed boost with the other champions health low. They try to run away- Flash+ Ultimate= Boom Roasted.

Other Possibilities

Hmm.... Ignite i used to use all the time and i think that this would help WW a lot with the flash+ignite+exhaust combo. I can't find any reason to say why not.

Meh. GHost will only help early game but it wont help late game since your Blood Scent.

Heal... seriously... No .... you have WW's passive and his Q why would you need heal?

Hmm i see a reason why to get it.. IF YOU SPAM YOUR Q OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Thats the point of the 2 doran's ring and your runes... just not needed.

Yeah... supportwick... you might as well try to shave a Sasquatch and give Tibbers a hug.

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I chose offensive because in the beginning when i play ww, i like having damage to be able to last hit minions easily, also starting with 2 doran's ring your opponent would probably guess that you are going ap, you want to do some decent attack damage in the beginning wouldn't you? Even if you want to change your masteries to Utility i would recommend doing it 9/0/21.

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Why did i choose attack damage for red runes? It's because going as ap, you would like to have a little dmg for that early game. Also usually for me i go attack speed for yellow runes but i think making 3 apand 6 mana regain would help. Also ou could grab some magic pen runes but i didn't get them because of the Sorcerer's Boots .

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I've given this builds to friends to use and some of them ask why i get madred's razors. I get them because in 3 vs 3 i usually solo top, so when i last hit minions it is easier to kill them and educe the chance of not last hitting them, i do it a lot haha xD.Plus when your top lane is looking great then go in the jungle and jungle a bit for some gold and buffs.
In situations like would help to get a banshees and i think if you are going to get a banshees then replace it for Cleaver or Starks.
Then when you fight a fun right? Well you can get a thorn , but trynd is just very op so try to end the game fast.

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(Passive): It is just a great passive because WW can jungle easier and stay in lane longer because of the heal.(Q): Just awesome on WW because the Ap of your runes and items plus the damage it already deals it would heal you 80% of the damage you dealt. Just a great way to stay in lane and harass your opponent. (Remember not to spam!!)(W): It's a great attack speed boost in the beginning because you'll need that boost in the beginning because the items that WW has in the beginning doesn't really help his attack speed, but it does help his jungling when you get Madred's Razors
(E): Just a great way to chase your enemies, also in 3 vs 3 since the map is short you would be able to see your low health enemies ;). Also it works all the time btw.. when you are going to go gank mid for example and Ashe is low health... turn off your E and wait for a sec until she over push then tun it on and kill :P.
(R): Ofc this is my favorite move on WW, it's cuz it's just awesome. Even though you have alot of ap that is why i chose offensive masteries and red damage runes. Plus the Wit's End and Malady will eat that champion away.

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Situation Items

Core(My normal build)
I chose sorcerers boots because you'll need the magic pen vs champions with high magic resist. Malady is good with WW because it gives you ap and lowers their MR every time you attack also that attack speed. Wit's end you see it on most WW so i dont have to explain. Madred's bloodrazor is for champions who have high health like Cho also that dmg and attack speed.

Core(Vs heavily dealt magic champions)
: I get merc treads cuz they deal a whole lot of magic damage. Malady is jsut an item to get early game just really helps WW. Wit's end because of the magic resist. And ofc i get Banshees before Madred's Bloodrazor because that spell block thing would really help.

Core(I want some Health)
: So if you want some health on WW i still recommend getting malady then go strait to Wit's End and you don't really need Madred's Razors in this core. Then ofc a Rylai's to slow down your opponent+ it gives you ap + and 500 health. Then Banshees because of some of that health and the spell block. Guardian Angel hmmm i usually dont like it but i have a good feeling in this situation but if you do not agree with it (like me) get a Nashor's Tooth but get it before Banshees. I actually i think Nashor's Tooth would be pretty good because of the attack speed+ the AP (ofc)+ the Cd reduction.

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Team Work

I've done some pretty good WW games with this build, i would post them but i don't know how to do that yet xD. But you can not win games without great teamwork and help from your teammates. In 3 vs 3 ask your teammates to gank a couple of times to give you the advantage levels+minion kills. 5 vs 5 im not a very 5 vs 5 person, but if you solo top and get some good ganks from your jungler or mid... you'll be be an advantage at top for a while. If you have a friend that looks like thisI'd suggest go play a 1 vs 3 and you as dps soraka vs Jax, Trynd and Amumu... WHo knos u might be a legendary Soraka...GL :P.

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Build two info

(Sorry no pictures for this one) The second build is my primary bu8ild and I use it in 3 vs 3's but I'm pretty sure it will work for 5 v 5 too, but that's what build three is for.

Summoner Spells
I chose exhaust and ignite because when i play 3's i usually play pretty aggressive and i understand ghost and flash are good chase and escape mechanisms, but you won't need them if your friends call mia and you will be able to kite your op[opponent until you can for sure go in for the kill.

I really don't need to explain them, well I have the crit dmg bonus is because on my runes i have some crit chance but attack speed will probably work better in this situation. Besides that i got armor and magic resist because you want to have some resistance in the beginning of the game so you can survive that first lvl 1 gank and so you won't be dealt that much health.(They still do a lot of dmg if you play stupidly) The Offensive masteries is self explanatory.

Also self explanatory. Armor pen for those annoying *** tanks. Attack dmg because its pretty good to do some dmg, attack speed...duh.

Item sequence, I start off with a doran's blade because it gives some health, dmg, and a bit of lifesteal. Next I get a boot so i can be faster so if I'm top i can harass more and hopefully they wont be faster. Madreds is so i can go jungle when the lane is pushed *REMEMBER TO PUSH FIRST BEFORE JUNGLING" Boots of Swiftness, i get it because since i dont have ghost or flash i want to be able to chase people and escape faster or move around in the jungle faster. If you have a ghost or flash the Boots of Swiftness is unnecessary. Bloodrazor is for those tanky champs and really helps your attack speed. Vampiric Scepter I get is because when I fight, WWs passive won't really help in those 2 v 1 situations so i recommend it for the extra lifesteal. Wit's End is for the magic resist and its passive. Frozen Mallet is so useful on Warwick, not only does it give you health, it also gives you some dmg and each time you attack em they get slowed so escaping will be difficult. Bloodthirster is really optional, you can get it, Zeke's Herald or basically anything else, but a bloodthirster will help in that dmg, lifesteal needed situation. Guardians Angel I normally don't get to it, but it will help you out of you have some magor time lifesteal, and I recommend getting that before your bloodthirster if you are getting aimed.

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When aimed in the Twisted Treeline

When you are aimed in the Twisted Treeline it really depends on the situation.
Early Game well it really shouldn't happen because you should be soloing top, and beware of those ganks.

Mid Game You should by now have at least your bloodrazor and a scepter so those 1 on 1 fights shouldn't be that difficult and DO NOT THINK YOU CAN GO 2 VS 1.(Unless they are both supports or if you are completely fed and they can't match up with you) If they target you every time i recommend letting your tank initiate and charge in after you see a person that should be easily killed.

Late Game Let your tank charge in first. Always. Do not go in if you see them completely holding back on you so be careful and play smart.

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Thanks for reading guys, or thanks for just looking at the items >.>, i really want your votes and ty for looking at my build. Im sorry that the build doesn't have many picts and has many mistakes but just leave comments and i'll check and i'll try to make this better. Plus i change alot of things and almost every day i'll be changing some stuff on here so check every once and a while xD. And about the new masteries. Im not very clear about them and i really dont like them.. sooo u can get anything u want for the masteries xD. It's not very lengthy because i havent had enough time to be able to make it more thorough.

I cant add some images of games i posted on google, o well.

-Later Killercloud123